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Ford Excursion vs Chevy Suburban/GMC Yukon XL - The battle of the titans



  • artus12artus12 Posts: 3
    to #86. I have the K&N and it has improved
    throttle response and mileage. I also left stock air inlet off as it restricts air flow from behind radiator support. Its kind of like putting a straw in your mouth to breathe, it can be done but a heck of alot nicer to get rid of the restriction.....
  • artus12artus12 Posts: 3
    to #86. I have the K&N and it has improved
    throttle response and mileage. I also left stock air inlet off as it restricts air flow from behind radiator support. Its kind of like putting a straw in your mouth to breathe, it can be done but a heck of alot nicer to get rid of the restriction.....
  • ruoregonruoregon Posts: 8
    Thanks for the update. I look forward to just a little better mileage now that the price of unleaded is pushing $2.00/gal.
  • amoraamora Posts: 204
    I commute 133 mi/day and from what I have seen, most people who drive these BIG SAFE, MONSTER SUVS, are Soccer Moms who drop kids off to school, baby sitter, dances, child care, drop their 2nd Husband' kids from 3rd marriage off, then go
    grocery shopping, malls to buy clothes, pick-up
    lawn food, sacks of manure, hay, plants, dry clean, stop by and see their lovers on side, any number of reasons, or men who commute to work.

    And the select few who are die hard campers,
    off roaders, (NOT ROCK CLIMBERS, MUD OR SAND
    DRAGGERS BUT mild offfroading in desert, etc
    you know camping or picknicking with nuclear, extended or regular families....

    I think these gas guzzeling behemoths are awesome, I think they are beautiful and make a statement that say, "I am affluent enough to buy them and gas mileage is not an issue.I buy them for the safety of my children and family"

    I like small souped up hot rod mini-trucks myself, have owned the
    smaller 4X4 S10 BLAZER/TOHOE units, have owned a '77 Toyota Landcruiser and plan to buy
    a Suburban or Excursion or Expedition as soon as grandkids start to appear, unitl then I will continue to enjoy seeing these vehicles on my
    commute to work..Just my opinion, no diss or slam
    on anyone or their comments....

    A paradigm by AMORA
  • figmomanfigmoman Posts: 55
    Glad you like cars (trucks), so do i.I have a friend that has a syclone that took me for a ride,awsome! He would from a stop power break it then let it launch.No wheelspin, just pure G-force acceleration.It was computer limitted to around 100 MPH but it sure got there fast.Have fun with your trucks.BTW, im expecting my new suburban LT in about two weeks. Mike
  • I just got my 2000 Suburban 1500 LS 2WD. I love it except I do think Chevy took a step back in a few departments and Ford has some good and bad in my opinion with the Excursion. Since everyone seems to be posting opinions on here I'll do the same.

    Ford - Cons: Too big, rides rough (I did drive one for a full day), fuel mileage, looks of front end. Pros: floor is mostly flat with exception of transmission tunnel, overhead console, dutch doors in back, swing out rear windows, map lights on every row (as I recall), full floor mats on second and third row.

    Chevy - Cons: floor is bumpy unlike the older Burb, no more full overhead console, did away with tailgate, did away with map lights above third row seats, cheapo floor mats everywhere especially second and third row.
    Pros: looks much better than Ford (my opinion), rides better than Ford (everyone's opinion), still hauls the mail (or in this case my 5500 pound boat), better gas mileage, fits in the garage (although mine stays outside, the Vette and my wife's Jimmy get the garage).

    I do intend to write a letter to Chevy about some of the disimprovements (not a word, I know) that they made in this year's model and I have already taken care of one of those by getting aftermarket floor mats. I still like the overall vehicle a lot though and will always own a Burb. The main thing everyone here should realize is that they should be happy with their purchase, whatever they get. And don't try to make yourself feel better by putting down the other person's truck.
  • ralphinnjralphinnj Posts: 10
    Thanks bowtiebill; I agree that the attitude we all should have here is to respect each others' choices. In "real life," not many people (I haven't run into any) would make some of the brash comments we see here. Btw, I agree for the most part with your assessment; although, in my case, I am a pickup truck driver through and through, so I actually like the stiff ride of the Excursion (but to each their own).
  • ldrldr Posts: 9
    I totally agree with the posts above. Everybody likes "their" ride. Unless you have "lived" in a vehicle I don't see how anyone can judge another. I have owned my Excursion 4X4 Limited PSD for 4 months and 8988 miles. I have just returned from northern New Hampshire where I spent 3 days and traveled Route 16 from Gorham to Errol (approx. 30 mile stretch) 5 times. This piece of road (I am being kind calling it a road) is possiblly the worst "frost heave" section of road one could find anywhere in the northeast. It is a joke with all the locals. It is so bumpy they should charge admission for the ride. There are little "roadside stands" all along about a 15 mile stretch selling TEETH! (just kidding) It will rock you! It is an asphalt washboard! Because my hotel and where I happen to be working were at different ends of the "rollercoaster", as I said earlier I had to travel it 5 times. After owning 3 Subburban 1500's previously I knew the Excursion was not expected to give me the same ride. After spending 4 months and nearly 9,000 miles I must be getting used to it. Maybe it's the additional weight...the longer wheel base? I'm not sure, but the "roadability" is great! Even on Rt 16 dodging: MOOSE (lots of 'em), potholes, and bunkers...this vehicle was amazing, and quiet. Not a single rattle or squeek. You certainly know your "in a battle zone" when you travel Rt 16 but I was not tossed around as one might expect. These Excursions just don't ride like all the "arm chair" experts say they do. They are built SOLID and a pleasure to drive. Should you ever take a wrong turn some day and end up on Rt 16, be careful...the moguls can swallow you and the MOOSE are everywhere!! Travel safe.
  • Glad you are enjoying your ride. That sounds like an interesting trip. I think I'll stay off that road!!
  • A local manufacturer of "air ride" suspensions recently borrowed my Excursion to measure it up for a prototype suspension unit. They make them for other model trucks and people say they give a wonderful "cushioned" ride. Eagerly awaiting the time when I get mine put on. Their url is

    Have no idea of cost, etc. For all those who ask why someone should spend additional money, look at what is being spent on roll bars, fog lights and grill kits.

    Good luck. I love my Excursion!
  • ssautterssautter Posts: 2
    We're looking for a San Antonio-area family that owns a 2000 Chevy Suburban to be part of the new Suburban catalog. Participation first includes an interview about your positive Suburban ownership experience. If you qualify, your family will be photographed in the San Antonio area or Hill Country during April 11-12-13 and compensated for your time. Please e-mail before noon on Monday, April 10 if you are interested.
  • I own a 99 K1500 'Burb with the 5.7 (350) V8, 3.73. rear, with limited slip.
    I'll be towing a Hi-Lo trailer this summer; it weighs about 4000 lbs. I know the Excursion could tow this trailer, no problem. Just wondering if this burb could tow it okay, OR the 2500 would be better.
  • I towed a 5500 pound boat and trailer with my old C1500 Burb many, many times with great results. Never knew it was back there except on very steep hills. Of course the 4WD is rated a little lower in towing capacity (presumably because the 4WD weighs more itself). I just towed my boat to the lake and back with my new 2000 C1500 Burb and I can't believe it but it towed even better. I didn't expect this with the new coil springs in the rear but the back end didn't sag one bit and the new four wheel disc brakes worked like a champ. This is the only thing that ever worried me in my old Burb because I had to disconnect my trailer brakes a few years ago. Just didn't follow closely. The new discs are great!
  • vcroesvcroes Posts: 1
    Well, I guess it is about time y'all heard my little story... I am the owner of the first and only Excursion in the Republic of Argentina. We bought it in Canada via email/fax (sight unseen) and shipped it via truck and RORO to Buenos Aires, Argentina where I am currently posted. Arrived safe and sound about three months after I ordered it. We've got the Estate Green PSD Limited 4x4, 3.73LS, skis plates etc etc, and let me tell you folks, this is one awesome vehicle. Most people think I'm at least half crazy running around in a rig this size in Buenos Aires, which is a city of about 12 million people with mostly European sized streets and diesel fuel at about $1.75/gallon (gas costs double that). My 5ft2 gal has no problem piloting our Fordzilla around the streets of BA with our four anklebiters... in fact the people here just love this thing, their mouths hang open in amazement and admiration. Here an Explorer is regarded as a huge (and hugely expensive, figure $40k+ for a loaded model) vehicle. The trailer-tow mirrors take a bit off getting used to but we haven't knocked off any cyclists' heads yet. The kids like saying "thunk" every time we pass one though!

    Only have about 1500 miles on it so far but very impressed... the sound and ride is trucklike but just what I want. Nothing like the rattle of the PSD on a cool morning. Highly satisfactory power and acceleration, cruising 140 kph is most serene if you know how to handle the old gal. I notice it is kinda thirsty at that velocity, but hey, places to go, things to do, people to meet, you know. I added a Poron reversing aid so far and am looking to doll it up with a few more goodies. Like a stonkin' airhorn that will blow the little BA cabbies right of their crappy little Peugeots and Renaults.

    Happy trails folks. All you Fordzilla drivers out there be proud you own the [non-permissible content removed]-kickenest 4x4 made. IMHO, hehe.

    Happy customer in Buenos Aires.

    p.s. All you Burb pilots out there, enjoy your ride. Different strokes for different folks and all that..... I am not the least bit concerned about the size issue, even my lousy Ranger (thankfully stolen) didn't fit in my driveway, let alone my garage! You want a 4x4 that rides like a Caddy, go for it! I like the mucho space behind the 3rd seat for all of our camping stuff. And GMC/Chevy diesels suck like a $500.... you figure it out.
  • hey folks, i just started a topic, #2593 i want to hear from people who have towing experiences with suburbans, i want to tow a 6000lb TT. what can you tell about what is best to pull with, a 1/2 ton 3/4 ton would a 1/2 ton-3/4/ton pickup do the same as a suburban? let me know what you know, thanks a bunch. also what is the best high-tech hitch to use?
  • dwh6dwh6 Posts: 10
    The only reason anyone needs to give as why they own a huge SUV is the following:


    I am fairly tired of people telling other people their choices are stupid. It is fine to have a debate, if the object is to understand. But the anti-SUV crowd (and now, it appears, the small-SUVs-are-ok-but-not-big-ones crowd) does not really care about learning at all.

    I own a Durango and wouldn't purchase an Excursion (primary because I get a DC employee discount!). But I don't put anyone down for their choices.
  • mariclemaricle Posts: 1
    I purchased a 4X4 1500 Suburban in January and currently have 7500 miles on it. Mileage results are as follows:

    Using the reformulated gas in Houston:
    City - 14.5 Mpg
    Highway - 15.5 Mpg

    Unsing the "normal" gas when on a trip
    City - 15.5 Mpg
    Highway - 17.5 Mpg

    My highway driving is usually about 75 MPH with the cruise control set.

    As a side note - my suburban hasn't had a single parking garage problem in downtown Houston - but about 60% of them could not accomodate the Excursion!!
  • protravelprotravel Posts: 19
    I got the Excursion Diesel 4x4 and on a day when I had more time on my hands getting to work, I played with the mileage. I filled up the tank, reset the trip computer and drove like I had an egg under my gas pedal.My goal was to see how far up the ladder I could go. Well. I got 19.2 city driving, stop and go for the 35 miles to work. Do I get that all the time, heck no, just wanted to see the possibilities.
  • I have about 2,000 miles on my 2WD PSD Limited Excursion. So far I have got a bit over 15mpg on all stop and go city driving. About the same as I was getting on my Aerostar with a 3L 6.
  • Well, as a new Excursion owner (V10 Limited), I was a little shell shocked when I rode in my buddie's new 2000 burb. In general, the ride is softer, the interior looks like a luxury mobile not a truck, it offered climate control front and back, LED displays, ON-Star computerized help and tracking system (wow - like the cadillacs), split bucket seats for the second row, easier access, comparable room, and more that I am sure I did not notice.

    To balance out things, I am sure my Excursion can tow my boat better simply because of its weight and length. Thats why I bought it.... BUT to all you staunch Ford vs Chevy people...give the Burb some credit. Its a great vehicle as is the Excursion. Truthfully, I probably would have bought the burb if I had known. My Ford dealer relative probably hates to hear me say that and I am sure he knows that the family discount he gave me kept me from looking elsewhere. SO people.... BOTH Burbs and Excursions are great!
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