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Ford Excursion vs Chevy Suburban/GMC Yukon XL - The battle of the titans



  • jkpopsjkpops Posts: 1
    chvey had the buban longer than any 1 so ford needs to stop copying gm
  • cardoctorcardoctor Posts: 3
    own a 98 4wd sub.drove a 00sub car like ride good power.its smaller inside not as much leg room between 1st-2nd row of overhead console where do you put the garage door opener.00 excursion its big ,lots of leg room more standard
    features than gm doesnt ride like a car but its not any rougher than my sub .its a truck not a van or station wagon.since both trucks have good features and bad features. i think the excursion
    has the least bad features.
  • cardoctorcardoctor Posts: 3
    before you complain learn how to spell
  • boattowboattow Posts: 2
    I have seen mentioned a few times the availablilty of the 8.1 litre engine being available in the 2001 suburban. My local dealer(s) are of no value. Anyone out there know if this is a reality ????

    Thanks in advance.
  • css3css3 Posts: 6
    Oh where oh where was Chevy in the Daytona race last week.

    Read it and weep boys...Ford 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th.
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    Hey everyone! Buy the Excursion!!! At the Pepsi 400, the Fords had the top 5 spots., and I can see Suburban sales going down like a prom date. Chevy needs to improve its racing program, or the Excursion will be king!
  • Jeff, Don't plan on alot of help from your GM salespeople most of them don't know whats new each year. I'm a real Chevy truck freak and love all the rare options available that the salesman don't even know about. As for your question the 2001 3/4 ton Suburban will be offered with the 6.0 liter, 8.1 liter or the Duramax diesel I think 6.6 liter. I live in Western New York and my cousins son does subcontracting work for GM on the fuel injection systems as far as improvements go for better fuel economy and so on. He has actually laid eyes on a 2001 Suburban with the 8.1 engine, SQUIRT!!, he's a big block nut as well, and found out that the 8.1 is the 454 stroked and bored so reliability should be awesome. All 454's are built in the Tonawanda engine plant but I haven't found out for sure if the 8.1 engines will only be built there as well. Every GM dealer has an option book about 4 inches thick that is much more detailed than the computer. I have a half dozen very close friends involved in the sales end of things and this allocation deal stinks, the way it works is every new model year every dealer gets to place their stock orders one of each model for inventory purposes, before they get order entered (at the factory) they can be changed to the exact specs that you want and the order is changed from stock to retail sold. When you have hot vehicles, limited production, the dealers basically sell to the highest bidder (they wont admit it) but thats why the truck never shows up. After inital order entry the dealers can't place an order until they have allocation. They get new allocation every Tuesday that tells them what they can order so if you want a crewcab shortbox who knows what Tuesday, what month, the dealer can place the order? NOBODY!! So the dealer takes your deposit so he doesn't lose the deal hoping allocation will come up on the vehicle soon. Let the fibs begin. Gee we haven't heard anything yet, yea right it hasn't even been ordered yet but they won't tell you that. Supposedly they are revamping the allocation system but I haven't heard anything for sure yet. Enough complaining, I hope this helps some of you guys.
  • css3css3 Posts: 6
    Sure does buy a FORD
  • boattowboattow Posts: 2
    Thanks thanks thanks for the info on the 2001 Suburban. I really would rather buy a Suburban over an Excursion (the Sub. will fit in my garage) for big towing. I tow a 38 foot cigarette boat from Ill to Florida (currently using a '96 Sub2500 and would like a NEW truck-the current vehicle works GREAT, it is just getting up in miles >65Kmi.) and the extra torque on the low end of the v-10 over the 6.0 litre seemed desirable. However, with the sub. engine upgrade possibility to 8.1 .....well, I will press the dealer and fingers cross. Any advice on a dealer or ???? to actually GET the vehicle rather than a bunch of B.S. ???

  • From my experiences the smaller dealers have always treated me much better than the big ones. The dealer I got my 99 burb from had been trying to get allocation for a burb every year for 9 years. The larger the dealer, the more volume of vehicles, the larger their allocation, but if you don't have one sold you get no allocation. When the dealer sold mine to me he got allocation for a second one, and so far I think he has sold six this year. In the next two weeks all the dealers will be able to place their initial order entries for the 2001 trucks, my advise to you is find a small dealer that you feel you can trust and have his initial order entry include your new burb. Once he shows one sold he'll be able to get another and thats the only way the small dealers can increase their allocation, so everybody wins. The reason you have to trust the dealer is so he won't sell it out from under you and because when you buy at the time of order entry the dealer won't be able to give you a price because the pricing doesn't usually get to the dealer until the last week in August or the first week in September. I think the smaller dealers value repeat business more so they will treat you better. Try to buy it for so much over invoice, most dealers will show you the invoice, and without knowing the exact price it's one of those deals where you gotta trust them and they gotta trust you. The only other downfall to ordering on order entry is if they come out with any new options different from the previous year you won't know about them until it's too late. Even if you think you end up paying a little too much for it I think it will be a very in demand truck for quite a while, so you'll get your monies worth! I know for a fact they will be hard to get, so don't wait to long. I'm talking specifically about a 2500 with the 8.1 which is the only way you can get the 8.1. I've always been a big fan of the rear doors on the old body style but when I order my new one (in two weeks or less) it will have the liftgate on it. I really like that design change but I was hoping they would have went to the dutch doors instead. Not many other options have changed except for fog lights, which I will also have. If you want to talk about it more Jeff E-mail me and I'll give you my phone number, hope this helps Suburbansrule
  • liquidlabliquidlab Posts: 23
    I ordered my 01 Yukon Xl 3/4 ton with the 8100 Vortec in May.
    The dealer already had all the informations,options etc,in it's computer.
  • polsenpolsen Posts: 25
    For what it's worth, Four Wheeler mag this month released their best buys and liked the sub over the fords.
  • css3css3 Posts: 6
    The same magazine like the Hugo and the corvair!
  • retractretract Posts: 13
    Magizines rarely agree on favorites because of the huge $'s spent by the manufacturers, but in the case of the Ex vs Sub it has been all GM. It's a shame because Ford has spent so much on their outdoors theme ads that you would think it would buy them a few kind words about the EX.
  • xfactorxfactor Posts: 78
    Buy the new Honda odyssey its better then either the excursion or the suburban and has about the same amount of room, in addition it:

    Handles better
    Brakes better
    Smother ride
    Accelerates faster
    Allows access from the front to rear seats so you can get to the crying baby
    Costs less
    Has more on demand cargo room
    Gets better gas mileage

    Why would anyone buy a Burb or excursion?

    They believe it looks better.
  • xfactorxfactor Posts: 78
    This is a global economy better get used to it.

    Ford is no longer strictly American.

    I hate to admit it being an American but the Japanese make better cars.
  • xfactorxfactor Posts: 78
    I looked at all the posts Mako28 had it right.

    If you truly need an SUV then enjoy. Most do not.

    In any event when I compared the Excursion to the Suburban (Did not buy either) I thought the Suburban was much better.
  • css3css3 Posts: 6
    This was in USA TODAY ...Today
    The SUV least likely to roll over is the Ford Excursion.
  • xfactorxfactor Posts: 78

    I mentioned the HO because it was in my evaluation process along with the Suburban. We liked the Surburban over the Excursion.

    We liked vans better. We evaluated the vans and came up with 3 HO, Windstar and Sienna.

    I did not give a thought to one being a Japanese headquartered company and one being a US headquartered company because it is irrelevant in today's global economy. I was overly broad in my statement that Japanese cars are better. The comment should have been limited to year 2000 cars under $22,000.

    Cab companies buy fleets based on a cheap bulk purchase price. The car companies do this so they can say their car is the “Best selling in America”. Many Non-US manufactures do not have the plant capacity to meet the Cab companies needs at the prices they are looking for.

    In any event this is the wrong forum to discuss this subject is there another forum? If not feel free to start your own and I will gladly continue the debate.
  • jgeisiiijgeisiii Posts: 2
    I have been looking at the local dealers in my area. All seem to be on their last few 00 Suburbans. They say it will be Sept. before they get the new ones, but can't tell me about changes in options. Does anyone know of any different options being offered for 01. The only models I have seen on the lots here have been the solid color LTs. Where are all the flavors, ie: two tone paint schemes, etc. Are they just ordering the high-end units to maximize profit?

    Does anyone know a dealer in Va, NC or SC that works off invoice vs. this "fair market value" number?

    Lastly, where did the tailgates go? I always liked the idea of extended deck space or a seat.

    Thanks for your comments.

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