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Hyundai Santa Fe (2006 and earlier)



  • jaserbjaserb Posts: 858
    The cup holders in the front of the SF are very good, in my opinion. They hold everything from a 12 oz. can to a Big Gulp with no problem - although larger cups can be a hassle with the cup holder carved out of the console. The little rubber inserts hold drinks very securely - I haven't had a spill in the 10k miles I have so far. The back seat ones seem OK for the "pop-out" style cupholders. Hope this helps-

  • Used to drive a '90 Honda Accord - McD's drive thru experiences were bad...LOVE LOVE LOVE the design in the Santa Fe - Holds two biggies full of coke, but will also hold my biggie and my daughter's happy meal size soda tight and well.

  • I too love the Santa Fe but unfortunately I only average about 17 mpg on the highway.It's a GLS AWD 6 cyl.

    There seems to be a small, yet significant percentage of us Santa Fe owners experiencing this kind of poor mileage.

    The Santa is perfect in every other way. I haven't had any problems after 12,000 plus miles.
  • lrchomelrchome Posts: 130
    It seems that the AWD Santa Fe's have the fuel problem. I have a fwd Lx and I get 22 miles per gallon suburban driving and 26 to 27 miles per gallon on the interstate. I have 10,000 miles on my LX.

    Are there any FWD Santa Fe's experincing low miles per gallon.
  • sofsofsofsof Posts: 23
    The black trim inside my LX Santa Fe is "peeling," (just like a sunburnt skin does, in terms of how it looks) Underneath is a shiny cheap-looking layer. I only see it in a few places - a little bit on the middle console, a large patch by the door handle on the driver's (my)side and a smaller one on the passenger side. The dealer is very helpful and has ordered a replacement. He says he's never seen it before and couldn't explain it. He asked me if I used any creams. The only thing I could think of was a sunscreen lotion. I tried to experiment and put a big blob of suntan lotion on a "virgin" spot. It did absolutely nothing. No peeling.
    Any ideas? Did anyone see it happen in their car?
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    is this deja-vu?
  • problem with peeling in the interior of somebody's Santa Fe before. Look back a couple of hundred posts back. I say that because the solution was found and posted in this forum eventually. A definite solveable problem this one!

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • I drive a GLS V6 AWD and do not have the feul problem at all. I have been calculating mpg ever since I got the car back in July. It has only 2500 miles on it.
    for local traffic: ~17
    for highway: 22~23

    Does specific gasoline has anything to do with this? I use shell all the time.
  • sofsofsofsof Posts: 23
    You have seen this before, but not because it was resolved, but because noone responded and therefore I posted the same message again. I was hoping for a friendlier to-the-point response...
  • Dave it is really hard to answer your question in a more direct manner. One can get the Earl Schribe "I can paint any car for 49.95" paint job up to paint jobs that cost 10's of thousands of dollars. The things to consider are the quality of the prep work, the color that it is originally (how far the door jambs and other items have to be painted etc) what color it is going to be and what you are expecting. I have done several ground up car restorations and custom cars and the paint job can go all different ranges. And I have seen paint jobs that will fall off your car in a week to ones that make one drool over and win first place in a car show. The bottom line is how much are you willing to pay, what are your expectations and what color /type of paint you want. Check the local car clubs and ask some of their recommended paint shops to give you a guess estimate depending on the above factors.
  • I would have to say that my Santa Fe has poor mileage but I am still happy with it. It is a FWD V6 GLS. I get 20 City, 23 Hwy. I have about 15,000 miles to this point.
  • I have a 2001 Santa Fe LX with 4900 miles.Today I checked the Trans. fluid(Automatic) and noticed it was low.I tried to find the brand the manual describes but couldn't find it.I added about half a quart of AC Delco Dexron III fluid.I would just like to know if I added the right stuff.Thanks
  • bchinbchin Posts: 5
    Hello everyone,

    Well, I've had the Santa Fe for 3 1/2 months now but only have 2000 miles on it. The manual says to change the oil at 6000 miles(?) Should I wait till it gets to 6K or should I change it at the 3 months interval like I do with all of my other cars? I have always put a lot of miles during the first 3 months of my cars until my santa fe since this is the car my wife drives for getting around town with the kids. If I wait until the SF gets to 6K it might be 6 more months down the road before it hits that. So I am stumped.

    Also what has been the experiences of those who have had their Santa Fe oil changed at a Jiffy Lube or other non dealer places. Is the filter easy to get at. I understand there is cover that needs to be removed to get to the filter am I correct? Thanks for your replies?

  • hyundaimahyundaima Posts: 197
    Hi, you need to drain the transmission and refill it with SPIII ATF as soon as possible. Dexron III has completely different frictional characteristics than the OEM fluid. It will damage the internal components of the Hyundai transmission.
  • hyundaimahyundaima Posts: 197
    Unless you live in the boonies with no traffic lights, you should follow the "severe usage" schedule in the owner's manual.

    About the oil change, only AWD Santa Fes come with the skid plate, which needs to be removed to get to the oil filter from the bottom if it doesn't have the filter access panel.
  • lrchomelrchome Posts: 130
    I change my own oil it takes me about 15 min, the oil filter and oil drain plug are easy to reach. I change my oil every 4500 miles. I have a FWD LX so I dont have the skid plate to fool with.
  • Has anyone else had a problem with their automatic transmission? I have an FWD LX with about 11k miles and the transmission started 'slipping' and would not upshift unless I put in in manual mode. This was accompanied by the 'CHECK' light coming on.

    As of today, they put in a new 'valve body' (I think that's what they called it) but it is still acting weird - ie., a very hard upshift from 3rd to 4th and once it would not shift out of second until I put it in manual mode. This time the 'CHECK' light did not come on.

    Has anyone had a similar experience??
  • hyundaimahyundaima Posts: 197
    Does the "hard shift" occur every time it shifts to the 4th or intermittently?
  • I had a similiar problem, but, along with this my Santa Fe was hard to start. It then ran rough and would not shift until I went to the manual mode. The check light never came on. I limped it home and then had roadside assistance tow it to the dealer. This was on a Saturday. On Monday, the service department called saying that it was the crank sensor. It took an extra day to get the part. So I got it back midafternoon Tuesday. This all started on Sept 9. It has run very well since then. I have a FWD GLS with 15k miles.
  • Update - I went by the dealer and the mechanic made some sort of adjustment that seems to have fixed the slipping problem but the hard upshift from 3rd to 4th is still there. The Service Mgr. is going to check with Hyundai today and let me know what the next step is. I will pass on what they tell me.

    Hyundaima - the hard upshift occurs every time but some are worse than others.
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