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Hyundai Santa Fe (2006 and earlier)



  • lrchomelrchome Posts: 130
    I have a 2001 LX 2WD,and I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. I average between 22 and 23 miles to the gallon,in surburban driving,and 26to27 mpg on the Interstate. I have 22,500 miles on the Santa Fe.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,910
    That's great Lrchome, even better than the EPA estimates. You must have the right "touch." I guess flat roads help too....

    Steve, Host
  • The price you quote seems like such a sweet deal. what part of the country do you live in? I am from Maine and having a hard time finding the one we want. We would like the GLS,Abs,AWD roof rack and tow at least. of course would get the LX if in our price range. The dealership could locate one and said $22,199 though not sure on roof rack. Seems high. Didn't seem to want to go lower than 24 for the 2 lx they had on lot. Slim pickings up here. Any suggestions? Also does anyone have the gold/sandstone color? Are you happy with it? that is what the one the located is.
  • mj14mj14 Posts: 1
    Looking for a reputable dealer in the Nassau County area of Long Island, NY. I believe My fathers 2002 Santa Fe (bought in August) has a transmission and electrical problem I will be handling this problem for him and am not familiar with the Valley Stream or Hempstead Service departments. Someone also mentioned Huntington which will be about 3o minutes away but will be worth the trip if they are better. Thank you. First time posting and any information will be appreciated!
  • jci1jci1 Posts: 34
    For those who want to check out a no hassle approach to pricing, try this link. You will see what they have in their inventory and the list and the invoice prices on each vehicle.

    Then just scrool down to Hyundai Santa Fe and press GO!

    PS: The discounts offered on other makes seem to be substantial, much more than the Hyundai discounts. And no I do not work there, I just think it's a really cool way to shop!

  • dthompson6:

    What part of Maine are you in? Coincidentally, I am also from Maine. Grew up in North ME and then my family relocated to Portland, ME area.

    I now reside in Northern, CA in the S.F. Bay Area. I purchased my Santa Fe in the Bay Area from a friend that works in the business.

    Good Luck with your search! The Santa Fe is worth the effort.
  • O.K. Lots to answer.....On the gas mileage it does seem to vary last we checked we were about 22 hwy and 20 city. We have owned 3 Saturns and have had excellent luck with all 3. I and everyone else assumed I would purchase the Saturn Vue. I started and exhaustive search driving SUV till I was test driving in my sleep. I wanted to like the Vue. The interior looked like plastic and I was not impressed with the drive. I drove them all. I made my husband drive them with me. I am a sales Rep and spend time in my vehicle. I slid into the Sante Fe and it just felt right. It drove and handled so well. It is a loaded LX. Did it over the internet. Got them to add the woodgrain and poly coating for $23,500. Did pay taxes. Its amazing I have had people stop me and ask how I liked it. Mine is the sandstone had lots of compliments to answer your question
  • gator72gator72 Posts: 115
    Thanks Andyz3 for the reply. I've been driving my new Santa Fe LX for a week now and have NOT noticed any more condensation in any of the headlights or foglights. Since last week, we've had all kinds of weather here on the Gulf Coast - from near 75 degrees and rain - all the way down to 30 degrees last night - still NO condensation!

    I'll keep my eye on it for a while just to be sure.
  • gator72gator72 Posts: 115
    If anyone has any suggestions on hooking up the rear bumper lights, I would appreciate it if you would post it here. Specifically, I'm looking for a socket to fit the lens in the rear bumper. I can adapt the wiring if necessary.

    I tried to order a wiring harness from my local Hyundai dealer; but, today, the parts guy told me Hyundai would not ship it in the States.

    I have been to all the local automotive/parts suppliers in my area and cannot find a socket that will fit the red lenses in the rear bumper. I found a website that said to use one from a 1993 Mazda RX-7; but, I would prefer to get something new - "off-the-shelf".

    I did find some sockets that would fit the hole; BUT, the did not have the "4-corners" and rubber gasket to prevent leaks into the lens.
  • gator72gator72 Posts: 115
    Last week, I bought a white 2003 Santa Fe LX with a sunroof. After driving it for a week, I must say I am impressed with the fit and finish; and, overall quality of the vehicle. The quality of the Santa Fe rivals anything in its class from Japan.

    I haven't calculated my mileage yet, but today I filled up with 12.8 gallons after driving about 390 miles in the city. FYI: I have a "heavy" foot.

    I came out of a 2001 Dakota Quad Cab with a 4.7 liter V-8. It would pass everything but a gas station! So, it took a while to get used to the V-6 power of the Santa Fe. However, in all fairness to the Santa Fe, it has PLENTY of power for freeway merging. I don't miss the Dakota at all - especially the big gas bill each week!

    Bottom line: I would recommend the Santa Fe to anyone looking at a mid-sized or "cute" ute; especially the LX model.
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128
    If anyone has any suggestions on hooking up the rear bumper lights, I would appreciate it if you would post it here. Specifically, I'm looking for a socket to fit the lens in the rear bumper. I can adapt the wiring if necessary.


        Got to this URL and click on the "Rear Fog Light Conversion 1 & 2" It gives one solution.
  • ok i am suppose to go pick up a black gls awd/sun/abs/mud for 23,494 (total cost with taxes and everything). is this a good deal. i am dealing with the internet person at the dealership. also this nyc so i know the pricing game is a little different. if i can get some quick responses because i am making the deal today!!! in desperate need of this car.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Check out our True Market Value.

    tidester, host

  • tidester... the tmv is a little cheaper but isnt that quote without tax. if so then i am looking at a good deal
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Then go for it! [usual disclaimers apply!]

    tidester, host
  • I was browsing through the msg board and noticed the website posted where you can find out what cars are on the dealers lot and how much they want for them. Does anyone know of any other sites? I have gone to various dealers sites in PA and to the car quote sites. I also went to the local dealer. They are willing to give me what I consider a decent deal BUT its been since thanksgiving and they cannot locate a silver GLX for me.
  • gtgtcobragtgtcobra Posts: 259
    I own a 2001 Santa Fe 6 cylinder automatic that's fully loaded. It just turned to 30,000 miles on the odometer. This vehicle is EXCELLENT. We have NEVER had any problems with it. The car runs nicely and it is economical. We drive this car HARD and it has kept up very well for us. I thought that I might share with you all this information.

    I recommend the Santa Fe to anyone here who is thinking of buying one. The fit, finish and quality of these SUV's are EXCELLENT. I own the 100,000 mile bumper to bumper extended warranty and I have not needed to use it yet. The car runs absolutely great.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,910
    You can try our PowerShopper to get quotes in your area.

    Steve, Host

  • why is it that when you contact a dealer before a purchase they cant do anything for you, or cant hear your offer but... as soon as they return your call and you tell them oh i already made the purchase they say now they can beat any price. isnt that hillarious. any comment or has this happened to anyone else.
  • jaserbjaserb Posts: 858
    Jumping in a little late, but here goes...

    I installed the DrawTite trailer hitch and it fits beautifully. No clearance problems at all, with either the exhaust or the spare tire, and it tucks neatly into the bumper, leaving everything but the receiver hidden. The wiring harness also plugs right in to the factory connectors, no wire cutting or splicing needed.

    With just over 30k on a 2001 LX FWD, we get 21-22 or so in our normal city/highway mix. Highway is 23-25 or so. With 75 MPH speed limits and lots of hills there aren't too many cars that get EPA numbers around here.

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