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Hyundai Santa Fe (2006 and earlier)



  • morritamorrita Posts: 3

    According to the invoice price on the 2.7 GLS is $20172 and the 3.5 GLS is $21479. That's a $1300 difference. Worth noting though is that the 3.5 GLS does come with a 5-speed auto and ABS/Traction Control standard.

    Here's something I was told at the dealership, but haven't confirmed elsewhere. The power distribution between front and rear has changed from a 60/40 ratio to 90/10. Adjustments to the ratio are electronically controlled. This would make the Hyundai's AWD more similar to Volvo's than Subaru's.

    As far as real world price: I have a deal on the table for a 2003 Santa Fe GLS 3.5L AWD w/ roof rack rails, mud guards, and cargo tray for $22100 (incl. dest charge) + tax, title, license. That's about $450 below Edmund's TMV, about $200 below invoice, and also before the available $1000 rebate, so I expect I'll take it since I really like how the car handles (still haven't fallen completely in love with the styling though).
  • funtimeguyfuntimeguy Posts: 1
    I haven't seen much on leasing a Sante Fe on here.
    The lease will be up on my Ford Ranger in Aug. and I'm thinking about either leasing or buying a Sante Fe. My question is does Hyundai have a two year lease or do you have to go longer?
  • digita1bobdigita1bob Posts: 2
    $22,550 for 4WD LX 3.5L w/ moon roof. Does this price sound as good to you guys. Should I jump on this thing or what?

  • morritamorrita Posts: 3
    Is that the price before the $1000 rebate; and does it include the $525 destination charge?

    If yes on both counts, it's a steal at $1900 below invoice. If it is after the rebate and includes the destination charge, then you are about $900 below invoice; still a great deal to me. If it is after the rebate, but doesn't include the destination charge; then it is still a good deal IMHO at about $400 below invoice (22550+1000+525=24075, invoice=24437).
  • digita1bobdigita1bob Posts: 2
    Yes that includes the rebate, and the destination charge, so your figures are correct... about $925 below their invoice and about $461 below their cost after receiving the 2% manufactures hold back.

    Are people getting even better deals than this?? If so, where? Also, how is the dealer making any money on this?? (Not that I care mind you)

  • morritamorrita Posts: 3
    I got a GLS at $200 below invoice. I consider that a fair deal. Some things depend on the market you are in. I don't see how $900 below invoice could be anything other than a good deal.

    FWIW: I didn't spend much time haggling. I thought the price I got was fair and didn't feel like dealing with the stress of going for the throat. I expect I could have got a couple hundred more dollars off if I felt like playing hardball, but I didn't. I did get a fair price on my trade-in so I'm comfortable with the price I paid.
  • clemens21clemens21 Posts: 1
    I have almost finalized a deal with a Hyundai Dealership in NH for a Sante Fe Base-auto 4 cylinder. Can someone let me know if I did alright or not on my negotiations.

    The unsigned invoice was written as follows:
    Inv-$17.175, Options & Installation-$566 (Group 2 Utility Pckg),Floor Mats-$51,Cargo Tray-$51, Running Boards-$500,Cross Rails-$110, Advertising Fee-$600, Freight-$590 for a total of $19,463 + finance charges. Going with 0% Interest rate.

    In addition I had to pay $85 to get the Sandstone Color I preferred but not on the lot. I also took into account that the Sante Fe is basically a hot commodity SUV after checking 4 dealership for quantity on lots. PLus on the day we got the paperwork going, 5 Sante Fe's were the only vechicle being taken for a test drive
  • lrchomelrchome Posts: 130
    You can buy a 6 cyl GLS for less than that price in Florida.
  • abitjadedabitjaded Posts: 5
    Just yesterday I purchased a Santa Fe GLS, 3.5 L engine (with ABS, trac control). Going through Edmunds email quotes, one Denver CO dealer wanted $22500 and another wanted $21500. With the dealer with the cheaper deal, I found a Sandstone with one option: the CD cost another $300. So, $21800 total. Then $1000 rebate offer, $1700 down, $2300 trade in (1992 Ford Explorer in vg shape), $707 taxes, and no dealer prep/del charges (saving $389), 4.49% financing. So far, so good (I believe-comments?) but then I purchased the 10 year/100000 bumper to bumper warranty (Hyundai policy Advantage Plus, no deductible; transferability; I average only 10K miles a year and keep cars a long time) for $1795 (the dealer came down from $1995). Heres the weird part: the finance guy said that I would have to buy the 5 year warranty $370 plastic coating, headlight and hood ding policy (ResistAllPlus/A Touche of Class- did not cover bumper kit or grill kit) or he would not sell me the Hyundai 10 yr policy. He said that headline replacement along costs $300 so this extra is worth it. I did it for a final price of $23492. Comments on Resistallplus? I believe that I have three days to refuse the deal.
  • jimbeaumijimbeaumi Posts: 620
    No one HAS to buy anything else to purchase the Hyundai Advantage Plus -- the finance guy is full of baloney. BTW, mine cost under $1000 for a 2001 Elantra GLS. Don't let any dealer people fool you into doing what you know isn't proper.
  • abitjadedabitjaded Posts: 5
    Starting price of the Santa Fe GLS/3.5 L was $22800 (not $21800 as I said)-then subtract rebate, etc. Total price (with trade in, rebate, extended warranty,etc) was actually $20,811.
    BTW, two sales people said that they did not know if the $1000 rebate (or zero percent financing) will end this month or be extended, but one salesman said (AFTER I purchased the Santa Fe) that it will end because the sales of the Santa Fe has been so good.
    Two days of driving the new Santa Fe has proven the idea that car based SUVs are much safer than and handle better than truck frame SUVs (see recent Consumer Reports SUV issue on the safety of car based SUVs- and the Santa Fe is one of the few that they recommend). Having driven the same route to work in my old Ford Explorer for almost 15 years (I know every place that I had to REALLY slow down), my new Santa Fe drives infinitely better -- it really handles well (the old Exploder would porpoise along on washboard bumps and I had no control over steering for brief periods of time). Now if I can get the Santa Fe through deep snow in town, and over Mosquito Pass in the Rockies.
  • s618s618 Posts: 11
    Hello I am a proud owner of a 03 gls 2wd in silver . I was wondering if anyone has or has done an aftermarket sunroof . That was one thing I really wanted and the guy at hyundai told me that most imports are port installed therefore installed after they come over the boat. So I was hesitant about having them leak and whether or not to do it. Anyone have any advice? Thanks.
  • tsberkey4tsberkey4 Posts: 40
    Greetings. We purchased our 2002.5 Santa Fe in May of 2002, about 4 months before Hyundai offered a sunroof on their USA models. We had an inboard put in that looks as good or better than the factory ones. It is a Solaire 5300, made by Webasto. This company has a nationwide network of dealers that can handle the install. Their website is : and on that page, you can click the link to find a dealer in your area. I will admit there is occasionally an annoying rattle in my roof, but I will also admit that my brand new Mercedes C-class has the same annoying rattle, and this is NOT an aftermarket roof! Hope this helps.

  • steve285steve285 Posts: 8
    Here's another reason to like your new Santa Fe: it accepts the cabin air filter from the Sonata. For some reason, the Santa Fe ships with the filter box empty, and the option to install the cabin air filter is never mentioned. Even the dealers don't know about it.

    Read the entire message thread at the following URL and you'll find a link to the actual instructions, as well as the part number for the filter: - ssage?topicID=2536.topic

    If you just ask the dealer for a cabin air filter for a Santa Fe, they won't know what you're talking about. Mine cost me $35, others have been charged as little as $29.

    Installation took me about 1.5 hours with several interruptions. The only tools needed are a 10-mm socket wrench and a phillips head screwdriver. If you already own these, you can probably do the installation yourself without any difficulty. Best to do this while the car is still new, before dust builds up on the air conditioning evaporator.
  • lrchomelrchome Posts: 130
    Steve 285 is right I opened up my 2001 Santa Fe LX
    and the cabin air filter is missing.There was small bits of leaves and other debis on the floor next to the evaporator. I am sure in the 2 yrs and 7 months I have owened the Santa FE LX that dirt has entered the evaporator.

    I am going to the dealer today to get the cabin air filter. It only took me about 15 min to open and get to the filter.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,990
    "Except for a few minor changes, the Santa Fe soldiers on offering a compliant ride, roomy interior and reasonable value — only now it can be had with a bigger and more powerful engine."

    Follow-Up Test: 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

    Steve, Host

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  • lrchomelrchome Posts: 130
    My Hyundai dealer did not have the Cabin filter. I went to an automotive store and bought a fram air filter that had the same height and width but was longer by 2 1/2 inches. I cut the 2 1/2 inches off and inserted the filter. It fit fine and only cost $5.99.
  • 007up007up Posts: 5
    Digita1bob, Now that Hyundai mfg Santa Fe 3.5L Std. (LX trim level only) @ invoice-cost $23,321 w/roof optional invoice-cost $526 and destination-cost $590 a total of $24,437.The price-quote $22,550 you received sound like an excellent price! Where & what dealership (Pls. no salesperson name just location & dealership name) gave you this price-quote for ’03 Santa Fe LX AWD 3.5L w/ moon roof. I’m in the north NJ/NYC metro-area window shopping for a ’03 SF LX-trim AWD. Your price-quote may help others who enter this Santa Fe forum. Thx. in advance.

  • tm01tm01 Posts: 14
    Has anyone heard of Hyundai giving the Santa Fe a
    makeover anytime soon?
  • jaserbjaserb Posts: 858
    There's a new 3.5L V6 available now. It comes with a 5-speed auto trans and a different AWD system. The AWD system may be a step backwards. From what I've read they've moved from a Subaru type viscous system (all wheels are powered all the time with a 60/40 front / rear torque split) to a Ford Escape / CRV / MDX style electronically controlled system where it's FWD only until the computer detects wheel slippage.

    The 2.7 V6 Santa Fes still have the old system, which leads me to believe that the new system was added to the 3.5 V6 models to mitigate some of the weight gain and poorer gas mileage that came with the new engine.

    I believe the next redesign is expected in the 2005-2006 time frame, once Hyundai starts building Santa Fes in their US plant.

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