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2008 Ford Escape



  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    I sell Fords. SO believe me when I tell you that the Escape Fuel economy due to the anchient powertrain (20 yr old engine and transmission design), Fuel Econ is not competitive. Really doesn't matter AWD or FWD. Expect under 20 around town and low 20s on the highway.

    I think the Escape has other things going for it, especially value of equipment you get, along with a sophisticated AWD system.

    Compared to CRV:
    1. V6 engine,
    2. Dash didn't come from a mini-van
    3. Can open hatch glass seperately
    4. back seats fold flat
    5. Light Truck tires on XLT and Limited for better bad weather performance.
    6. 2nd row provides real leg and head room for 2 adults.

    Overall I think the Escape is about equal to the CRV but for the 4 cylinder being the only engine available on the CRV

    Compared to RAV4
    The RAV is a disaster of packaging and totally unsuited to the US market. All Toyota did was bring over a home market vehicle with little or no concessions to your requirements.
    1. 2nd row leg room is totally lacking. Putting adults in the 3rd row would be concidered torture under international law.
    2. The back hatch. This is the part that completely ruins this vehicle. Why in the year 2007 Toyota forces you to move the weight of the spare tire every time you wanted to get into the back is an example of the contempt they have for Americans. Not to mention you can't even open if you are paralle parked. It will stike the car behind you and block your acces from the curb because it opens to the right (thats ok in a left drive country like Japan.)
    3. Way 2 expensive for what you get.

    Compared to Nissan Rogue.
    1. Escape has better ride and isolation
    2. Escape has a wider track
    3. V6 although with the Rogues CVT its not missed as much as it is with the CRV.

    Conclusion. Ford considers the Escape to be an SUV and it gets SUV like fuel economy. The Ford Edge gets the same but is a bigger vehicle.

  • desmo1desmo1 Posts: 26
    Thanks so much for your candid and prompt response.
    I agree 100%. An old powertrain is a proven powertrain. I also like all of the luxury items available on the Escape.
    Since the mileage is about the same, I think we will get the AWD.

    BTW does the "trailer tow" package really get you a trans cooler?


  • Does anyone have a source for winter wiper blades for the 2008 Escape? Major retail outlets in Canada (eg Canadian Tire) don't carry them, and Ford doesn't even have a part number for such an item. The connection between the wiper blade and the arm is unique, and I haven't found an aftermarket blade that can adapt to it.

    Unfortunately, with the weather we get in rural Canada, winter blades are pretty much a necessity.

  • I'm in the same boat..
    I have found that sell flexblade GVM technology, but they don't list the 2008 Escape. I sent them an email but no reply yet.

    Ford tells me to bring in my Escape to have checked and they might have to redesign to wipers.( yeh that's going to happen)

    Volvo also have this conector type.

    If someone knows where to buy Silblade wipers in Canada let me know.

  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    The Trans cooler was part of the tow package in Escapes up to the 2007 model year.

    For 2008 the Trans cooler is STANDARD! (about time). So if you don't tow, save your $300.

  • Hi all,
    My Freestyle has 70k on it, the mpg is going down, the price of gas is going up, and I'm being guilt-tripped into downsizing. I know the hybrids don't save money in the end, but still, I'm interested. It says on the brochure that it has a CVT tranny--the same one that is in my Freestyle? I love that transmission and haven't had a moment's worry with it. I had heard that Ford was discontinuing it on the Freestyle (which they did on the 500s/Taurus X). So, is this the same tranny?

    And is there a special forum for the Escape hybrid?

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    And is there a special forum for the Escape hybrid?

    You bet! Here they are: Ford Escape Hybrid

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Has anyone found winter wiper blades for the 2008 Escape? My mechanic even said NO ONE has any to fit this vehicle.He called everywhere! I called Ford Canada today and they said "Oh there is only 1 type of blade made for that vehicle and its for summer most likely"....of course.....summer blades on a 4wd truck in Canada..duh! Help!
  • I took a teeny piece of paper rolled up and stuck it in the little sensor hole.Worked like a charm!!! If you put your finger over the sensor on the mirror you will see what I mean.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    This is not the same CVT that was used in the Freestyle, it isn't even based on the same principles.

    The eCVT in the Hybrid uses a planatary gear set as opposed to the belt and pulley system in the Freestyle. The eCVT is similar to that used in the Prius not exactly the same though. It is built in the same Aisen factory in Japan that builds the Prius Trans.

    If you keep your Escape Hybrid for 5 years, and you drive at least 15,000 miles per year you will. break even in fuel economy savings around the 60k mark. This assumes you able to take the full available tax credit and do most of your driving around town. It also assumes that you would have purchased a conventional gas Escape if you didn't buy the hybrid.

    For about 10k less, you can get a Ford Focus which about as much passanger room. You can buy a lot of gas for $10k.
  • desmo1desmo1 Posts: 26
    Thanks, mschmal. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I think we will get the towing package. If diesel fuel costs keep rising, we may use the Escape to take my Ducati racing motorcycle to the race track instead of my '04 F-250 6.0 PSD.
  • Am considering towing an Escape/four wheel drive/auto trans behind my motorhome. I know that I can't flat tow, but can I use a dolly? Would appreciate any info you may have. Thanks in advance, Steve
  • Considering a new Escape, but am a little concerned about the CD4E transmission durability - - I have friends who had their 2004 Escape transmission fail at 65,000 miles, and cost about 3200 bucks to replace. And I see lots of internet chatter about past problems. Am I being paranoid, or is this slushbox something that may very well cost me some money after the warranty expires at 60,000 miles? I love the new Escape and would plan on keeping it for many years to come.

  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    You raise a good point. On the Escape up through the 2007 model year, I recommended the optional tow package as this package included the aux, trans oil cooler. Cooling was the weakness of this trans and the Aux Trans Oil Cooler seemed to solve the problem.

    The GOOD NEWS is that Ford make this component STANDARD on the 2008 model and its bigger! Notwithstanding same, stay tuned. by 2010, the Escape should be using the 3.5L Duratec and the 6F trans.

  • I just wanted to post that I just purchased a 2008 Escape this week. I have read a lot of praises and negatives on the vehicle but i have to say for the price this is a nice vehicle. Sure it is not the fanciest interior or the fastest SUV on the market but I love it. I traded a 2002 Nissan Pathfinder and dont miss it a bit...especially the 14 mpg I was getting. I decided after test driving both Escapes to go with the I-4. It is peppy enough and the mpg is a little better. I was shocked to see the size of this looked like a snowmobile engine under the hood.
    I am also amazed on the features that are offered on this affordable SUV. I got the Sirius Sat and moon roof. Nice incentives too!
  • Well anyone who has an 08 escape knows the wiper blades suck for the winter and no one has replacement blades because of the new technology.Yes Ford can make an Itelligent 4wd but by all means don't make a wiper blade for the winter!!!!!
    Siliblade in the states had one out for testing but it still isn't perfected, but they will keep working on it they said.Since there is no aftermarket blades for the 08 I am sure they will get it perfected.Its not just the 08 escape, its also Volvo, rangerover and this technology will end up on most of the new vehicles.Basically Ford Canada said..."keep your heat up high and get good washer fluid".Not what we want to hear Ford Canada!
  • desmo1desmo1 Posts: 26
    You know, I keep seeing this TV ad about wipers made by Rain-X. They are a new design and look like they work better that conventional ones. You can only get them from the internet. Maybe you should chedk them out.
  • THanks but nope.........they dont fit......its a wierd clip on the wipers.........although using rain X may help with the freezing on the windshield........I am already trying that.Just have to hope Siliblade or Ford can get them on the market fast.Thanks for your input!
  • I just came from the dealer today and asked them specifically about your issue; he has the same vehicle and said he removed the rear seat (center) head rest and had no issues after that....seems too simple now doesn't it. It makes sense since the "sensor" is picking up the light from vehicles approaching from the rear. I am looking at the 08 Escape which is why I was even curious about this site....interesting to see what problems people are having.
  • I am looking at an 08 Escape, loaded but waiting till they offer me some great discounts. I like the looks, I like the drive, don't care for the mileage but my van only gets about 23 or 24 and most of my driving is highway 95%. Just wondering mainly if anyone has been misstreated by Ford? Have they honored any warranty issues? Anyone been screwed? I realize things go wrong with new vehicles, I'm not concerned with that too much as long as the warranty service is ok. Thanks to anyone.

    I also wonder if there is an available extended warranty and is it worth it?
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