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2008 Ford Escape



  • Dont buy one! I have one and the transmission is crap! It went out at 71k miles, then the engine had problems with valves right after and the motor went out, so the entire drivetrain was gone right after the warrenty of 70k, ford didnt try to help in the least, you better run as fast as you can away from the escape and Ford! I took perfect care / maintence on it. Worst mistake I ever made! All your transmission shops and such are FULL of escapes with constant repairs to motor and tranny!
  • you bought it new, as soon as your 70,00 mile warranty ended you had the transmission go out and then valve problems- suppose you were the only driver and you drove it like you intended to keep it for more years

    I have an 08 Escape, 4WD, V6, it's been a superb vehicle- I usually get 31.7mpg on the hwy

    I got a good deal from the same dealer on a 2009 Escape, 4WD, V6-
    so- basically I have 2 2008 Escapes- I wouldn't call them tough off road vehicles- but for most who buy them that treat them properly they are hard to beat

    If anyone who knows takes a look at the transmisson cooler you might understand why Ford did a recall- one wouldn't call it rugged
  • shadescapesshadescapes Posts: 21
    edited July 2012
    had to make a 57 mile run to pick up a hot water heater from Sears
    loaded it up- this nice fellow said "nice Escape, I've been looking at buying one, want to sell yours"

    well now-

    So I said make me a good offer- he said he'd check Kelly Blue Book- I handed him my business card- call me with a good offer- you can drive this if you're serious

    he asked about the two things- Scan Gauge and the other-
    I said the Scan Gauge shows me how to get 31.7+ mpg
    the other is a computer performance chip that woke up the engine

    I turned the ignition on- UG showed 29.2 average mpg- odomiter showed 112 miles
    he said- is it accurate
    I said- we can go out on that hwy over there- check the calibration- then drive a couple miles-
    It doesn't lie

    I'd not even cleaned the vehicle, he looked it over pretty good, inside and out

    quote "I'll check Kelly Blue Book and call you"

    I said don't unless you are serious
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