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Acadia check engine light



  • ohresohres Posts: 46
    Thanks for your suggestion. I will try to do that soon.
  • ohresohres Posts: 46
    Thanks for your information.
    I have similar back ground. I had 96 Grand Caravan first then 2000 T&C and 04 Sienna.
    The ample space of the minivan was very useful so far, for many long trips and for twin babies.
    Since my twins are almost 5, I may have to make similar decision.
  • ppalonskyppalonsky Posts: 34
    "How do you compare the cabin space between the Sienna and the Acadia? "

    The Sienna has more cargo space when all the seats are up as there is a well where the seats fold down into. That said, there is still plenty of room in the back for every day tasks (like a Costco shopping run for a family of six). We could probably get two large suitcases and a small one with the seats up. Also the back bench is a 60 / 40 split, so on a long trip with lots of luggage I would plan on putting the short bench down. On the passenger comfort side, my kids are happier in the Acadia. They seem to have more leg room and the back of my seat seems to get kicked less. So far no complaints from the kids on long trips (but the built in DVD player might have something to do with this).

    Overall if maximum cargo space with full cabin occupancy is your goal, then a minivan is still the way to go. But the Acadia comes faily close and I am much happier driving the Acadia than the Sienna.
  • metmdxmetmdx Posts: 255
    Two thoughts; one related to your issue, other not.
    If you have car seats in second row, can you slide seats forward w/o tilt to access third row? Also, I've seen 19 inch Goodyear Eagle RSA's on loaded SLT...anyone know what the std 18 inch tire is?....
  • sanman4sanman4 Posts: 10
    18" tires on the Acadia are Goodyear Forteras.
  • ohresohres Posts: 46
    Thanks for your information.
  • metmdxmetmdx Posts: 255
    There's another plus for this vehicle...if they had put those GY Integrity's on there, I doubt there'd be a lot of talk about 'nible handling'....
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    what does interior space, American cars suck, etc got to do with "check engine light" forum, all not having anything to do with the subject should be deleted.
  • vic49vic49 Posts: 5
    My audio issues have been intermittant. Sometimes my Nav system does not come up at all requiring me to open unit and re insert disc. Other times my heads up display does not show my radio info even though it is set to do so. Troublesome...
  • vic49vic49 Posts: 5
    I just left my Acadia at dealer today for several problems, one being the same thing you are experiencing with radio info not coming up on HUD and having to reinsert disc because nothing at all on NAV sometimes. They tell me there is an update for NAV system. As far as other issues go, I am going to put them in other forum since this seems to be limited to check engine light. I only replied to yours because I have the same issue.Hope this helps.
  • I don't know if American cars really suck b/c I just had my Acadia for 3 months and it is my first American car, so far so good. It just makes me laugh when you say you trust Nissan.

    I am from China. Almost all my friends/relatives drive Japanese cars and I am so tired of it. I am also tired of Japanese cars' looking. When we were new immigrants we usually bought Japanese (used) because it is cheaper and saves gas. When I had enough money to buy new, I feel shame is I still stick with it.

    Not to confuse you.... So I bought my Acadia. "My people" like the exterior but some of them do not understand why I take such a big chance on American. (one uncle even said to me, "you should not buy an American car even it is cheaper) - I won't explain, I won't hurt them, but...when I drive my new toy down in the Chinese community I feel so proud that I am different. Saving gas is not the only thing of a car, it also represents your personality. I am happy moved to this country and I am happy with owning American car.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Good for you! It's nice to read an "international" perspective. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • misc23misc23 Posts: 22
    You should have stuck with Toyota. This Acacia will be the worst thing you have owned. You will have transmission problems. That "funny" shifting when you try to get on it will be an issue later. Also, try to replace a head light. This vehicle was designed to be taken back to the dealer for everything.
  • misc23misc23 Posts: 22
    We are having the intermittent engine light also that the dealer can not tell us what it is. After replacing the transmission ($4000), valve stem sensors ($70 each x 2), Misc Leak in engine $Covered under warranty), AC problem ($380)....I keep thinking there is nothing else to break on this vehicle, but it continues to surprise me. DO NOT BUY A GMC ACADIA!!!
  • misc23misc23 Posts: 22
    I forgot a headlight that can not be replaced by the owner. I think it was $175.
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