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Ford Explorer Maintenance and Repair



  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Don't blame you.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,446
    have an '02 explorer, too. i know the tranny is supposed to have lifetime fluid in it, but but i just had the 30k service done on mine. the dealer said i should have the flush done, and i'm glad i did. i did question them about it.
    some of those 'great money saving ideas' don't work out in the real world.
    sorry about your bad experience.
  • tjf2000tjf2000 Posts: 61
    explorerx4... if I could ask what did the dealer charge you for fluid change. Did they have to drop the tranny to perform the service. My 03 MM has 54k on it and I have been asking my dealer about a trans fluid change for a while. My dealer has been great over the many years I have been going to them, not sure why they do not want to perform this service. Thanks...
  • 1stmountie1stmountie Posts: 13
    Have my new 04 Mountaineer Convenience 4.0L for only 7 weeks and have 930 miles on it. Yesterday, Service Engine Soon light pops on and has stayed on. Truck has been great. Nothing noticeable in sound or drive. Runs as smooth as the day I picked it up. Checked gas gap, as suggested in manual. No problem there. Had 1/4 tank of gas when light popped on, and was enroute to station to fill up. No change.

    I already made the call to the service dept and scheduled appt. Can't see me till next week. Anybody have any ideas? Possibly some sort of bad sensor? Don't want to put truck on the disabled list for 5 days before I go to dealership. Not that I would hold anyone their suggestions, but OK to continue to drive? Would asssume that while I'm there, wouldn't hurt to ask for a first oil change, right?
  • swschradswschrad Posts: 2,171
    hard to tell if the codes have not been scanned, it could be anything. even a gas cap that is loose, or possibly your filling the car while the engine was on. yes, that will set an environmental code.

    if there is no ordinary sign of disaster impending (engine runs rough, makes funny noises, transmission won't shift, the thing stops every 35 seconds, no brakes, no steering, etc.) and you have full charges of coolant and oil in the engine, it is probably driveable. I would be hesitant myself to get off the back roads and on the interstate if I didn't know what was going on. keep your cell phone charged in case you have to call the 1-800 ford service hotline.

    it's probably a sensor, but as I say, you never know until you have the codes and the interpretation.
  • 1stmountie1stmountie Posts: 13
    Thank you for the reply. Much appreciated. Have to drive from Staten Island to Long Island and back tomorrow, about 120 miles round trip. Need to have some things fixed with my other car, so probably will drive it.
  • travellertraveller Posts: 5
    Hi, I have a 2002 Explorer Limited with 28K KM (17K) miles. In the last month or so I have noticed that the 4x4 High is set a few times a week when I start it and I then have to turn it off. It's not good to be in 4x4 mode in the summer!. If someone else drives it and doesn't see the 4x4 light, it can damage things. Has anyone had this problem and what is the fix? Also, I have a slight rearend whine developing at 82-89 km/hr (51-55m/hr). How loud does the whine have to be before Ford will fix it?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    No, the trans doesn't have to be dropped to service it. It just has no filler tube which greatly inhibits re-filling. Some dealers don't want to deal with it, some have purchased flush equipment to do it. And the reason it is filled for life is 2fold. One, the engineers think it will run about 100,000 miles anywäy. 2- There is no room for a filler tube to be routed up to the top on the V8 anyway.
  • vancevance Posts: 4
    We have owned our new 2004 Explorer for about a month and the transmission is noticeably jerky (almost like you are using a manual shift). We have taken it to the dealer and they have said this is normal. We had only test driven one other before we bought this one and didn't notice this. Is it normal and, if not, what else should we do?
  • busman01busman01 Posts: 46
    Definately not normal. Had a `99 with similar issues. Turned out some seals had blown requiring a tranny rebuild. We upgraded to an `03 and have enjoyed over 30k miles of unfeddered travel.

    Have the service advisor ride with you so you can point this out when it occurs. Then have him (or her) do a comparison ride in an equivealant vehicle. Point out the differences.

    If necessary, address it with the Service Manager. If you feel you are not getting enough traction, move on to the General Manager.

    Hopefully you will not have to go that far, but you get the picture. Keep all your records. Good luck.
  • vancevance Posts: 4
    Thank you for your quick reply. I did have the service manager drive it while I was in the car but did not have him compare it with another. I will do that and see what happens.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,591
    My 2004 Explorer did that for a while, but seems to have worked itself out after 11k miles.

    I did mention it to my service advisor and he said if it kept doing it to bring it by and they would look at it. He said they had a few other 2004 Explorers that did that and had to have the processor (computer?) for the transmission replaced. Don't know if this helps, food for thought I guess.

    Mine has been great except for fuel economy. Ford dealer put some new program in the computer and the truck is up to 17 mpg hwy from 14, so I guess it helped some.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    sometimes a reflash will also help. But these transmissions among the smoothest around, so don't accept the normal diagnosis. Definitely not normal to jerk.
  • 1stmountie1stmountie Posts: 13
    Re: "Mine has been great except for fuel economy. Ford dealer put some new program in the computer and the truck is up to 17 mpg hwy from 14, so I guess it helped some."

    Really? If you have any other detail about this please let me know. Would be much appreciated. I have a 2004 Mountaineer, 4.0L 6 cylinder. I do not tow, haul anything, except a tiny wife and 2 small kids. The truck is still brand new, only 1,100 miles on it. I was waiting to put about 5,000 miles on it before I figure out the mileage again. Did it for the heck of it the first week I brought it home. Got 14 mpg highway. I don't plan on doing anything like that right now, but that info would be good to have.

    Now I am wondering if the extremely poor mileage is tied into my "Service Engine Soon" light that came on last week and has remained on. Guess I'll find out when I bring it in on Wednesday.
  • tjf2000tjf2000 Posts: 61
    I had to bring my 2003 MM V-8 (54k miles)in today to have if checked. The light came on this weekend and I wanted to have it looked at before I headed to PA today, turned out to be that two of the short plug wires between the coils and plugs were bad. (The wires were arcing which set off the light) I had them change all of them while they were in there. Not happy as this was not covered by extended warranty. The only explanation I was given was this happens sometimes. I had a the same 4.6 V-8 in another car and it went well over 100k miles and never had a bad plug wire. Seems like a short lifespan to me... 15 months old, or 54k miles. I will check my extended warranty in more detail to see if I can get this covered. Just arrived in PA tonight from MA and got 20.6 calculated mpg at 70 mph, not bad...
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,591
    All my service advisor told me was that some 2004's needed an updated program. Mine was stalling intermittantly and was very hard to start at times, also had the wrench light come on but later went off. Whatever they did to it solved all that too, its been great since then.

    My truck has always gotten very poor mileage. Its sllloooowwwwwllllyyyy getting better. I think last tank was 17 mpg mixed. Will get a better idea of its hwy mileage after Thursday, taking a 700 mile hwy trip. I will post the results when I get back.

    My truck currently has 11,500 miles on it.
  • 96mk8lsc96mk8lsc Posts: 9
    I have an 04 2WD V8 with 3000 miles. The highway mileage is around 21 but the city mileage is hovering around 12.5. It also seems that the more I "baby" the car around town the worse the mileage gets. I expected the mileage to get better as the engine and drivetrain got a few more miles on them but the city mileage seems to be getting worse as time goes on. I also have occasional hard starts on some mornings. My latest concern is a "whistle" noise coming from the transmission when at light throttle in certain gears. I believe it occurs in 1st & 3rd gears (possibly 2nd & 4th)and goes away as the transmision shifts. The noise is not consistent or repeatable. Anybody else have the whistle sound?
  • swschradswschrad Posts: 2,171
    if the $$$ light is on, you may well be in limp mode, the hardcoded "if all else fails" engine curve in the computer that allows you to drive instead of walk. in some cars, the speed is about the same :( limp mode comes on when there are major inputs missing for the computer or something has broken real good. so yes, the dealer check on this issue should lead to a nice little warranty repair and you should get back to more-or-less normal.

    more-or-less because "normal" is an average, EPA mileage is not done in the real world but as two wheel dyno testing in a warehouse, and as the poet once wrote on a notecard when he woke up in the middle of the night so he wouldn't lose the thought.....

    Y M M V
  • 1stmountie1stmountie Posts: 13
    As of last night, the Service Engine Soon light suddenly shut off after having been on for 230 miles. I am still keeping my appointment for tomorrow. Only hassle I am having is with the dealer in providing me with a loaner car to get to work. Don't seem too accomodating. If it was a scheduled service, which is scheduled at my convenience, I would understand. One of the reasons I bought a new vehicle is to not have to worry about taking off from work for car repairs. Amazing what a different world it is 15 steps past the showroom floor.
  • Has anyone's late model Explorer had the differential "factory repair"? My Explorer is scheduled for this service next week. Is it more than bearing replacement-how long did take, less than a day or should I plan on being without it for awhile? Thanks in advance.
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