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Ford Explorer Maintenance and Repair



  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "that kind of mileage on the highway is not right"

    After 2 1/2 years of ownership, I can tell you it IS RIGHT if he is doing 80 or over on the open road.......
  • fordexp1fordexp1 Posts: 14
    I bought an SUV because I was tired of being on the ground, plus I tend to go off roading occasionally on the ranch, and the car was a quite too low for me, plus it didnt have the trunk space or space inside to do the things I wanted it, to do. Overall gas mileage isnt that important, so what if it costs a few hundred bucks over the year more to run than smaller vehicles..its worth it. This explorer is getting about the same gas mileage as my F250 FX4 is getting and I figured something had to be wrong with it!

    If I had known this explorer was going to get this bad of mpg I would have just got the expedition or the V8 in the explorer, they would have probably been a little more fun to drive. I had a 91 Explorer before my last car, and I always got about 18-19 in the city and 21-23 on the highways with it, so I figured something was up with my new one.

    Hind sight I should have got the V8 explorer, and would tell anyone that buys a new one to get the V8. Its gas mileage seems to be equal to that of the V6 with a little more pep. Thanks for the comments.
  • I AM HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM...ONE DAY IT IS WORKING AND THE NEXT IT STOPPED WORKING. Did you get a solution? ....thanks. If I find one, I will get back to you if you haven;t solved it yet...
  • vunnyuvunnyu Posts: 1
    Hi. I have a 99 Mountaineer with exactly same problem. Did you receive any feedback or comment about? It is not a ball problem? Thanks
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,448
    my '02 with v8 and towing package gets 18-20 mpg while doing 75-80 with passengers and luggage. in fact, better than at 65. :confuse: it has 44k on it, and i have done this many times. maybe the v6 std axle is most efficient at 70.
  • airkristiairkristi Posts: 2
    Hi I have a 1995 Ford Explorer. It has over 200,000 miles on it. The transmission was replaced in 2000 I think. My brother was driving my truck and was going up a hill and it lost power. The OD light has been flashing since i bought the truck in 2003. When i take off it wont shift up into 2nd unless i take my foot off the gas pedal and then put it back on. After that it shifts the other gears just fine. When it goes into the passing gear i have to take my foot off the gas again so it will shift.What could be the cause of this? I so dont have the money to replace the transmission. Can I fix it myself or have my brother do it since he does know more about cars than I do?
  • aplan1aplan1 Posts: 1
    I own a 1999 Mountaineer AWD. The problem you describe currently exists on my vehicle. I have been driving with the noise for several months. According to my former Mercury dealership mechanic, the problem/noise will never escape you and will only worsen with time.

    History of Repairs:

    The dealership replaced my serpentine belt on 05-02-2002 and then again on 7-17-2003. After the CY 2003 repair, the noise returned within a few months. Depending upon the weather (wet and/or humid) the noise can be somewhat erratic. In cold weather, the noise would disappear after a few minutes provided I was not encountering wet/snow conditions. Apparently, it is a mechanical defect that is not covered under the extended warranty provision.

    Factory Shop Manual:
    I was trying to locate a Ford Shop Manual to look into the matter.

    Pervasive Ford Repair Issue on Several Model Years:
    Since the problem exists on the 2005 vehicles, either Ford is unaware of the problem or is ignoring their responsibility to repair the problem. Perhaps, the dealerships are not reporting the problem to the factory and/or the repair amount is immaterial for Ford to take any action on behalf of its customers.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "Hind sight I should have got the V8 explorer, and would tell anyone that buys a new one to get the V8. Its gas mileage seems to be equal to that of the V6 with a little more pep"

    Yes, it has been talked about on this board that the V8 only gets about 2 mpg less highway, than the V6. Around town it seems to get about 1 mpg less. I can't explain how one poster is getting a claimed 20mpg at 80mph w/ the V8. This is against everything I know and all the posts here.........

    As far as the V6 vs. the V8, the V6 seems to have plenty of torque for around town. IT IS pretty noisy. I think the main difference is on the highway. If you "punch" the V6 on the highway...there isn't a whole left as far as power is concerned.
  • shera1shera1 Posts: 2
    I too, have a 98 Explorer XLT and love it! I bought it used with 45K on it. I now have 111K and it runs exactly the same. I am a preventative maintenance person but sadly, I have not tuned it up yet. The main reason for this is I have no idea how to get to the spark plug on the passenger side up against the cooling system. Any suggestions?
  • You did not say what engine you have. I have the 5.0L V8 in my 2000 XLT. I reach the spark plugs by jacking the front of the vehicle up, supporting in on stands, then taking the front wheels off. Then pull the splash shields loose from inside the fender. I use a claw hammer to carefully pull those plastic retainers out, being careful not to break them. Then you can reach the plugs easily through the inner fender well opening by using a swivel spark plug socket and an extension. The back one on the passenger side is tight near the Air Condition Evaporator Box, but you can still reach it by slippng a straight spark plug socket on it first, then hooking the 3/8' rachet onto the spark plug socket, then turning it about a 1/2 turn to loosen it, then removing the ratchet from the socket, then turning the socket by hand until the plug is loose, then remove the plug. It is a snug fit, but there IS enough room. Be sure to gap the plug at the factory spec, the V8 calls for .054". I tried gapping them closer for a while to make my spark plug wires last longer, but the gas mileage seems to go down about 1 or 2 mpg, so it is better to have the correct gap and save the gas, it will pay for the wires over 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Be sure that you ALWAYS put a little SILICONE DIELECTRIC GREASE on the spark plug threads when installing the plugs, tighten firmly, but not too tight, then put more Silicone Dielectric Grease on the exterior of the spark plug insulator and squirt more inside the spark plug boot, then push it firmly on the plug, twisting the boot to be sure it is seated all the way on the plug. You can get a 3 or 4 oz tube of the SDG for about 4 or 5 bucks. Good stuff to keep in your tool box.
    Good Luck,
  • My new (400 miles) Explorer, to me has a funny shifting problem. When I slow down below 20 mph and then accelerate, there is a short delay, then the engine revs up and then the tranny kicks in with a jerk. Is this normal? Me dealer seems to think so.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Tell him to check the transmisson solenoid. They are a widespread problem!
  • shera1shera1 Posts: 2
    I have a V6 4.0 SOHC. Sounds like good advice. Apparently, I still have the factory installed plugs in. After 111K miles, I am very impressed that they are in such great shape. MotorCraft platinum. Anyway, I will try your suggestion and see if it works. Thanks.
  • fordexp1fordexp1 Posts: 14
    check out the new explorer, personally i dont like it? front end loooks like crap.">link title
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    It look like they are trying to "round out the vehicle". You know, if Ford came up with some better designs, people would buy their cars. Or maybe I am wrong, they took a 30 year old design (the Mustang) and brought it back...and the Mustang is the only thing selling in their entire line. GO FIGURE!!! :confuse:
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,448
    all i can tell you is that i am a very consistent about keeping track of gas mileage in my vehicles. maybe you think i'm ocd, but i have been like this since i grew up with the early '70's gas crisis.
    one thing that i have figured out is that tire pressures are very important. it can do 2 things for you, get you better mileage and make the tires last longer.
    just to be clear, i don't always get 20 mpg's on a trip, but i have done it several times trying to maintain 80 mph. usually i am running the rear a/c too. i do know that you can get about an extra mpg by setting the front tires to a pressure slightly over the number listed on your door sticker.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    "You know, if Ford came up with some better designs, people would buy their cars."

    C'mon, Chuck - the Explorer has been the best selling SUV since the day it came out.... What you see in the 2006 refresh is the deletion of the trouble prone liftgate with the composite/glass door combination, unfortunately, and the introduction of the new front end look for Ford, like it or not, of the horizontal bars in the grille. I'm not crazy about the look either - but it'll grow on me probably. The rest of the truck looks the same, so I know it'll have the same basic characteristics that make it so universally appealing to the masses.

    I think you're wrong, but not altogether - there are some Ford designs that I can't abide and would not buy -

    The 96 Taurus
    The Contour
    The 98 Town Car
    The 94 Tempo
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,448
    geez... you and me in the foxhole again. i still think we are winning. ;)
  • I have suggested the solenoid. They keep telling me that the shifting is normal. When they do their check ride, they say, "Can not duplicate" on the work order. I did talk with a fellow 05 Explorer owner who said he had the same problem and they changed a sensor that went to the a servo on the tranny the kept the fluid moving. I'm new at these electronically control trannys. So I don't know if there is ever such a sensor or not. Thanks in advance for any additional replies.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    The 96 Taurus
    The Contour
    The 98 Town Car
    The 94 Tempo

    I'll agree on all except the Contour. I owned 3 of them. That 2.5 Duratec-WOW! what a motor! It would rev like crazy all day long. And the handling was very much of a "European flavor". Thank the Ford marketing department for the lack of volume on that car. Coupled with pricing it with in $1,500.00 of the Taurus..... :cry:
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