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Ford Explorer Maintenance and Repair



  • In continuattion, i replaced the selenoide, and the starter as it failed on me just recently, now it sounds like im starting an ATV, and not a V6. Is this normal? for $370.00 it better be or ill be mad. :sick: :sick: :mad: :cry: :lemon:
  • My 94 explorer XL is stuck in 4x4 after a recent offroading trip, ive cleaned out all the undercarriage of debris and still its stuck, i have no clue whats going on with it, i can hear it clicking and trying to unlock the auto-hubs but to no avail. luckily its stuck in 4H so i can still drive short distances if i have to, but its killing fuel economy. Also, everytime i start it up after letting it sit for 5 hours or more, it sputters or stalls, any ideas?
  • Chuck1, To have an Explorer without an extended service plan would be foolhardy based on my experience with my 2004 EB 4X4 4.0 liter SOHC. At last count it has been in the dealer's shop for 27 business days, not including visits for test driving with dealership and/or Ford field service engineer. At 12,500 miles and 14 months of ownership this new vehicle is still under factory warranty-which does not provide for a rental vehicle when mine is in shop. My ESP covers rental vehicles; rental car charges to date have almost equaled the cost of the ESP-and the problem with the transmission or PCM programing has not been corrected. I am in the "Lemon Law" process at this time. I know mechanics, both dealership and independents, who purchase an ESP because of the expense and complexity of fixing some of the problems that are becoming more prevalent. Incidentally, I can "pull wrenches" and this is the first vehicle that I purchased an ESP with it- and I am so glad, again, since last March I have almost recovered the cost. In the event I lose the the "Lemon Law" issue and I have to keep it the violent sporadic operation of the transmission will eventually cause drivetrain damage, it already has excessive backlash. Tickedoff2
  • I'm having problems with the air conditioning in my 2002 Ford Explorer XLS. The two vents on the driver side are blowing ambient temperature air while the two on the passenger side blow cold and the two in the rear blow cold, well not really cold but at least cool, air. The force of the air coming out the driver side may be slightly less than on the passenger, hard to tell. Any thoughts on this before I take it in to the shop would be greatly appreciated!
  • I am having the exact same problem. Could you advise me of what you found the problem to be...have changed bulbs, and checked fuse.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Tickedoff2 You should look into the Dispute Resolution Board in the back of your owners manual. With proper documentation which you can get copies from any ford dealer of work performed on you car/truck the Board will review it and make a determination. In my case my Mountaineer was bought back at almost full value (-$1700 from new price w/30k miles on it.) . I was so impressed that I 1yr later bought a used Explorer Sport Trac and am very happy with it. :)
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I am sorry you are having so many problems. In the event your Explorer is taken back, what would you replace it with?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    U have a stuck blend door in your plenum. Not an easy or cheap fix. The dash may need removal.
  • yea but the lock getting stuck or it won't lock at all and i read some other peoples stuff and they are having similer problems
  • I have a 2002 explorer and I've noticed that when my car gets over 40mph it seems to kick or have a problem shifting. Some people have suggested that I need to check my transmission fluid, however I can't seem to find the dipstick. I took it to a auto store and they couldn't find it. This is my first ford and I would really like to avoid a transmission replacement. Long story short I just wanted to know first of all if there is a dipstick for the transmission and second, if it isn't the fluid, then did the solenoid replacement indeed fix your problem. Thanks, Amber!
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I had a 1991 Explorer and I thought to fully disengage the 4x4 system you had to drive in reverse for 20 feet or so.
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    we had ours fixed under factory warranty. worked fine, but when cold it creaked dealer finally diagnosed blend door. apparently a common problem in explorers. they had the truck for 3 days and said they had to remove the entire dash. i'll bet is is an expensive fix.
    search engine "explorer blend door problems" and you will find some stuff on it.
  • Chuck1, I am not sure, haven't done much looking as I own the Explorer outright and because of its history I would take a blood bath in a trade and I would never sell it to a private party with the transmission or software defect, nor would I trade it in without advising any dealer of the history. Unlike FoMoCo and some of their agents, I have principles; like FoMoCo used to have. Except for the transmission malfunction I am satisfied with the vehicle, it has certain features that I really like. Up to now I have been relying on the integrity of FoMoCo and their agents; I now know that was a big mistake; I thought all the conflicting answers I was getting were internal communication problems and buck passing, my opinion has changed. I now believe that I was being told one thing by some persons and those same persons were telling decision makers another thing. Except for the transmission malfunction I am satisfied with the vehicle, it has certain features that I really like. I was told early on by others to bring a witness on test drives, I felt that was not necessary; was I ever wrong. I gave them another opportunity to correct the problem today, they installed a new transmission sensor that the Ford Field Service Engineer wanted to try; it certainly changed the transmission operation from sporadic violent engagements (engage-neutral out-violent engagement) most often when going from drive to reverse, occasionally when going from reverse to drive, while doing parking lot type maneuvers. The transmission operation with the new sensor has twice (After driving home 9 miles and one key switch start.) not engaged when the selector was clearly indexed in reverse, when I depressed the accelerator the transmission finally started to react and like a piece of "mush" it finally fully engaged. Both times the vehicle was stationary on level ground no feet in contact with the brake pedal. I could write a book about all the "phony baloney excuses" I have been getting. FoMoCo's District Marketing Manager told me today, after I reported the results of the work; that as far as Ford is concerned the operation is normal for that vehicle according to the technicians. That answer forces me to continue on with the "Lemon Law" process and probably end up taking it to court along with the aggravation and expense. Fortunately, I wasn't so trusting that I did not keep good records. Incidentally, I did go to other FoMoCo dealers to see if they could or would work on the problem under warranty, the response was "no"; at least one volunteered that they have not been able to cure all the FoMoCo vehicles with the same transmission and "fly by wire" system. Well that is enough for now.

    You might want to take a peek at some of the other Explorer threads and forums about the 2004 transmission problems.
  • nvbanker, Concerning your post #3939, June 29, 2005. I finally have to accept "Something is fishy". Months ago I had contacted a number of FoMoCo dealerships and they would not do warranty work on the problem. I recently checked with a few dealers again, they would not do warranty work on the problem; one volunteered that they they have not been able to cure all of the vehicles having my problem. Again, I am glad you have not had to go through the aggravation I have had for months. Unfortunately for me in this case my trust in others was misplaced. Thank you for trying to save me from myself. Earlier this evening I posted a reply to chuck1 with a few more details, message #4411 this date.

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    There is no dipstick. That transmission is sealed for life. The solenoid fix does work, if you get on it fast enough - otherwise, it can damage the transmission beyond repair, and it'll need a rebuild.

    Why no dipstick?
    Simply no space to route it to the surface - and this transmission was designed to run 100,000 miles without a service.
  • Now here is a good question...I am looking to find what fuse is for the interior lights, I have looked in the owners manual and i can not find it. Please, someone help me! thanks
  • I've tried that, i know the manual says to reverse 10 feet approx. and ive driven 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 feet inreverse, nothing, then tried the whole switch direction thing to cause the hubs to disengae, nothing, it still stays inn 4x4. Im now hoping for snow so that at least i can drive normally again. How much would it cost to get them to perform maintenance and an inpection on my 4x4 driveline and transaxle, hubs, all that? any guesses? I'm not taking it in to Ford, but i know a very good mechanic, fixed up my t-bird many times for me. Another thing, i crawled under my truck and there is nothing physically holding any of the parts, no dirt or debris under there, i washed and blasted and scraped everything out rom under there, there was a lot of debris surrounding the transaxle and the skid-plate protecting it, but i cleaned that so theres nothing, could that have damaged it in some way? im mostly scared this'll cost a lot or be a hard fix. Is it possible for me to drive short distances, like 7 kilometers, with it in 4x4, or will this cause damage?
  • swschradswschrad Posts: 2,171
    you can probbly get along with it. go faster, the locked diffs will cause control issues and scour the tires of tens of thousands of kilos of life.
  • confuzed, did you check the latch and or the sylnoid for the power locks? I'm assuming that it has power locks.
  • madijo, Thank you, I have had the application packet for some time but have been trying to work it out w/o going thru all that hassle. Incidentally FoMoCo now uses a different outfit known as the BBB, when you send your request to the address in the owners manual it gets forwarded to the new outfit in Arlington, VA. I am preparing my application for State arbitration and already have afforded FoMoCo their final opportunity to correct the problem under the state "Lemon Law"; the final opportunity was a disaster; Unfortunately I don't think they have a clue. All I can say is it is a good thing FoMoCo didn't design all the "fly by wire systems in civilian and military aircraft. I am glad your Explorer Sport Trac worked out for you, it probably has the same transmission as mine if it has a 4.0 Liter SOHC engine. Assuming your transmission functions fine, I can never understand how one of the "phony baloney" excuses I get from FoMoCo is that the operation of mine is normal-does that mean all those that operate in manner that is the norm for passenger vehicle automatic transmissions of all manufacturers, including some Ford transmissions, are not normal? One reason I have fooled around with this much longer than I needed to was because I really liked the vehicle, the tranny has been the only problem worth mentioning; I kept hoping the the old FoMoCo with integrity that lived up their warranty obligations would show up, I now accept they have disappeared. I hope FoMoCo can get their act together again-it does the USA no good to have a major outfit get in trouble.

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