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Ford Explorer Maintenance and Repair



  • You are correct, I just got caught up because it is a brand new car. I love the car otherwise, it is beautiful, drives nicely. I can t complain, but this pesky steering wheel problem should be on they will be able to fix.
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    sorry about your experience and I can certainly understand your frustration. after all, it's a brand new car. anyway, check with the lemon law in your state. over here in CA, it's 3 attempts to fix the same problem and if it's still not resolved, then it's a :lemon:
    good luck
  • As I recall, they were in the $80.00 per tire range, ordered online from and installed by Wal-Mart. I just returned from a long interstate trip and was very happy with the highway performance.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    make sure you get documentation for each attempt to correct the problem.
  • Thanks mynewalias,
    I will look further into the Goodyear Raggatta 2's, for $80 sounds good. I paid that much for the Dunlop Radial Rovers I put on my wifes car and they turned out to be junk. The Dunlops one at a time separated and failed, between 20,000 and 30,000 miles. I put some used Goodyear Wranglers on her car for the time being, I plan to buy her a new full set soon, so I will certainly consider the Goodyear Raggatta 2's and the Goodyear Cross Terains.
  • porschajpporschajp Posts: 1
    Yes!!!!! I am having the same problem,I notice the noise only when my A/C has been running for a while, if i cut the A/c off it stops.I have a 2005 Ford Explorer Limited V8 with Advanced Trac. Have you found out any thing new about the noise?
  • Well I have good news to report. It seems that the steering wheel clunking noise and vibartion has gone away. Maybe this is normal for the car in the first thousand miles? I have not owned a truck like suv before so it might be that I am not completley use to the truck yet. Hope the noise wont come back anymore, love my new explorer!
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Also try Dayton Timberline. I had them on my 1996 Explorer. Much better than OEM Wrangler RT/S. If I remember right, it was about $65 installed per tire. this was 4 years ago.
  • aehallaehall Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 explore Sport, SOHC 4.0, 97,000 Miles. About a month ago I had to have the battery cables replaces due to corrosion, and then the starter. This weekend i was doing some maintenance, and found more corrosion on the cables, I tried to remove it with water and baking soda. Unfortunately,i went to start the car about 5 hours later and it wouldn't start. At first it tried to turn over and then just completely shut down like the battery wasn't putting out juice. I let i rest for a minute then turned the key to start it. The alarm started going off and then quickly died. I also tried to jump it and that didn't work either. I know very little about cars so have no idea what is wrong and don't want to get hosed at the shop. The battery seems to work fine, not sure if it is the starter, a wire went bad again due to the corrosion or i messed it up with the baking soda and water trick, or maybe the alarm needs to be disabled. If you have any idea please let me know what is up! Thanks

  • That was a good try at giving us information, we just need a little more information to narrow things down a bit.
    First, we need to know if the battery has power, so try a few things and tell us how they do. Turn on your headlights. Do they shine normally? If they do, then the battery has power and the power is getting through some of the wiring. If lights are dim or weak, it indicates a weak battery. Next, Turn on the dome light, and you will use it as a battery voltage guage. Watch the dome light, it should stay about the same brightness when you turn on your headlights, AC, step on the brake, etc. Only a tiny flicker would be acceptable. It should NOT go dim. Now with the dome light on, try to start the car, Does the dome lite dim? How much? If the dome light does NOT dim at all, then there is a resistance or open circuit in the starter circuit, could be in the connections, wires or starter, has to be traced out. If the dome light goes VERY DIM or OUT, AND the battery checked good before, that may mean that the starter has a problem of binding or shorting, causing it to draw to much current from the battery OR there is not enough power in the battery to power the starter, therefore the voltage drops too low. It is normal for the dome light to dim SLIGHTLY when starting the car.
    If you have access to a voltmeter, connect it across the battery posts, and do the above tests. I said connect to the POSTS, NOT the TERMINALS, because there could be some resistance between the battery post and the battery terminal. If the battery is fully charged, it should hold 12.5 to 12.7 volts with no load. As load is applied, the voltage normally drops a small amount. The voltage should not drop below 9.5 volts when cranking the engine. If it does, the battery is weak. If the volts only drops a little, like to maybe about 11 to 12 volts when cranking, and the starter is very slow, then there is resistance in the starter circuit, in the connections, wiring or in the starter itself. A check for voltage drop would have to be made along the circuit.
    If the engine starts, the alternator should charge the battery with about 13.5 to 14.3 volts. With a weak battery, the charging voltage may start with less voltage and then slowly build up to 13.5 to 14.3 volts.
    Let us know what you find. Good Luck.
    E.D. ISF
  • Yes my 2006 Explorer started stalling as I was driving it on 7/25/06. It was towed to my dealership and I was told it was a sensor to the throttle (SP?). This happened with only 3400 miles on the SUV. Well on 8/1/06 will I was in the fast lane going 65mph the car jerked and the engine just cutoff. Lucky for me I have enough momentum to get to the shoulder. The car then wouldn't start and being on the east coast during the heat wave I was not happy. I call ford roadside assistance told them I was afraid as I was on the highway very close to the entrance of another major highway with trucks all over the place. Well after many calls to them and my husband having to leave work and get me towed ... Ford's towing co called me 2 1/2 hrs after I got stuck asking were I was. I was finally told it was the engine module control. I will be afraid of driving this car. My suggestion to you is look into the lemon laws of your state. I have done this for my state and if they cannot fixed the problem 3x or if the car is in the shop and out of service for 20 days then the Lemon Law will start to kick in. I myself do not want this car anymore. Good Luck...keep me posted
  • My 2005 Ford Explorer has started doing the same thing. The first time I had just dropped my daughter at daycare and it went "ding" on the indicator and I saw the message that it was open so I pulled over. It has now happened several times and the last time it unlocked and had flown up before I could pull over. At first I thought I might be hitting the blue button on the digital remote so I removed it from my keyring, kept having the problem. I rarely use my window on the liftgate so it's not a matter of it not being closed tightly. I was told the same thing that unless they can duplicate it, then I can't do anything about it. I reported mine at I also reported that in the morning when it's cold transmission is sluggish, when it switches gears it often throws you back into the seat, my A/C is making a sound like a whistle really hard to describe periodically, it sounds like one of those whistles you blow in and pull the stick out the end as you pull to increase the pitch. First time it sounded like someone hiding in the rear of the vehcile making a sound and scared me to death. I stared searching today for folks having same issue. I am REALLY concerned because we had a Dodge caravan transmission to go out at 60,000 not under warranty, we had to apply that vehicle to get the Explorer and get out of the van so we had to finance 42,000 now this is having issues that don't seem to just be on our vehicle. Very frustrating.
  • thanks for the info. I am concerned because I bought this vehicle when transmission went out on my Dodge Caravan at 60,000 miles and it wasn't covered. I had to pay full sticker for Explorer and finance 6 years so I don't need this again.
  • does it sound like "whaaaaaaaaap" I described mine to the dealership as sounding like a childs whistle where you slide that stick piece in and out to make the pitch go up then back down. According to them, I'm just obviously hearing things and they've NEVER heard this issue before. I am glad I found this board. I'm gonna print out some things and go in Monday with a handful of similar complaints from here and around the internet.
  • I was just about to post about the same issue on my '98 Explorer V6, 109k miles. It sounds like a crackling noise. The guy at work said he heard it when I was leaving the parking lot -- as if that's not embarrassing enough. It's more pronounced with the A/C on.
  • There's more . . . I noticed gas coming out of the exhaust. Just like it did before I took it into the shop to get a spark plug hole rethreaded (just with a chaser -- nothing that major -- at least I thought).

    Before, one of the plugs wouldn't go in all the way, and it was running rich. I don't remember that noise, but I do remember that gas from the exhaust/running rich smell.

    Just now, I stamped down on one of the spark wires that goes to the coil, and it looked like one of them was not on all the way. The gas doesn't come out as much is it did, but it appears it is running rich every 2-3 minutes or so, and then good again.

    The wires are Bosch and they have these dumb little prongs and I can't tell if they are fully seated in the oil or not.
  • Never mind -- at least for now -- the stamping-down-on-the-wires might have done the trick. I guess one wasn't in all the way on the coil.
  • templertempler Posts: 7
    I just bought a 2005 Ford Explorer V6 XLT. It has a factory 1 disc AM/FM radio in it. When I called Ford to see what my options where to upgrade to a 6 disc in dash changer with mp3 and satellite compatible, they said that you can't do it. Anybody have any ideas?
  • Try Sound Advice.
  • templertempler Posts: 7
    What is Sound Advice?
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