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Ford Explorer Maintenance and Repair



  • mz_cocomz_coco Posts: 5
    I too have been having this problem on my !995 Explorer with 148,000 miles but my CHECK ENGINE light comes on periodically and my O/D light flashes all the time. I just had my transmission replaced.
  • ckk4ckk4 Posts: 13
    I was wondering if anyone knew what was the easiest way to remove the freeze plug which is located directly at the rear of the block (It's the larger of all of the freeze plugs). Thanks!
  • pbairpbair Posts: 2
    My front wipers work fine in fast and slow mode. However, when in interval mode the wipers stop mid-sweep. I have to switch to fast or slow mode to get them moving again, but the blades will never move more than a few inches in interval mode before they stop. I've replaced the multi-function switch (with a new, i.e. not used part), but it has not solved the problem. I've also tried whacking the wiper motor with a hammer as I suspected a dead spot in the motor, but that didn't appear do anything.

    Anyone have any idea what the problem might be?
  • cuznverncuznvern Posts: 4
    im trying to replace my water pump. Everything seems like something i can do , but how do i take off the fan clutch/ 91 ford explorer
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Don't know specifically about the ford, but watch out for reverse threads (clockwise to loosen, as opposed to clockwise to tighten)....which I've found before. Seems they want the engine spinning to make sure the bolts tighten, as opposed to loosen.
  • mmadden1mmadden1 Posts: 17
    I'm looking to replace the OE Michelins--they were fine but snow traction was mediocre--with something better.. I'm considering the Goodyear Triple Tread or Silent Armour.
    They're a bit less expensive than the Michelin but the Triple tread is rated as a snow tire.
    Would appreciate comments-pro and con-from people using these tires.
    thanks in advance.
  • mmadden1mmadden1 Posts: 17
    Yep, I 've done that. Read all the reviews which for the most part are good except the part about reduced gas mileage.
    I'm looking to find ut if anyone on the board has had a similar experience with regards to that.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,446
    not exactly what you are looking for, but i replaced the goodyear ap's on my explorer with the 'good' michelin x-terrains(245 vs. 235 makes all the difference).
    new tires are much quieter, but give up driving feel, wet/snow traction. i still like them. gas mileage is up a tick.
    replaced the original conti's on my wife's escape with goodyear triple treads.
    a bit quieter, great in wet/snow. gas mileage is down about 10 percent. these tires are huge compared to the oem tires, eventhough they are supposed to be the same size.
    i would change down from a 235 to 225, if i had to do it over again.
  • I own an 02 explorer and for a while it has had a slight vibration when accelerating. At first I thought it was something wrong with the wheels, however it feels like it happens when the gears are shifting. (automatic 2wd 4.0L V6). It doesn't happen when i start driving in the morning, however it takes about 15-20 minutes for the vibration to start. If i let go of the gas it usually is lost or if I hit the gas really high, it seems to pass it. I am guessing it is something wrong with the transmission and when shifting the gears however I could be mistaken because I do not know much about cars. Lately the vibration has been more pronounced and at times in the highway it has even resulted in somewhat violent shaking. This shaking is worrying me. I have not taken it to anyone yet because the problem does not show unless the car is driven for at least 10 miles or so, so it would be difficult to diagnose unless taken for a long trip. I am hoping that it is something easily fixable.
    Thank you for any help on this,
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    02 Explorer XLT V8 4WD
    Had oil change at the dealer about 2500 miles ago and when I checked the oil yesterday, it's grey color. Got worried and went over to a quick oil change place and they said it didn't look like it's oil at all after they looked at it. They said maybe the guy at the dealer put something in there by mistake instead of oil, but I was pretty sure that I checked the oil after that oil change and it was oil. I asked if it's possible that there is water in the oil and they said no because it would have been milky instead. Any idea? Anyway, right now I had the oil changed again and will keep a keen eye on it.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    If you drive it to a mechanic or dealership, it would be warmed up and show the symptoms, right? You're going to need someone to look at it.
  • 04 Explorer Eddie Bauer 81500 mi. When applying the brakes a pop is felt in the brake pedal and can be heard, and vehicle has slight jolt. Pedal goes slightly to floor. Brakes don't stop as quickly as before the pop. This problem is sporatic. Service can't find any issues with brakes--said it was steering balls and greased them--problem continues to exist. Any suggestions?
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    02 Limited

    At about 25,000 miles (3 years ago) heard a creaking noise when the truck first turned on in cold weather. After a few trips to the dealer they finally diagnosed it as a heater core or blend door problem or something like that. 3 days in the shop and i understand they ripped the dash apart to replace the heater core. Now the truck is 5 almost 5 years old, 65k miles, and the noise is back. i'm debating calling ford about it.

    Is the creak a nuisance thing or will something eventually fail and need to be replaced?

    i figure i might as well call ford and try to get it fixed, because i assume its an expensive repair.
  • They either put in the wrong stuff, or it go contaminated afterwards. Yes, keeping a very close eye on it is the best thing to do for now. I would check the dipstick every day.
    Good Luck.
    E.D. ISF
  • snailsnail Posts: 7
    I am having the exact same issue with my car. Could you tell me what you had to fix to resolve the problem?
  • Hi there:

    Did you ever find out what was going on with your Explorer?I am having the exact same problem with mine...96 XL, no 4-wheel though.

  • bdobschbdobsch Posts: 1
    My door locks open but will not close except for the tailgate window latch. It both opens and locks. The alarm still works. Seems related to the central security control module. Where ever that is located. Any ideas??????????????
  • gchernyagchernya Posts: 11
    I have a strange problem with AC on my Ford Explorer. I have manual climate control, and when I put AC on essentially nothing happen... The AC light is on, but it is working only as a blower... AC system does not power up... I run a quick check under the hood, and clutch, relay, wiring, fuses check ok, but it looks like there is no signal from climate control to the AC... I did try it in the mild weather like 80F... is there some kind of temperature sensor that keeps AC off? Is there some kind of module aside from climate control handles that responsible for this? any clues will be appreciated...
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Do you have enough freon charge in the system?
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