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Ford Explorer Maintenance and Repair



  • rysterryster Posts: 471
    Best of luck with your Explorer. I don't know if reporting my B-Pillar problem to NHTSA is necessary. If anything, the safety cage is stronger now than it was when new. But, if there were some quality control issues at the factory there is a potential for other Explorers with body seam/welding issues.I was certainly glad to get my truck back. The dealer had it for 17 days. Hopefully your dealer can resolve your problem quicker than that.
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,756
    That's about the same as my 1996 with the old V6. The SUV has a higher (lower numeric) axle ratio than your typical pass car. My Old Intrigue runs about 2000 rpm @70 mph.
  • I have a 2002 Explorer with V-6, 5-Spd auto 4X4 and the 3.73 rear end (came with the optional trailer towing pkg.) At 80 MPH I am at 2600RPM. If I drop it out of overdrive, I get about 3200 RPM. I don't know if the 2002 drivetrain is the same as yours, but I hope this helps. Perhaps (with the standard rear end) your higher RPM indicates a problem with the overdrive kicking in? I hope not!
  • brophbroph Posts: 85
    I was curious if anyone knew how difficult it would be to swap the 4.0L v6 OHC (pre '96) for 5.0L v8. Does the tranny & rearend match up? or would they have to be changed too.

    Also, has anyone had support problems with their seats? I have a '96 and it seems that the support around the left leg gave out. I have owned this Explorer for a year + & like it alot. It has 108K on it (previous rental). If anyone has had similar problems, I would appreciate any input.


  • >>>>I was curious if anyone knew how difficult it would be to swap the 4.0L v6 OHC (pre '96) for 5.0L v8. Does the tranny & rearend match up? or would they have to be changed too.<<<<<

    My guess would be that if you were to make this swap, you would want to do an engine/tranny swap, as one unit and then just cut the tail shaft to fit. I can tell you that the exhaust system, especially the exhaust manifolds on the 5.0 Explorers appears to be a plumbers nightmare. (That could be further complicated because I have an AWD unit.) I'm certain you could make it fit, but I suspect that it would be helpful if you had a brother that was proficient with a cutting torch and a welding rig. That 5.0 unit does fill up the engine compartment of the Explorer. If I were to guess, I'd say you would be money ahead just buying a late model V-8 Explorer, rather than trying to cobble one together. I also suspect that the front suspension system is probably beefier for a V-8 than it is for a V-6, which would necessiate further change.

    >>>>>Also, has anyone had support problems with their seats? I have a '96 and it seems that the support around the left leg gave out. <<<<<

    Power or manual seat? Driver or passengers side? I haven't had any problem with mine (which is a power operated unit).
  • g159g159 Posts: 23
    V8 become optional in 1996, first only in rwd, then in awd. The switch to the sla suspension in 1995 made the first part of this change possible.
    However the v8s caused further change to the metal body frame around the transmission hump, because a bigger transmission from the thunderbird had to be adopted to handle the v8 torque. (so you really need the tbird tranny) I do not know if all explorers were modified to the bigger hump, but they probably all were for easier building. Next, the v8 was not available with the control trac 4wd because it was larger than the smaller awd transfer case. I don't know if you have 2wd or 4wd, but as you can see the 4wd would have to be switched to awd. Next the venerable v8 had to have special headers that have a special angle to fit. Also the radiator had to get a slim "pancake" clutch to fit. Overall, it is a tight fit. I wouldn't recommend the swap. I would try to trade.
  • gregb882, Your the first I've seen here with a 2002 XLT. How do you like it? Ours is expected to arrive in about a week. Nothing fancy. V-6 w/trailer/tow, premium sound, and boards. I understand the independent rear suspension is great.
  • This is my first Ford and I have to admit I'm impressed so far. If your's is an XLT, it sounds like the same equipment that I got. My other vehicle is a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee which I liked a lot until I got the Explorer. It's very stable, has good power (not a hot-rod, but good) and very comfortable - for an SUV. I only have 2400 miles on it so I can't speak to the reliability, but so far it's great. I read on another board where the off-road crowd is upset at Ford for using the independent rear suspension - they say it won't be a good off-road vehicle anymore. The joke in my family is that my wife won't let her JGC on dirt roads let alone off-roads!

    BTW, you can program your own extra keys once you have the dealer cut them (they cost $20 to $25 each). Don't let the dealer tell you that they have to do the programming for a mere $70!

    I noticed that you had an earlier thread regarding the high cost of the Explorer bumpers in the low speed impact tests. I just heard today that the Insurance Institute awarded the 2002 Explorer their highest rating for crash worthiness. Sounds like Ford got that part right.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks for the reply. My 4x4 SOHC V6 may have the 3.55 axle. It is in Overdrive. I'll have to check it without O/D on. Do you know if there is any difference in the shift selector between 4 Speed auto and 5 speed auto? My selector has D 2 1.
  • brophbroph Posts: 85
    Thanks for the input. it would be wiser to get a v8 already put together rather than try and make one. cheaper too.

    dohc32v - the seat is a manual slide & on the driver side. use to be a rental, i suppose a lotta cheeks have smiled on this one. checked out salvage yards - best price $75


  • >>>>>Do you know if there is any difference in the shift selector between 4 Speed auto and 5 speed auto? My selector has D 2 1. <<<<<

    I don't know what year Explorer you have, but mine (1997) has a button on the end of the gear shift lever that I push in to engage or disengage over drive. The computer is programed to always engage the O/D feature when you first start the vehicle and I make it a point to disengage the O/D feature when I'm driving around town. (I don't care to have to rebuild the tranny at 70,000 miles like a lot of people do. I figure gas is a lot cheaper than a tranny rebuild.) I have a light on the dash board, lower right hand corner, that comes on that says O/D disengaged. Otherwise I have the 1-2-D selection on the column, like you do. Only time I use O/D is when I get on the Freeway or Interstate and start clocking 70 or 80 MPH. I wish Ford had reversed the O/D logic in the Explorer and had the vehicle start with the O/D feature disengaged to start with. But I suppose this was Ford playing games with the EPA on vehicle mileage ratings. (So I just have to remember to punch the button each time I start the vehicle.)
  • Will a dealer do them for $20-$25 if I mention that price or will I need to go to a locksmith? Thanks for the info. Also, I did watch dateline last night. The 2002 performed like a champ along with the Acura MDX in the head-on collision test.
  • ace10ace10 Posts: 137
    head on collision test a game of chicken, if so, did either the MDX driver or the Exploder driver flinch, at all?

  • tigerjon1: Sorry, I wasn't very clear on the key. You have to buy the key blank from Ford because it has the security chip in it. They also cut the key for the $20 to $25 (price depends on the dealer - I paid $20). Then it has to be programmed. The 2002 Explorer has the ability to program them for you as long as you have the two original keys that come with the vehicle. The operator manual describes the procedure well. I bought 2 new keys, programmed them myself, and put the 2 originals away for save keeping. The dealer can also program them, as they have for earlier model Fords, but they charge $70. The salesman I dealt with told me about the self-programming feature, but the parts guy at the same dealer tried to convince me they needed to do it.
  • swschradswschrad Posts: 2,171
    my Ford dealer made another key for me, and the blank is a Curtis blank, one of the big "get keys here!" operators. No doubt they all come from the same factory, but which one is OEM and the other guys pay 'em to stamp their name in the plastic is not known. By far the biggest OEM auto lock outfit a few years ago was Briggs & Stratton, but Mom sold the stock and we don't get the annual reports any more to know market share, etc.

    the way I read the manual for my 2000 Exploder, any two working keys can be used to program a third one. the instructions for programming a new key fob looked so formidable that I haven't tried that.
  • I have a 2000 4x4 Limited w/4.0L SOHC V6 with Auto & O/D. It too has the disengage O/D button on the shift selector. Most of my driving is highway at 70-80MPH and I thought the RPMs for 70MPH of 2600rpm, 75=2800, & 80=3000 with O/D engaged was rather high. With O/D off 70=3500 and 75=3800. I first posted looking for Explorer owners with the same engine/tranny to see if this is normal. So far only V8 owners with 3.73 axle have responded. Hopefully someone with a simlar configuration with also respond. Thanks for yours.
  • OK, I was out banging down the Freeway yesterday and here are the readings I got for my Explorer. (1997, V-8, AWD, 3.73 rearend) With O/D engaged at 60 Mph, about 2,100RPM, at 70 Mph about 2,400RPM and at 80Mph about 2,600RPM. Without O/D engaged at 80Mph, I was at 3,600RPM.
    There are a lot more V-6 Ford Explorers out there than there are V-8's, so someone should be responding to you shortly that has a V-6, I would hope.
  • Hey, I had a 2000 XLT 6cyl SOHC . I would tell what the RPM were but the piece of junk wouldnt idle after 40k miles, so I couldnt get it out of the driveway,
    SOLD !!!!!
  • maccmacc Posts: 11
    My niece wants to buy a 1991 ford explorer 4wd sport with 100,000 miles (asking $3200). What is the typical life of explorer transmission?? She can't afford to get stuck with a car with alot of repairs needed. Thanks!
  • maccmacc Posts: 11
    my niece wants to buy a 1991 explorer4wd sport with 100,00 miles for $3200. What's the typical life of an explorer transmission? She can't afford alot of repair bills.
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