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Ford Explorer Maintenance and Repair



  • swschradswschrad Posts: 2,171
    at least they don't have to weigh the lug nuts ;)
  • mookie14mookie14 Posts: 252
    would any of you if given the chance which will happen.take a gm auto over a ford would you do it and would learn from your experience not to deal with ford again. i did it i would like to see who would do it.i started with chevy im Back so let me know thanks.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,045
    My niece has an Explorer about 2001 with a broken lip on the plastic filler tube. Can't this be replaced by disconnecting the two rubber connectors about 12 inches down and lifting out the filler. The dealers said they wanted to drop the fuel tank and lots of money to replace it.
    The part is about $120...
    The radio won't turn off. The volume works from the steering wheel controls. Is this a known problem?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,045
    Is there a source for discount Ford parts like the fuel filler tube on the
    Explorer. $120 seems really high. I know there's a GM discount source
    mentioned onthe Bonneville group.
  • swschradswschrad Posts: 2,171
    to the count of two since 1990. I had a good buick bought new in 1976, and a fun but maintenance-needing buick way used in 1971 from the 1961 model year. had a couple good used early 60s mopars in the early 70s, too. did my homework on each vehicle, including the CR dot-races on what failed and how often, and asking around how things held up. except for the 61 skylark, which was a good car but I hadn't learned that other folks sell when the car needs a lot of work.

    I could have gotten wallet-eating maintenance hogs each time if I picked the wrong drivetrains, options, or models on my lists. I think more than whether Detroilet is an evil empire bent on torturing people, letting others test the newest changes and finding out what doesn't work is the way to pin the blame on the lame dogs out there.

    I detested the company Ford and GM products both that our TV stations bought in the 1970s. evil wobbling showboats with no a/c and the knobs in the wrong place, it didn't matter what their mechanical condition was, I got sick driving those roadhogs. I drove things that I liked in that period, too.

    mookie, no way I would have taken the engine and tranny you got in your bad-news exploder, I had already found out about their reputation. I just really think that good information and avoiding creepy crud, more than evil plots across the line at a car company, made the difference for me.
  • bioman3bioman3 Posts: 37
    The last time I filled up my 99 4WD XLT SOHC the fuel gauge was reading between 1/2 and 3/4 of a tank and the trip odometer read 137 miles. I was expecting to fill the tank with 7-8 gallons of gas. To my amazement the truck took 14.7 gallons. There was a problem with the gas pump in that the fuel was trickling into the tank very, very slowly. When I reported this apparent discrepancy to the customer service desk I was given a refund for 7 gallons of gas. This was a very nice gesture on the part of BJ's. The issue I can't explain is that since I filled the tank my Explorer has gone over 100 miles and the fuel gauge has finally begun to move off of the full mark. I know the capacity of the fuel tank is 20.8 gallons. I know that I had between 11-13 gallons of fuel when I filled the tank. I know (???) that the fuel tank can't hold 24-27 gallons of fuel. I know that the folks at BJ's told me they were having trouble with some of their pumps and that's why they refunded me the money for 7 gallons of fuel. What I don't understand is what is really happening? Is is possible for the fuel tank to hold more than the advertised 20.8 gallons? Could it be that the fuel pump's slow delivery of fuel into my gas tank enabled me to "squeeze" more gasoline into the tank and the filler neck? The fuel gauge seems to be functioning normally now. Of course I will be monitoring the fuel gauge's behavior very carefully for the next few days. I would appreciate any explanations before I crawl under my Explorer with an ohmmeter.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    There was a similar problem discussed over in the Expedition topic. Here's a link (there's 4 or 5 separate messages talking about the issue):

    pepper52 "Ford Expedition" Sep 13, 2000 4:09pm

    Steve, Host

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  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    bioman3: My 1996 Explorer V8 does th eexact ssame thing. It is very accurate when full and when near empty which I consider the most important time I need to know how much gas I have. You are going to be disappointed if yu expect that when your tank says 3/4 full you have exactly 15.6 gallons left. You could have 16 gallons or you could have as low as 12 gallons. i've had times when I knew there was a half a tank of gas but it read 1/4 because I was parked pointing downhill. When it finally leveled off, it registered about 3/8 full. But again, the gauge is very accurate when I approach empty. The fuel gauge light comes on at 3.5 gallons ( I know with that much gas I am safe for up to 50 miles) left and the needle is always just a hair above empty. That is when I start to search for gasoline.

    I know others have had this "problem". In my 7 years I have owned the vehicle, it has not let me run out of gas. If I were you, I would drive it below 1/4 tank and get a sense of when you need gas
    based on your driving habits (city vs. highway) and total mileage for that tank of gas (trip odometer). This way you are not relying on the fuel gauge (really should call it a guide).
  • bioman3bioman3 Posts: 37
    ..for the input regarding my Explorers fuel "guide". Seems like the Explorers share some characteristics with Expeditions. Life has returned to normal. When I filled up this afternoon the expected happened. Unless I am doing highway driving I usually fuel-up at about 235 miles no matter what the fuel gauge (guide) says. Don't ask me why I picked 235 miles, guess it is in my comfort zone.

  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    Actually that might be good for more reasons than one. Many people forget or don't know that keeping the gas level above a quarter of a tank can help prolong the life of the fuel pump. This is so, because the gas keeps the fuel pump cool. When the fuel is low the pump can get warm, reducing its life.
  • swschradswschrad Posts: 2,171
    possibly the expedition as well... it's because of the baffle position in the tank. a sharp left turn on less than a quarter of a tank and it can stall dead away. that one has been on this board for a year or two. just don't fall below a third of the tank and it won't happen to you.
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    Steve and Tidester-
     There seems to something a litte strange about hondafreaks postings. The link doesn't show any of the cars he claims to have (Trailblazer, Explorer, Escape etc.) and all of his messages for each of those cars is the same.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    Sorry Jrc346, my cable modem conked out for a couple of hours and I couldn't delete the spam. Apologies.

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  • howdy

    Ever since new if I started my exp. and drove about a Quarter of a mile to store shut off for only a few minutes came back out to start engine. would load up when re starting. Also when the temp. gauge is just at the warm up area between cold and warm the engine idles very rough but when past that area it idles better. Once the engine died. I took to a dealer and they could not find any problems.I have 20k now.THe timing chain tenshiner has been changed 2 times. The second time was by mistake Ford did not check to see it had been done already and replaced without asking me.The power steering has a RRRR when cold like something is grinding. Can anybody tell me if they have experienced any of these problems. also idles rough all the time!! took in 4 times to dealer they said no codes present but i know what i know and it idles rough 24/7/52.
  • swschradswschrad Posts: 2,171
    and sniff the tailpipe. it could be a coil, it could be the crank position sensor adjustment, it could be 02 sensors, and monitoring the 02 while driving would show that problem, it could be wires and plugs, it could be a vacuum leak, it could be fuel pressure, it could be engine temp sensor, it could be this and it could be that. it has to be diagnosed before it can be fixed. pinheads should put this car on the scope and find the problem.

    talk to the service manager. they can open the manuals (yes, really, they can! I saw it done once!) and see how to shoot the sensors with a voltmeter. there is a fix if they want to fix it. if not, go elsewhere and stay elsewhere.

    the power steering is likely a bum pump... flush the fluid as well when that gets replaced.
  • scottjyscottjy Posts: 6
    I need some help with my 2002 Explorer. At about 30 - 40 mph and 1,000 - 1,400 rpm, the engine appears to skip (the dealer called it skipping after their test drive). It's like driving a 5 speed at 30 mph in 5th gear...almost a bucking. I took it to the dealer who promptly changed the transmission. When I left the dealer, the condition was better, but still there. After a few hundred miles, the condition was just as bad as it was before the new tranny. So, I wrote a nice letter to Ford and the dealer complaining. I was told to bring the car back in. This time, the dealer said the tranny felt like it was going from 3rd to 5th...missing 4th. They told me that a computer controls the shifting and there is nothing that can be done about it. They couldn't answer me when I asked why they replaced the first tranny.

    Does anyone else have this problem and/or know of a fix?
  • i just noticed a leak in my driveway coming from the transmission area where my explorer was parked. the previous couple of days ive noticed a bucking going from 1st to 2nd. i had it towed w/ roadside assistance, got a lincoln ls as a loaner car. i just hope they dont put a bandaid on it, i dont want to have a re-occurring problem w/ this. it only has 14,ooo miles. if they have to change the transmission, this is an embarrassment. maybe i should of bought a toyota. ill let you know what happens.
  • 1998 explorer -Has anyone had a problem with electric door locks cycling on there own. I shut the front door and the door lock/ unlock system started cycling constantly. Only way to stop was to hold the lock button down for about 6 seconds
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    Hey guys, I had that happened to me before... and my car only has less than 3700 miles on it. When it happened, it was around 3000 miles. Anyway, what I did was to turn off the engine and restart the car, and the problem seem to be gone. Maybe it had reset the computer. And I haven't experienced it again (knock on wood). I remember when it happened, I had the O/D off. I wonder if that was the problem.
    Scottjy, for that dealer to tell you that's a computer controlled problem and there's nothing they can do about it, that's all BS. Take it to another dealer or something. Better yet, take it to the Lincoln dealers... for some strange reason, it seems like you get better service from them. Good luck.
  • stubborn1stubborn1 Posts: 85
    ... on my 98 Explorer.

    I have power locks but no keyless entry. When I unlock the vehicle, occasionally the locks will relock immediately after I turn the key. I have to have both hands free in order to turn the key and open the door handle. After I open the door, the locks stop going haywire.

    I don't have any info to help fix the problem. It has been one of those small problems I have learned to live with.
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