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Large Luxury SUV suggestions



  • klickklick Posts: 15
    I think your cargo observations between the 2 vehicles are more or less accurate, but the issue is not so much how they compare in cargo capacity as whether or not the Infiniti has sufficient space. If it doesn't, there's your answer. If it does, then move on to the next point of comparison and put cargo capacity aside.

    The Infiniti is generally considered to be more user friendly than the Caddy. It should also be easier to drive and maneuver solely by virtue of the fact that it is smaller than the Caddy. As to which one of these drives more like a car, well, there's no way to answer that because both of these vehicles are so far removed from cars. Neither one will drive or handle anything remotely like a car.

    If I were choosing between the two, I would choose the Infiniti for the following reasons: (1) the Caddy ESV is too unwieldy to drive because of its gargantuan length, (2) I can't stand the styling of the Caddy, (3) I would have more faith and confidence in the build quality and reliability of the Infiniti, and (4) the Infiniti is significantly less expensive than the Caddy.
  • Hello Klick,

    I am very grateful for your help. I have looked at so many cars that I have become somewhat incapable of making a decision. I have so much information I have lost sight of the main things. Thank you for helping me think through this.

    I agree with all your points about the Escalade. It is more expensive, not as easy to drive, and I prefer the Infiniti make.

    I have thought and thought about whether the Infiniti has enough space for me and cannot come up with a definite answer. Can you help? I'd say the Infiniti would be enough space 80% of the time. On busy days (20%), I might end up with a bookbag or two up front or in the second row at the kids feet. Maybe the kids may hold a throw blanket for the soccer game in their lap. Otherwise, the other 80% of the week I would be fine with the cargo space in the back.

    Once I realized I could not come a definite conclusion on whether I could live with the space in the Infiniti, I thought trying out my traveling luggage in both the Escalade and the Infiniti would yield an answer. Of course, the Escalade holds my luggage no problem. I was surprised that the Infiniti holds all my luggage too. It was really crammed in the car and obscured the rear window, but it fit. We don't take long road trips and the airport in ten minutes from my house so I think we could use the Infiniti even on our biggest trips, which would be to and from the airport, with some cramming.

    I think part of my problem is that I am terribly disorganized and can't discern how much I should really be keeping the car. Right now with my MDX I have to plan my errands around the space in my car which is unacceptable. I can't go from soccer to the grocery store because there is no room for the groceries with the soccer stuff. I can't leave things I need to return in the car in case I am near the store because there won't be room for anything else I might want to bring home.

    I tried out the Infiniti by going to soccer, Costco and the grocery store and ran out of a little space. The kids had to hold a grocery bag or two and a pie, but otherwise we were fine. With the Escalade I could fit everything in the back, but I really don't have to go to the grocery store, Costco, and soccer at the same time that often.

    What do you think? Should I live with a little less space than I need or with a little more? In reality, I think this is what I need, a bit more than the Infiniti and a bit less than the Escalade. I'd say the Infiniti would meet my space needs 80% of the time while the Escalade would be too much space 80% of the time. Does having a little less space than necessary lead to disorganization?

    As before, your advice is appreciated.

  • klickklick Posts: 15
    That really is a tough question, but if it were me, I would go with the Infiniti because it sounds like the other 20% of the time, you can still make the Infiniti work - it's just a little tight. In my opinion, the occasional inconvenience of having a few things with the kids or in the seating areas is much less of an inconvenience than the inherent inconveniences of the Caddy that you would have to live with 100% of the time.
  • Hey Klick,

    I'm again grateful for your time. I hope my explanation helped you understand why I had such a hard time with this decision. I did choose to buy the Infiniti, but bad weather in my area has prevented its delivery so I have had time to reconsider. This has been a blessing to me as your advice has made me feel better about the purchase. I hate spending such a large amount of money on something I'm not sure I should be buying.

    Can you clarify something you said in your last post? You said if it were you you would live with the occasional inconvenience of having a few things in the seating area than the "inherent inconeveniences of the Caddy." Can you please specify what these inconveniences are exactly?
    Are these ones you mentioned before?

    Finally, in my understanding the recommended alternatives to the Infiniti are the 1) minivan, which I don't care for, and the 2) Buick Enclave (which isn't available until the summer, and seems like it has less cargo space than the QX) and the Mercedes GL (not enough cargo space). Are these the only alternatives to the Infiniti given my need for cargo space and desire for an SUV that drives as car like as possible? Are there any cars I missed looking at?

    Thanks again, Klick. After you answer these two questions, I think I am done with this process. Thanks again for helping my through the buying process. I feel a lot better about my decision.

  • klickklick Posts: 15
    The inherent inconveniences are indeed the same issues that I mentioned previously.

    Also, I think you've considered all the viable choices except perhaps the Saturn (upon which the Buick is based), but I suspect that it has less space than the Infiniti.

    Glad I could be helpful.
  • I went back and reread you list of inherent problems with the Caddy. Here is what you told me:

    (1) the Caddy ESV is too unwieldy to drive because of its gargantuan length, (2) I can't stand the styling of the Caddy, (3) I would have more faith and confidence in the build quality and reliability of the Infiniti, and (4) the Infiniti is significantly less expensive than the Caddy.

    I understand everything except number one. Are you speaking of parking issues? What do you mena it is unweildy to drive?
  • klickklick Posts: 15
    It's significantly longer and a little heavier. This will probably make parking and maneuvering in tight places more difficult than would be the case with the Infiniti.
  • Hello again!

    I have had a QX loaner all week while my car gets ready. It is very scary to drive something so heavy. I wonder whether the Caddy would have felt as difficult to stop.
    Oh well. I hope I get used to it.

    I am to pick up my QX today. I weas rereading my leas eagreement and noticed that the early termination fees invovle all unpaid payments. This essentially means I can't terminate early. Does anyone know whether this is a customary term for lease agreements?

    Thanks again,
  • Hi i'm curious about your comment re american made.
    I have previously leased and had no problems ever with my Acura SUV, Pathfinder or current Highlander Limited SUV, but now WANT to buy American (just for patriotic reasons). I have test drove alot of the SUV's in the last 2 months (all 2007's)(I go by looks and quiet smooth ride). Although I loved the Enclave. I cannot afford it, however, I can get into a LINCOLN MKX 2007 with their current lease special for $1000 down OTD and $403.10 month for 39 month including tax. Should I not proceed? I already put down $500 deposit on a gorgeous red MKX, the interior is light camel leather with blond wood, what is wrong with american made? I could also get into the 2007 Murano with touring package but the MKX is much more luxurious. Should I wait for 2008's to come out?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Patriotic reasons? I believe that the MKX may be made in Canada or Mexico!

    A lot of the foreign manufacturs are actually made here. Mercedes ML is in NC or SC, Pathfinder, Titan, Armada, Frontier in TN, and several others.

  • You are correct. My MKX was made in CANADA!!! Which I Did not know until i looked at the small sticker on driver side window when i brought it home! Oh well.... :blush: I still love it. thanks
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,006
    A reporter is looking to speak with someone who bought a new small luxury SUV (like a X3, Q5 and RX 350) recently. If you are interested in sharing your story, please respond to no later than Wednesday, February 29, 2012. Please send your contact info, the name of the make/model you bought and a few examples of models that you also considered.

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