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Ford Mustang Brake Problems



  • onebigoonebigo Posts: 2
    Thanks for the information--you are never too old to learn something new--I will go to NAPA and buy the wrench--Skeet
  • matt51matt51 Posts: 8
    I have a 2007 base Mustang V6, with manual transmission. I am replacing the front rotors and pads. On the left wheel, there is not enough gap in the caliper bracket. If I install the outer fixed pad, I cannot even install the caliper over the rotor. On the inner pad, I have it depressed within the rotor caliper bracket. If I force the caliper over the rotor, the rotor will rub against the caliper bracket. This happened to the original rotor. The outer rotor surface shows normal polishing from rubbing against the outer pad. The inner rotor surface has a deep wide groove which came from rubbing against the caliper bracket surface.
    On the right front wheel, the pads are worn to where they are centered within the pads. The inner rotor surface has the same wear groove from initially rubbing against the caliper bracket, until the total gap from pad wear opened enough for the rotor to center within the pads.
    At this point I can order standard caliper brackets to see if they have the correct gap - I think Ford used non-standard brackets that have too small a gap on my car. Or, I can order the Wagner pad/bracket assembly, $125 each.
    I think this is a serious safety issue.
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