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Lincoln LS Overheating Problems



  • WHAT kind of electric fan is recomended for this junker??? And how many cfm should it be???
    I put a little 12" pusher with 880 cfm on the condeser and it keeps the temp in the middle but if in traffic long and its hot temp starts to climb and i notice the coolant backing up out of the bottle ,,, SOMEONE please help!!!!
  • lemonlslemonls Posts: 1
    Hi: im in florida, but just purchased a lincoln ls from N.Virgina. it keep on overheating i changed radiator, temperature sender switch, thermostat and housing it is still overheating. what should i do?????
  • Hello I was wondering if someone can help me I have a 2001 Lincoln Ls that has over heated i have replaced the water pump, and the thermostat and it seems to continue to over heat and the antifreeze wont stay in it keep sleaking out.

    Does anyone know what it might be I need to get this fixed before my son starts school please help.
  • HappsterHappster Posts: 30
    Check my past posts about the degas bottle issues.
  • hate to burst your bubble, but my son has a 2000 lincoln ls v8 and has battled this issue for over 2 years. It was overheating very randomly for a long time, but now it is really bad so we figure it is a blown head gasket. We replaced the thermostat twice which didnt solve it. We also thought the overflow resevoir was the problem and replaced it. That helped for a short period of time and then it started getting worse and worse. The air conditioner blows hot heat randomly also. Just dont want you to get too excited about thinking it is fixed. sorry.
  • HappsterHappster Posts: 30
    If his degas bottle was cracked, that was his issue. He should by all means be excited. As for you, it sounds like the fan issues so many are having. Or there is an air obstruction in the system. They're a [non-permissible content removed] to bleed. A head gasket wouldn't cause part-time problems.
  • nickrlnickrl Posts: 9
    I posted this in another forum as well but it seemed dead as this on e is alive and kicking so sorry mods...I am having a overheating issue as well. Heres the trip with mine, In the past 18 months my 02 v8 has had the hydraulic fan replaced, the pump replaced, thermostat changed last week, no airlock or any of that fun stuff. mechanic said theres no leaks (im not sure if he pulled the degas bottle to check for crack but am taking his word for it), the cap seems to be good- nice hissing sound if i try to remove it. have had the radiator flushed and filled by a mechanic. ac is blowing hot air (doubt that has anything to do with it... just adding to the complaint box). It has overheated on me four times in the past two weeks. It only seems to do it on my third consecutive time getting into the car, ex. drove 9 miles to autozone was in there 20 mins. drove 2miles to oriellys was in there 10 minutes, then drove back home with it starting to heat up. when the temp starts to rise i hear a whining sound like theres a supercharger on the car. The mechanic has had the car twice now and cant find anything wrong with the car. When the car is overheating the fan isnt coming on but if i let the car sit for a while everything is fine. Unlike other people I cant just shut the car off and re start it with the guage going back to normal. no check engine light comes on when this happens- so are there codes being stored? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
  • HappsterHappster Posts: 30
    The crack in the degas bottle doesn't necessarily lead to leaking antifreeze, if it's high on the bottle, but will allow air to get into the system as the car cools and the system is trying to pull the antifreeze from the degas bottle. But it sounds more like you're having the issue with the hydraulic fan. Not an expert on that issue, thankfully (knock on wood) but what I've read is that the type of fan (or whatever sending unit kicks it on) is the issue. Did you replace it with another hydraulic fan? If so, I suggest that you look into wiring in an electric one in. Many people on these blogs have done it with success. I think they convert it to electric using a fan and wiring harness from a prior or subsequent year. They could tell you best...just run a search with the right terms and you'll find the strongs. Good luck!
  • nickrlnickrl Posts: 9
    Thank you for replying! If there was a crack in the degas bottle would it cause the fan to randomly not work (cuz that is whats happening when its overheating)?
  • HappsterHappster Posts: 30
    Doubtful. It's got to be the fan. They suck. It's a miracle I haven't had that issue!
  • nickrlnickrl Posts: 9
    again thank you... your the man for answering everyone and being helpful... my hcf motor is still under warranty i just found out so into the dealership she goes!!
  • For everyone that is having overheating problems here it is: first what you need to do is when it is overheating pull over(don't shut-off engine) and check if the fan is blowing air not just a little but a lot. If you don't feel air blowing the fan is not engaging on high. There is an actuator on these hydraulic cooling fan systems. The acuator is on the back of the pump on the passenger side. The acuator will tell the pump how much fluid to let go and make the fan spin at low, mid, or high. Now if the fan is blowing then you have air in the cooling system. If there is air in the cooling system the coolant in the degas bottle will act like it is boiling. You have to follow the procedure to bleed the air out but if the degas bottle is cracked, the cap is no good or if any hose are leaking or the plastic T on the upper hose is cracked it will keep getting air back in. Ok, now with the engine off try to spin the fan by hand. If it does the fan motor should be working. Also, if the hydraulic hose from the fan motor was removed to take the water pump off you may have got air in the hydraulic fan system causing the fan to not spin properly. Now you have to get the air out of the hydraulic system. So, if you have changed water pumps, thermostats, degas bottles and no luck you have air in the system(both) and if the fan is not working more likely it is the acuator. It may be the hydraulic pump or fan motor. I'm not a certified mechanic but I've been working on cars since I was 16 about half my life now and I also have 2001 Lincoln Ls. Let me know if what I said helped or you need me to explain further on one of the subjects more.
  • Hi thanks for the advice but I was wondering how do I bleed the hydraulic pump? My dad is actually coming over to do thistomorrow and i really hope it works out for me if you can get back to me asap on how or were i find out.

    Thanks Christina
  • christina, i'm currently having that issue right now. I called the dealership and they can take it out for like 90 bucks. I also spoke to a mechanic and he said people have got another cap drilled a hole on top tapped it and put some kind of valve you can open after the car runs for a few minutes. This suppose to let the air out. I asked him how to they do it and he didn't want to tell me. They probably have a machine or something. I have tried a few other things that made it work but it stopped working again. I disconnected the return, plugged the nipple to the bottom of the reservoir and put the hose in a empty trans. fluid bottle. I then asked someone to turn the car on and watch the fluid go down in the reservoir(not too low and only a few sec.) then turn the car off and refilled the reservoir.Repeated about 5-6 times. This helped but just for a little while. Its probably is something else. Going to take the acuator off and test the resistance to see if it is working like it should before i buy one. If I can't get it working again, I'm just converting it to electric. Wanted to keep it the way it was.
  • The only time it should get hot is idling or stopped. When you are moving at high speed on the highway the airflow through the radiator is enough to cool the engine. The electric fan will only kick in at low speeds or stopped for any lenght of time.
    My problem is the LS V8 I have is overheating all the time. Although the engine is getting hot, the hoses are not getting hot. This makes me believe its either the thermostat or water pump. The fan seems to be working really fast with lots of airflow, but the engine is still overheating
    It was fine untill yesterday afternoon, and now it overheats whenever I start it.
    Any suggestions gladly accepted
  • jiminy2jiminy2 Posts: 3
    Hi read your post on the actuator is there a way to test this? And is this what the part is referred to at the store or is there a part #? My fan is not increasing speed as it heats up hoping it's this. Thanks so much for your directions.
  • Jiminy2, don't know how many ohms it should put out with a meter but if you find out let me know. The part # XW4Z3783CA. Easy to replace. Drain fluid from reservoir or suction out. Remove reservoir and hoses out of the way. Then you see wiring coming from back of pump that is the actuator. Use a torque think a T-40 to remove actuator. Fluid will come out. Replace put back together.
  • jiminy2jiminy2 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info. Did it work on your car?
  • Please does anyone know how to bleed the hydraulic pump?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    Pretty sure you just move the steering wheel back and forth.
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