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Lincoln LS Overheating Problems



  • Found a mechanic who braised the end where it was spilling fluid and then my husband said he put a "T" and went around. I really have no idea what that means. The mechanic is in Pine Bluff Arkansas. It is not perfect as it has a very small leak now but it the car is driveble.
  • after reading numerous threads i see many have spent the money to replace hydraulic fan with elec. and some have spent upward of 100 bucks on a fan that will cool yet put extra load on the alternator. after a lot of reading i have decided to bypass the pump cylinoid function with a aftermarket fan control.
    this controller was intended for an aftermarket electric fan assembly. no need for the elec fan i just grounded the cylinoid brown wire thru the controller which senses water temp on it own by use of the typical temp probe slipped under the end of the radiator hose.
    fired it up and it activated the fan so i will find out how well it works in the coming days.
    have been wondering why noone has tried this. 17 dollars at autozone. we will see.
  • Hey scooterup,
    How has the bypass been working for you? Im having the same overheating problem and Im thinking of converting mines.

  • ldogg2ldogg2 Posts: 4
    Well after all the money spent, the problem turned out to be the hydrolic pump, my mechanic who did not do the work advised against the universal fan assembly,but now
    that the overheating problem is solved my heater is not blowing any heat any suggestions?
  • i am having the same problem, my radiator fan, hydraulic pump is broken. where did you buy your part from and what was the coast? any info will help. thank you
  • I bought it online on or try depending on the fan speed and style the price varies. Also u need to get a temp control to activate the electric fan.
  • jen0jen0 Posts: 10

    My heat sucks too in my Lincoln (LS 2002) Idk what's up. It all started about two years ago when I had my radiator power flushed, (supposed to do as part of the "maintenance") All the crap in there made my thermostat stick so I had to by a new one. Ever since then my heat sucks! I live in New England and I need heat! I start my car and let it run for 15 minutes in the morning and my temp gage is right in the middle but it's blowing barely even warm air. Once I start driving it eventually will blow warmer air but it's still not right. It really sucks. Could it be something simple like adjustng my thermostat? did you ever get your heat working again??
  • They are susceptible to air pockets and have a very intricate bleeding procedure. I suspect that, since it started when work was done that required bleeding. Top it off and follow the procedure to a T for a possible free fix. If you had that much crud in there, consider a heater core flush before bleeding.
  • It sound like your secondary pump I forgot what it was called but had to replace mine . Its a pump that pumps water through your block at low speeds or at Idle mine did the same thing for years.until I took it in and found it wasn't working . I replaced now my car heats the cabin normally .
  • Sorry to hear that but I had an overheating prob with the radiator fan. I never had the heater not work. My car blows good heat all the time. Sorry I can't help u with ur issue.
  • i got a mechanic that install a bunch of parts to see if the car stop overheating and in the end i burn the engine,then i take it to another mechanic to re-build the engine and hi find out that the cause of the overheating was a clog heatercore.
  • That doesn't sound right. A clogged heater core would prevent the heat from working, but alone, should not cause the car to overheat. It's a loop at the top of the system, sort of like a cul-de-sac is to street. Coolant still flows normally without it. Granted, it does serve to further cool your engine when the heat is on full blast, because it's alike a second miniature radiator. That's why they tell you to blast your heat when you're overheating. But alone it won't cause overheating. Sounds like you're getting bad advice for the second time. (A good mechanic doesn't just start replacing parts willy-nilly.) I'm also suspicious that the mechanic said you needed a new motor. The LS has a fail safe that shuts the system down at critical temperature spikes. A mechanic told my buddy the same thing and it was a $120 collant reservoir. I think you're gettin played bro.
  • has not been over midway on temp guage since i did the bypass. have had to replace the water pump a month later. still tends to loose some coolant occationally so i still check coolant level daily but yes the car has not over temped at all since the bypass.
    gonna get this thing cause i know its some matter of resetting systems, clearing codes, purgeing coolant circuit and getting it all in the correct order to satisfy every possible senario. i do know this system is a piece of crap but i think it is possible to master it. the car is to nice to scrap, yet!!
  • sato1972sato1972 Posts: 2
    I got the same problem and the mechanic change the water pump.termostast,radiator,and like 2 sensors and in the end it was the heater core that was block
  • HappsterHappster Posts: 30
    edited March 2012
    You need a new mechanic. The first thing you do is check the temp of each heater hose. If the outlet is colder than the inlet line, then it's blocked.
  • monchomoncho Posts: 1
    kracker can u please help me i got a 2001 lincoln ls. i got a overheat problem i turn the car on and the fan stars working slow with low temp and then went midium temp and fan stars midium then the temp went to three quarers and just turn off the engine.where is the scruee bleeding. or what did u recomend me thank u.
  • My 2002 LS is getting on my last nerve with its overheating problems. Im at my breaking point. I just got the car 3 months ago and after a couple of weeks went by it started to overheat, now it would not overheat every time, only some of the time. I drove it on a 3 hr trip and it redlined and would not stop overheating. We had it towed to a mechanic that replaced the thermo and housing and bled and purged her 6 times. Finally my LS would run for awhile without overheating fast. We were able to drive it the 1 hr and half to get home after 400 dollars later at the mechanic :( It did not run hot at all till we came into town off the interstate and the needle started to rise but didn't overheat. about a week later it started redlining again. We took it to a mechanic here in town that works on luxury style vehicles and it baffled him. The mechanic we just went to a week prior said he thought it was the radiator and the one here in town said that it was possible but he didn't think so. :cry: He had me talk to a friend of his that was a service writer for Lincoln, I did. He told me to hv the mechanic blow all the dirt dust and trash off the front of the radiator w a compressor and see if that helps. WE DID THAT TOO! My car worked like a dream for a little over a month. THEN, back to redlining again. I'm desperate for answers without getting charged thousands of dollars for a mechanic to pull out and fix till he finds the issue...Please if anyone has any knowledge on these cars I could use it. Thanks :sick:
  • hey Jimmyc4 , I am so praying that this works. The mechanic did do like a pressure test on the fan res. and thats when it stopped overheating. maybe it does just need this. thanks so much for posting. :blush:
  • HappsterHappster Posts: 30
    See my past posts in this string about the degas bottle issue. Could be letting air into your system and creating periodic blockages. Air pockets act like obstructions. The fans are also famously flawed. Many switch from hydraulic to electric to correct the issue. If it was your radiator, thermostat, water pump, etc., the problem would be consistent. I'd stop throwing money at those things (and dump the mechanics that told you to).
  • laglennlaglenn Posts: 7
    Hi This is Glenn do you know what needs to happen and how I could get an electric fan for my 2002 lincoln lse

    Please responed or e-mail me at
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