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Jeep Grand Cherokee Tailgate Won't Open



  • 05jeepman05jeepman Posts: 12
    I just posted this as a new topic. Guess I should have searched a little before hand. :blush:
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010
    just posted this as a new topic

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  • For the last year my locks were making a strange noise when opened or locked. Noise is now gone but now the tailgate won't unlock. I can't find a key lock on the tailgate anywhere to open manually, I guess they assume you'd always have the electronic lock working. How can I get the tailgate open and does it sound like I need to replace the tailgate lock solenoid?

  • I had just about given up when I ran across your 'how to." It saved me a bunch of headaches and I thank you. After getting the gate open I saw the irritatingly under engineered :) rod retainer system. After I make the rod retainer tighter I'll give it double protection with safety wire. Thanks again. icons/emotorcons/emo_smiley.gif
  • Just out of the blue my tailgate won't open it locks and unlocks but won't open any ideas how how to fix this?
    is there a fuse or some thing?
  • Did you ever get this fixed or figure out what it was? Am having the same problem and scared to take to dealship for in fear how much its going to cost. Just started today and tailgate will not open at all and making noise when use remote or switch inside. Sounds like your problem. Let me know if any ideas. thanks!
  • No, it is not fixed. We did go a dealer and he told us that there is no solution. The next year model has fixed the problem. He did tell us something that we could do---Remove the back panel on the tail gate, pull the mechanism out and replace it with one from the next year. Supposedly that will cure it. But since I have other vehicles I just never got around to do it. I did remove the panel, Ya, right! Now it sits in my drive with the back end all torn up. Let me know how it goes.
  • What I did was in fact open up the tail gate, take off the plastic inside cover, reach in the hole that gives you access towards the locking mechanism, look for the little arm that operates what appears to operate the lock/release trigger and pull it up or down (can't remember). There is a nut on this arm, adjust the nut up or down to the lock release works again/easier and retighten nut to this 'new' position. The adjustment was slight as I remember. Seems this nut loosens over time. Hope this helps. You will need a small flashlight and maybe a small pliers and some spray like WD 40.
  • mcjt22mcjt22 Posts: 3
    I actually took off the plastic got my hand in there, theres a slide bar on mine that was rusted to the bolt and washer simply cleaned it off with some PB blaster wire brushed it sprayed some ANTI-seize lubricant an put some ball bearing grease on it haven't had a problem since!
  • daddybigdaddybig Posts: 1
    My 95 GC has the same tailgate problem, but how I get it open is with your right hand you have to put your thumb on the key hole and push in fairly hard while pulling the works every time for me!
  • Last Saturday, for no obvious reason, the tailgate on my 2006 JGC Laredo will not open. Only thing that I did was a car wash.

    Normally, when one activates the "unlock" mode with the keyless remote, one hears a clicking sound of the tailgate locking mechanism. Now I only hear the sounds of the front row and second row doors, either locking or unlocking. No sound from the tailgate. The tailgate handle, when pulled, moves in the normal range of motion, but does nothing.

    On the inside of the tailgate, there is a plastic button, hole-cover about 1 1/2" in diameter.

    Q: Is it an access cover for a door release (override?)?

    Q: How does on get the door open without the keyless remote?

    Thanks for your help

    2006 JGCL
  • crs4crs4 Posts: 1
    Have a 2000 JGCL and rear lock is driving me nutz. Any luck with fixing the rear gate? have the same problem and need to be able to lock/unlock the back so when out running around or at work I wont have to worry about anyone getting in through the back. The front door I can use the key to lock and such but the rear there is no key hole....found the back little opening to get to the release bar but how can I lock it? Man this is driving me
  • jeepmabjeepmab Posts: 1
    your a genius!!!! that worked ......... thanks
  • earns2earns2 Posts: 1
    Brilliant thanks worked 1st time I tried it, talegate now open.
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