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Toyota Highlander



  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 734
    master1 was refered to post #209 in the Toyota Highlander Accessories & Modifications discussion. I followed the instructions, and succesfully removed my crossbars. I added some info to the thread starting in #3652 Highlander problems and solutions.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016

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  • webgoodwebgood Posts: 95
    I have an '04 V6 4X4. The original printed brochure for it says the "Towing Prep Package" includes upgraded radiator, tranny oil cooler, 130 amp alternator and trailer "pre-wiring". I had a DrawTite hitch professionally installed, the tech said he wouldn't even mess with the "pre-wiring" harness, had a splice-in harness specifically designed for the HL for the 7-pin connector I needed. It was quicker & cheaper for him to go that way than fish for the "pre-wiring". Works like a champ. Unfortunately, I do not know what to look for on any given used HL to tell if it's got one.
  • mckeownmckeown Posts: 165
    Since the HD radiator looks like the standard one, as does the HD alternator, and finding the pre-wiring in the rear requires you to take out the left rear storage bin, the most obvious of the towing package upgrades is the transmission cooler. Look at the drivers side front thru the opening just below the foglight. If you see what looks like a small radiator, then you have the transmission cooler. Since it was not offered on any other package except the towing package, I would use this to tell if it had the factory towing package.
    Granted someone could have just added a tranny cooler on their own, but I would use this to get a good idea as they probably would have added the tranny cooler for towing purposes.
  • cmw829cmw829 Posts: 19
    This option is high on our list, but we've been unable to find the HL 4x4 4 cyl with them in New England. One dealer checked his production sheet and said they don't produce them that way for NE.

    Then, I was told today that I will not find them on the HL 4x4 6 cyl unless upgrading to the HL LTD, which is financially an issue for us.

    Would any of you have the real deal with side curtain airbags on this vehicle? Thanks in advance.
  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Posts: 470
    When we bought our Highlander in 2004 you could not get the 4-cyl. with side airbags. I suspect that still is the case.
  • nomorebenznomorebenz Posts: 109
    Just looked at the e-brochure on Toyota's web site. Looks like you don't have to get the LTD, but it does look like you have to go 4x4 V6 w/third row(6928) and option combo B. Local place has about 10 listed on it's website configured at 31,829 list price.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Depends on where you live. That is why they ask for your zip code when you get on the site. Each region configures its options for that region. The availability of certain options is far from standardized.
  • eddieeeddiee Posts: 25
    I have a 2002 V6 AWD Highlander which I have been mostly happy with except that I recently needed to have all the brakes done at 46,000 including new rotors on the rear, which should be not expected.
    However, since I have been mostly happy with Toyotas and have owned several (with distaterous "buy American" attempts with a Taurus and a Jeep intersperced) we were looking to buy a 2004 Camry SE when they had a year end discount. We wanted side curtain airbags but none were available with this option. We ended up ordering from the factory a 2005 Camry SE with side curtain airbags, which was an option. After waiting 3 months the dealer said that his 'preference orders' were not being accepted. We ended up getting an Altima off the lot with side curtain airbags.
    All basic safety features (which I consider side curtain airbags to be one) should be available on all models, at the very least for factory orders. These are safety features not 6-CD stereos. Even though side curtain airbags are a listed option they would not deliver a car with them.
    I think Toyota is the most arrogant in forcing you to buy the top line models to get safety features. They were also one of the last to include ABS as standard on Camrys.
  • landdriverlanddriver Posts: 607
    Stark contrast to my factory order for a Ford Ranger a few months ago -- selected exactly the options I wanted and only took 6 weeks.
  • billp8billp8 Posts: 56
    I've had my Highlander a little over 1 week (V6. FWD, base model). I like it very much. It came down to a choice between the H/L, Liberty, and Escape. For myself, I liked the Escape's exterior, and the Liberty's front seats and controls. Overall, however, the H/L was my clear favorite. Likes: engine/transmission, ride, seat comfort, rear-seat roominess, rear hatch (no external spare tire). And, it's a Toyota! Also, I really like the color (bluestone). Gripes are minor: couldn't get curtain air bags on base model; armrests get in the way when buckling your seat belt; prop rod for the hood looks/feels cheap; and (as far as I know) you have to get the JBL to get a 6-disc player. I also would have liked illuminated vanity mirrors and factory security alarm, but that required a sunroof! Overall, however, I am pleased with my purchase. This is my first Toyota (having owned 5 Honda products over the years). I look forward to my first road trip!
  • cmw829cmw829 Posts: 19
    I agree with you. We searched hard for a 2006 HL with side curtain airbags. Of course, none of the dealers fessed up that we needed to get the 6 cyl AWD with the 3rd seat, or that the airbags were part of the $2585 MSRP option combo. Yes, we spent far more than we wanted and got far more car than we needed. But we have the airbags. {{sigh}}

    My husband voiced his objection to the Toyota optioning approach at every opportunity.
  • cmw829cmw829 Posts: 19
    Several phone calls after I posted this, I did get a final answer. Disappointing from a price perspective, but the minimum vehicle on which they are offered is the AWD 6 cyl with the 3rd row seat. They are included in the $2585 MSRP option package offered on that vehicle.

    It's unfortunate that it was so hard to get that info. Thanks for the replies.
  • master1master1 Posts: 340
    I hope you enjoy your Highlander! It'll be great! I have the 2004 base V-6 front wheel drive. I have a big suggestion for you - do you have the garbuage Bridgestone Dueler tires? Those tires are TERRIBLE, in snow and rain. I suggest considering Yokohama Geolander tires. I put them on my car, and it feels like I put new shocks. And it handles great in snow.

    How were your previous Honda's? Reliable? Unreliable?
  • gpoltgpolt Posts: 113
    Out of curiosity - what is the average highway mpg you get with the your FWD V6 HL? Thanks
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Check out Toyota Highlander: MPG - Real World Numbers for more mileage reports.

    tidester, host
  • billp8billp8 Posts: 56
    My HL has Toyo tires--the model is call Trans-something or other.

    As for the Honda products:

    1988 Accord LX sedan--had it for two years and 39,000 miles. Only problem (other than dirt in window regulator and erratic power door locks) was a clutch replacement. As it started slipping at 9000 miles, dealer replaced it gratis and sent the bad one off to Japan.

    1990 Legend--what a car! I kept it for 5 years and 65,000 miles. Quite a machine in its day. It had a nice blend of luxury and sportiness that I think Acura would do well to replicate today. Other than a couple of bulbs burning out and a door striker adjustment, I replaced the battery (less than 3 years) and the muffler (less than 4 years).

    1993 Accord 10th Anniversary Sedan--only kept for 2 years, nothing replaced in that time.

    1998 Accord LX V6 sedan--other than a couple of minor squeaks and rattles (this was the first year of this design) nothing serious.

    As you can see, the Hondas held up well. One thing I remember is that battery and muffler life seemed low to me, whether the car was driven mainly locally, or on long trips. My favorite was the 1990 Legend. Even friends of mine who are German car fanatics were impressed with that car.

    Currently, I have a 2000 Mercedes C-class and the Highlander. I'm sure I'll buy another Honda. I look forward to the next Accord a little over a year from now.
  • master1master1 Posts: 340
    Enjoy your Highlander! The Pilot is my only Honda I ever owned. Not too happy with it because of the steering wheel vibrations. It's a huge flaw in the car. It's not from the tires, it's in the body.

    But anyway, the Highlander has been great. It's not too fun to drive, like most toyota's, but it always starts and never has problems! :)

    To answer the previous post, my gas mileage is:

    16 city
    22 highway

    Combined I usually get 20.

    Since your thinking about the Highlander, I would strongly suggest waiting for the new Highlander. This one is out-dated for today's time. Do not purchase the Camry because of transmission problems that still hasn't been fixed.
  • From

    For 2007, the Highlander mid-size SUV will add safety enhancements and significant additional value. All Highlander gas models will receive driver and front passenger seat-mounted side airbags and front and second row side curtain airbags with roll-over sensor as standard equipment. In addition, the 2007, Highlander offers new and value oriented Extra Value Packages (EVPs). The base MSRP for conventional Highlander models range from $24,880 for the 2WD four-cylinder model to $32,210 for the 4WD Limited V6 model. Total Highlander average MSRP increase is $350 or 1.3 percent.

    Highlander Hybrid will offer two-row models for both base and Limited grades for 2007. The base MSRP ranges from $32,490 for the 2WD base two-row model to $36,550 for the 4WD Limited three-row model. For 2007, highlander Hybrid also offers new and value oriented EVPs. Full federal hybrid tax credit will be available for purchases completed through September 2006. The approved credit amount for Highlander Hybrid is $2,600

    Link to articlelink title
  • Toyota dealership said I will need new tires soon with tread at 3/32 of an inch. Only have 25,000 on EOM Toyos on 2004 HL. From previous messages, three tires are mentioned the most. Priced the tires at Discount Tires website, not including mounting. Would appreciate any comments on these tires. Thanks.

    Goodyear Fortera Triple Thread - $167 each
    Yokohama Geolander HR - $105 each
    Michelin Cross Terrains, $156, LTX MS - $136

    On my Chevrolet, I have Goodyear Eagles which have warn great. Is is worth extra for the Goodyear.
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