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Toyota Highlander



  • gasman1gasman1 Posts: 321
    Tirerack has the Goodyear Triples Tread for $133. There's also a $40 rebate when buying 4 Goodyear tires. I have 7,500 on my Triple Treads and they are a SUPERB tire.

    Never had the Yokohama tires, but many swear buy them. I did check them out and the sidewall is much thinner than the Triple Tread sidewall. They appear to be a cheaper tire, but better then the JUNK Toyo OEM tires.

    If you need new tires for a trade-in, get the cheapest. If you plan to keep the vehilce for a few years, get the best. IMHO, the Triple Treads are the ebst.

    Had the Michelin X Terrain on a previous HL and a Tundra. I wouldn't buy them again as they got noisey after about 20K miles and did poorly in rain. My son had the LTX MS on his Ranger and I thought they rode better than the XTerrain.
  • shortonshorton Posts: 10
    Hi guys:

    Can someone tell me what exists (or doesnt) ona HL w/o the 3rd row seat? I have a 02 without it and the spare is where it would be. I presume the spare is also underneath now on the new models, so what's where the seat would have been? A storage compartment?

  • typesixtypesix Posts: 314
    For 2004 and up models the body rear end was reworked to accomodate the 3rd row seat and spare is now mounted outside and underneath. The gas tank size was also reduced to 19.1 gallons.For 2004+ models w/o 3rd row seats there is a small storage space under the main trunk panel.
  • typesix: Thanks for the info. I don't remember what the tank capacity is on my 02 model. It would have you believe it's running dry when it's got 18 missing from tank. How much did they reduce it?
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 314
    I think pre-3004 models had a 20 gal tank.
  • I have a 2004 Highlander with 40,000 kms. On Tuesday night the check engine, VSC, and Trak Off warning lights came on. They stayed on until Thursday night when upon start-up they were all off and have remained off.

    I made an appointment with Toyota when the lights came on but it will be a week before they can get me in. They said I could continue to drive in the meantime - no worries. When I called to tell them the warning lights went off, they said that this was normal, but the system still should be checked.

    Anyone else with this situation or what happened with your 2001?
  • master1master1 Posts: 340
    The lights came on while you were driving, or when you put the key on the "ON" position? They are supposed to flash on the "ON" position. I have a 2004 too. Once a long time ago the same thing happened. I turned the engine off, then back on and it went away. Sometimes the car's computer (ECU?) goes a little crazy. Haha
  • Have had my V6 03 HL for 3.5 years and have a whopping 25,000 miles on the meter. Have had no problems so far and the Goodyear Integreties still look new. Still rides like the day I bought it. No rattles and smooth as silk. Glad I bought it.
  • Whats involved in adding a 3rd row seat to my 05 Highlander base model? I saw a 3rd seat w/ seatbelts a while back on e-bay for around $500. I don't really care but wife thinks she wants one.
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,756
    You will have to look very carefully at yours and one with a 3rd row seat and see if there's anything missing other than the seat. My guess is that there may be some attachment hardware that might not be part of the seat plus the seat belts and seat belts attachment points.
  • Not as easy as one thinks. The OEM seatbelts come from the rear pillars, adding these would involve trim pieces and possibly more that I am not aware of. I'm not sure if the 2nd row seats on the base model move fore and aft. If they don't, you will have a leg room issue. Also the 2nd row seat articulates to allow access to the third row.
    Wants and needs are different things. If she needs the third row, I say trade in the 05.
  • Thanks guys. I guess the 3rd seat is off the table for now.
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 314
    I also have a base Highlander w/o the 3rd row seat and have looked at versions that do have the 3rd seat. The second row seats do move foward in the base models. The versions that do have the 3rd row have an extra lever on the 2nd seat that duplicates the folding of the seat. The 3rd row seat uses the hidden storage area foward of the spare tire tool compartment on the base models. I believe that the entire 3rd row seat including the track and seatbelt hardware and plastic trim pieces must be removed in order to be able to install it into a base model. The base model appears to have an elevated metal base that takes up space if the 3rd seat is not used and may be where 3rd row occupant legs would go and this would be removed.I wanted the 3rd row but Toyota wouldn't sell 3rd row with 4 cyl base version in my zip code.Stupid!
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,756
    Looks like a place for a cat to nap.
  • I'd like to see a shot from teh rear with it up/down. Highlander's aren't on their website though.
  • This is a new product for them. I was told it should be featured on their site in the next week or two. You can still call and place an order though. I'll try to remember to take a pic from the rear. Out of curiousity why that angle??
  • master1master1 Posts: 340
    What do you need a huge arm rest for?
  • Bottom line is comfort, if you own or have driven a Highlander I'm surprised you wouldn't agree. I purchased the vehicle for my wife but was so uncomfortable in it we'd take my car. When I did drive the Highlander before, rather than trying to balance my arm on the tiny driver's side armrest I'd rest it on the passenger side. I'm sure other HL owners understand exactly what I'm talking about. Plus I'm 6'6, close to 300 so I'm a pretty big guy, so maybe the size of the OE armrest isn't for me but in fact a tiny 5'5 Japanese guy? The HL is a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) vehicle so my theory might actually be accurate. Jon.
  • Yes the SUV is Called the Toyota FJ CRUISER, it doesnt carry the third row seat in it, its more for off roading and 4x4. very nice. and for an SUV that runs between 27 to 30000 that is nice. :)
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