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Toyota Highlander



  • skyrebskyreb Posts: 129
    Octane Discussion
    Anyone still having questions about the correct octane ... read post #1889 and look at the link ....... it seems to be the best authority thus far.

    Keep motoring and enjoying.
  • dmc01dmc01 Posts: 3
    I am intending on test driving a Highlander but am wondering about how roomy the driver's seat is.

    I am Six foot three inches tall and am wondering if someone with my height can comfortably fit into this car (I tried to test drive a Ford Escape for instance any my legs couldn't fit under the steering wheel). Any comments and/or sharing of experiences would be appreciated.

  • norskmannorskman Posts: 11
    I'm 6 feet 4 inches tall and I find my Highlander to be very comfortable. I fact it's the only car I've had where I don't have the seat back as far as it will go.
  • amkupamkup Posts: 9
    Re: Shipping out of state

    Hi Greg,

    My lovely Bluestone V6 FWD HL was delivered here in Colorado on Saturday. Took about a week from the time Dianne received my payment via a FedEx pack she had sent me. The car arrived very dirty (Dianne assures me it left CA spotless and photos she sent via the Internet sure looked a lot better!) but giving the car a thorough bath bonded us.

    Today was my first day driving about town - up to 37 miles already and I am thrilled. Feels great. Those of you who have been following the forum for awhile know I had a difficult time locating a FWD with VD and BE here in Colorado. Lots of "we can order what you want but it will take four months... so why not take what's on the lot".

    The features I thought I could do without (the moonroof and heated seats) are actually becoming my favorites. Today was a chilly day in CO and going about town with a warm bum helped keep my spirits up. (Still not used to these cold brown springs - I'm a Southeast transplant). Of course a brand new beautiful car helped a lot also!

    Could someone review the burning smell? I remember reading something about it and can't find the posting. Also would be interested in more info on the Homelink feature or is it in the manual? Haven't got through the whole thing yet.

  • b717b717 Posts: 38
    Also a 6'4" type, I have the 8 way power seat, came with the Limited package. I find I am very comfortable and do make use of the variety of seating adjustments and also vary the lumbar settings.
  • V6 vs 4 Cylinder:

    I test drove the 4 but bought the V6. My old car was a four cylinder and I wanted more power, driving the Tundra (V8) kinda does that to you. Anyways, I took the 4 cyl up a major hill on the freeway here (H-2, no interstates in Hawaii, so it's designated with an H, not an I) and it didn't have enough power for me, but I think you have to test it for yourself to decide what works for you.

    I am completely satisfied with the V6. It is so quiet.
  • b717b717 Posts: 38
    RE Co Bluestone
    Congratulations! Homelink info is well explained in the manual, I took a week before getting around to setting mine. Very easy, I needed to do the extra steps to set for a "rolling code" type opener. It does take a positive press on the button before it opens, I used to just tap the Genie remote, but now I press until the door actually moves, it does have better range than the Genie.

    Regarding the burning smell, I noticed it too, was gone within a couple of days.
  • b717b717 Posts: 38
    A couple of questions for the group...

    I rember some postings regarding the glass breakage sensor, wanted to look at the setting on mine and have not found it. Could some one post if it is on the drivers side or the pax side and maybe the color or an identifying feature? Been looking under the dash and no luck yet.

    The other question is in regards to the Owner's manual, I have the regular book plus an Owner's manual supplement with warranty and scheduled maintenance.
    My question is, does any one have the Highlander listed as a vehicle in the scheduled maintenance section? Page 20 and 28 divide the Toyota vehicles into differing schedules and the Highlander is not listed.
    As a reference, the back cover has this info, Printed in Japan 0006 No 460-US-9E.

  • b717b717 Posts: 38
    I posted some White Limited photos over at the Yahoo Highlander Club. Thanks to rubytuesday for mentioning their postings over there.
  • textex Posts: 6
    Yahoo! Highlander Club?

    What is the link to this club? The search program on Yahoo is down.
  • textex Posts: 6
    Side Steps

    I have side step bars on My HL. They are bolted to the car with two bolts. They are in the way. What is holding the rear bolt on top? Can I simply unscrew the nut and it will hold on the top side where I can't get to it to prevent it from just turning around?
  • What are the best Michelin tires for the HL? My Camry always had X1's, however my new HL is my first SUV.
  • mkstringmkstring Posts: 53
    hey, where the subject line?!?!?!

    On the octane note - this just may be my take on it, but I hold the link on post #1889 worth about a grain a salt. The Internet is the ultimate opinion BBS (as we are supporting ourselves) - and as cliffy1 noted, following the owner's manual is the best bet.

    As for what I do, I use 87 octane normally. I fill up with Chevron (Techron) about every 10 tanks to help clean, and that's about it.
  • gwkisergwkiser Posts: 326

    Here's the main page for the Clubs...

  • mkstringmkstring Posts: 53
    put "toyotahighlanderclub" at the end of the link to get right there - or click on:

    Yahoo Highlander Club

  • bugeye24bugeye24 Posts: 5
    I would like to buy a Highlander in Calif in June and drive it back to MD for licensing. Questions:
    1. what is the likelihood of a base V6, FWD, with a towing pkg being available at the end of June. Are these generally available on the lot? In the Mid-Atlantic apparently most of the Highlanders have the basic towing pkg (i.e., the trans cooler) so adding a hitch later is easy.
    2. Does Calif apply a tax regardless of the fact that the vehicle will be licensed elsewhere?
    3. Any problem with getting temp tags that last at least 3 weeks?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    You'll need to special order that car. Some dealers may not be willing to do that.
  • I can answer your questions:

    1. what is the likelihood of a base V6, FWD, with a towing pkg being available at the end of June.
    *** Nil. CA cars have, minimally, "DR TO AG CQ HE CF". It's already the middle of April, and were I (or anyone) to even special order-build a car for you special, it's still a 3-4 month wait.

    2. Does Calif apply a tax regardless of the fact that the vehicle will be licensed elsewhere?

    ** If you reside in another state, with a driver's license and credit report as proof, then there is no sales tax and no license due to the state of CA.

    3. Any problem with getting temp tags that last at least 3 weeks?
    ***Yes, as the only way you can leave the state w/o paying sales tax or license is a 1-way trip permit, and that's a max of 72 hours to get outta the state and head home. But there are ways to circumvent that so you can spend a few extra days at Dizzyland!

  • olsabeckolsabeck Posts: 3
    I have a HL with Michelin P235/70
    LTX M/S 16 tires and they really
    make my HL ride very smooth and
    I still get good gas mileage (21.5)
    on my third tank, but I also have the
    4 CYL engine. I have enough horse-
    power for me here in Florida.Hope
    this helps you on finding the right
    tire for your HL.Also I had my tires
    put on at the Port too.
  • I wouldn't give up on the local dealers just yet. You can get a higlnader without the Extramile packages, you just have to get one the is already on the way in and tell them to take the optuions off before it gets to houston. As long as you want at least CQ DL DR HE MG PG you should be able to get one in about 3 weeks
  • mcw31762mcw31762 Posts: 15

    Was wondering if anyone could explain how this works....

    1. Do dealers get allocation lists every week?
    2. Is the allocation specific to a dealership or to a region?
    3. If it is to a region, is it first come first serve on the vehicles?
    4. Do the dealers see what is allocated to other dealerships?
    5. Can you tell I'm going out of my mind?????

    I've been waiting for someone in my area to be "allocated" a bluestone, "but it ain't happenin'"!!
    I noticed that it is no longer an option for an exterior color on the "build your own" area of the toyota website....any reason for that?

    Curious, too, how other dealers handle their customers who are waiting and waiting and often do you do a "locate" or do you just wait for an allocation? I'm getting ready to call my dealer and hear some more bad news!
  • daltexdaltex Posts: 19
    Yes, I just picked up my 4x2, V6, Bluestone Limited, VD,BE,SK,EJ Monday night. I think I'm in love. The only thing that's hurting me right now is the break-in period. Stay under 55 mph for the first 1,000 miles.....I must be in Hell.

    Amkup, the Homelink is very easy to do (just make sure your opener is Homelink-compatible). I even used the instructions to program Honey's Infiniti (the book did not provide the "rolling code" instructions...losers).

    Has anyone who has the glass-break sensor tried to activate it? The Toyota info says that tapping the glass with a key should set it off, but mine doesn't. Dealer says that glass would have to actually be broken (say it ain't so).
    No burning smell, no whistling noise from the roof rack, just awesome.
  • mcw31762mcw31762 Posts: 15
    How long did you wait for your bluestone??? long is too long to wait for a specific color?
    Will I kick myself if I "settle" for my second choice color?

    Remember, I'm trying to be the patient one...
  • I can;I seem to find any info on the safety of this vehicle. I currently own a Windstar. I am looking to go to Toyota because of the great reputation it has for quality. WE also have a 90 camry. We love it and it is working still quite well, my husband will not get rid of it. Also any mechanical problems to be aware of? What is the gas mileage. It is important to me to have both quality and safety. Thanks for your help, if I do go to buy one what is too much to pay and how to get the best deal?
  • daltexdaltex Posts: 19
    Regarding how long you'll depends.

    My understanding of the allocation process is that Toyota works with allocation "windows", so if you miss the current one, you can probably add another 30 days (60-90 days seems typical). I ordered mine in February (on the last day for that allocation), so the dealer wasn't even sure it would be this quick. Toyota sent back confirmation that it was in the allocation and that delivery would be late April/early May. Total wait time was 2 1/2 months. And considering that I plan on driving this one for a LONG time, I was willing to wait. The Bluestone color is AWESOME!
  • sbondysbondy Posts: 6
    We have also been trying to get a Bluestone. We have been waiting for about three weeks for the dealer to confirm that they will get one in their allocation. Mean while, a Bluestone comes into another dealership presold. So, I can sympathize with your situation. As to how long to wait, if you can I would wait as long as it takes to get exactly what you want, it doesn't make sense to settle. Good luck to you on your search.
  • beachacebeachace Posts: 7
    My wife works for Toyota (SET) and we've ordered the BlueStone HL Limited 2wd-6 cyl back on March 12 with every option they offered at the time. I've just added the (TG80) Color match Fender flares, (LG40) 24k Gold package and the (TU80) Raised letter Michelin tires. I know that the wait could be up to 120 days even for employees, but it will be worth it. We have been given the option for any other HL color they offer next day and I just want budge. I go to my local dealer every week just to drive one of theirs. I really like the input of all the HL Owners as well as the insight of the future buyers. I don't know if my two cents help, but I know waiting for the BlueStone HL, you want be sorry!!!
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    The truth is I do not think anyone really knows. Below is my "limited" knowledge on the subject. Let's say you want a Buestone Highlander with certain Factory equipment that is available in your area without it being special ordered and your dealer does not have it in stock. Options are:
    1) Locate from another dealer
    2) Preference it off the allocation (which means asking for one of the Highlanders the dealer "earned" to be the color and equipment that you want as a customer.
    The delay problem in your case may be due to any number of variables that can range from not "earning" high enough on the allocation and other higher volume dealers that sell more Highlanders will get the color requested before your dealer. Maybe the dealer didn't sell enough Highlanders and sell them quick enough to earn on that allocation or maybe the dealer has Highlanders on the ground when the allocation occurs that will also penalize the dealer. There are so many variables that I do not know what the situation is and I understand how frustrated you are. I am not even going to address the possibility of it may be available and the dealer can not trade with another dealer because they do not have another Highlander to give back because I am confident that an agreement can be made for a sold unit. An allocation will occur roughly the second and last week of a given month and if you are dealing with a dealer that sells decent volume I wouldn't be opposed to a dealer saying they are going to try to get one of the next allocation. I hate to speak on a subject that I am not positive about but this should give you a better understanding of how the process works. The best way to look at it for our region is to picture SET buying train and ship loads of vehicles and then spreading them out to the most deserving dealers first and so on down to all 163 SET dealers. The dealer can "ask" for a special car but that does not mean he is going to get it. The allocation process is designed to be the most fair way to distribute the vehicles to the most deserving. Again, if any of this info is not exactly correct, I apologize, I have never found anyone that could sit down and show me without them throwing their hands in the air after 5 minutes and saying they do not know either.
  • mcw31762mcw31762 Posts: 15
    I appreciate all the comments! It is very frustrating, I probably didn't help matters much by switching dealers...but at least my current dealer is in my hometown so I can "bug" him easier than the one that was 120 miles away! I started all this on Feb. 24 with a St. Louis guy and started with my local dealer on Mar. I guess I still have some time to wait. My dealer is telling me that he can get me into just about any other color right now...but I told him I'll hold out a little longer....I don't want to get my second choice and then the next week pass my coveted bluestone on the highway!

    patience, patience, patience.....thanks for all the support!
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    What a buyer needs to consider is Bluestone in our region represents only 10% (that is up from 4% in Feb.) of all Highlanders. If you are wanting certain factory combinations that equate to only 15% of all Highlanders the dealer is looking for a vehicle that only 15% of the 10% will work. I am sure your dealer is doing all that is possible to get you the exact vehicle as soon as possible. Remeber that you can always special order your vehicle just the way you want it and domestic vehicle production shouldn't take more then 6-9 weeks in most cases.
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