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Saturn Vue Electrical Problems

tosha6582tosha6582 Posts: 1
edited January 23 in Saturn
Recentley I have noticed that my security light has been blinking hysterically along with my interior lights when I open my doors and also the dash lights. I was just curious if anyone else has had this issue and is it easy to fix on my own or should I just take it in to the dealership???


  • Does your model have the remote locking option? If you locked your vehicle with the remote switch, then opened it with a key, the security system might be triggered. Try locking it, then unlocking it with the remote. Then try manually locking and opening with the key. This might solve the problem.
  • :lemon: :lemon:
    My Vue has a number of electrical problems going on right now.I bought it brand new in March last year.Right now it has just over 18,000 miles.
    The other morning I went out to go camping and the thing was dead.I got it jumped and went to the camp site .when I
    turned it off I heard the heater blower fan still running.I know this is what caused the battery to die. so I got under the hood and pulled the fuse.No big deal...but this is just a long line of electrical mishaps THIS THING HAS/IS HAVING.
    About three months ago I was turning up the radio volume from the steering wheel control.I hit the up button...and it went down.I hit the down button....and it went down....
    I then banged my fist on the steering wheel outer ring (right alongside the controls) and hit the button again ....and it went up and down with the right buttons.
    Also the heated seat buttons are acting up,and then the child window lock button doesn't work either.

    I heard a lot about Saturn having all sorts of electrical problems with many of their lines.
    Just a shame I didn't hear it a year ago.
    So Tuesday I'm going back to the Dealer and telling them of my newest problem.
    And I am going to tell them they better give me a brand new battery as well.since this fan problem totally drained mine.

    This will be the second trip there under a month and a half.
    last trip was for front ball bearings going only 14,000 miles.While waiting for it I was listening to the other peoples finding problems and there was 6 others (different make cars) that were having the same problem...

    that scares me big time.......

    Anyone hear of a huge electrical problem with Saturn?

  • kaynkayn Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 with only 25K miles and its been acting up lately too. First I noticed the parking break sort of freaking out every once in a while when I would come to the first stop after staring out somewhere. Then it would stop dinging and flashing at me and it wouldn't happen again for a while.

    Next, the CD player started rejecting CD's - again, just random times and if I kept messing with it, it would eventually work.

    Today was the kicker though (the tow truck is on the way as I type), I was parked on a hill and used the parking break and when I drove away, with the PB off, the dinger and lights for it would not go off. Just kept screaming at me that the PB was on when it wasn't. I tried several times to set and release the break but nothing changed.

    Then I went to get gas and filled the tank - and sat there in the parking lot for a while trying to decide if I should drive it home or not. I finally decided to try to drive home (about 30 miles) and as I was pulling out of the gas station, the gas meter went up to 3/4 full and then promptly went back down to E. Half way home, the lights came on - not the day time runners, but the ones that come on automatically at night.

    I called the dealership right away and they said that I shouldn't drive it anymore and they were sending a tow truck.

    Oy vey....

    Good luck with yours! :confuse:
  • esteinestein Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 VUE with the same "radio volume on steering wheel issue" as you.
    I brought it back to the dealer. They replaced the switch on the steering wheel. It's now a few weeks later and the same problem is back.
    Need to bring it back to the dealer again.

    Also, has anyone noticed that if you listen to AM for a while, then change back to FM, the FM volume is low (if it is set around 35 for example, it will sound as if it is set at 15)? This has happened a few times. If I turn the radio off when this happens, then back on, the volume is where it should be.

    Other than the radio, they had replaced the middle console compartment, since the storage door would stick.

    Hopfully that's it for me.

    Good luck with those issues. Hopfully, Saturn has found the real fix for your electrical problems
  • What wound up being the fix for your lighting problems?
  • joye2joye2 Posts: 7
    The same thing is going on with my daughter's 2003 Saturn Vue. We have taken it to a few local mechanics in the area. They are all saying that the problem is in the computer. I think that those of us who are going through this need to contact Saturn because this is a bigger problem than thought to be. I thought it was something that my daughter had done. Her two children ride in this vehicle with her and I believe it is dangerous. Her steering wheel gets difficult to turn also at times. The gas hand goes from full to empty and vice versa. The locks continuously are locking and unlocking. There are times that we have to unlock the vehicle manually from inside to get out. I don't know who we all need to contact but it seems there should be a recall if several people are having this problem. We have even been told that eventually the Vue will shut down and we won't be able to drive it. Any suggestions out there??? We need help!!!!
  • I don't know if you ever got your problem repaired. My daughter's Vue is at Fuller Chevrolet in our little town. The BCM is what is having to be replaced. The cost through them is $570.00 and carries a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty. Through Saturn, it would have been only $30.00 more. Is your steering also hard at times?
  • The '04 VUE that my wife drives is having some very confusing electrical problems. I was mid-way through installing a trailer hitch and stopped work so she could use the car to run errands. The car wouldn't start--there were only rapid clicking noises. The interior lights were flashing on and off, but it appears that all other electrics are not working--radio, exterior lights, locks/windows/etc. Thinking that the battery might be dead, I tried jumpstarting to no avail. I checked several of the fuses and none seem to be blown. While installing the trailer hitch, I clipped and exposed some wires in the trunk for the wiring harness, and maybe they shorted to something, but I can't see how it could destroy the whole electrical system. I've re-attached the wires but nothing changed. What's happening?
  • I had the same locking and unlocking issues on my 2003 five speed manual transmissioned VUE. Lights would flash and it acted like it was possessed. I drove it to the Saturn Dealer and they replaced the main ECM and that was the last of that problem. The dealer did a great job of diagnosing the problem and fixing it.
  • skausskaus Posts: 11
    Hi All
    Yesterday I was 95 miles from home and I had a transmission leak from the filter.
    I lost 3 qts of oil. I replaced the filter and put 3 qts back . The reason I looked under the hood was 2 fold. I kept stalling at my destination and the ABS light was on. The engine would stall only if I applied the brake pedal.

    Six hrs later in panic mode ,having to drive 85 miles back home I found 1 solution.
    Remove fuse from brake and I made it home. If I but the fuse back in and press the brake pedal the engine will die .

    Okay my transmission was soaked with oil. I cleaned off all oil. I checked the wiring harness and it was clean .

    **In front of transmission are 2 sensors or switches.
    If I look at wiring diagram it shows Brake transmission safety interlock ,Brake sense switch and stop light switch all in series. Could one of these be my problem?
    Another thing when I step on brake pedal the dash board left and right signals light up dimly .
    Please let me know what you think. Thanks
  • lb61lb61 Posts: 2
    A couple of months ago I took my 2007 Vue in because the interior lights came on and would not go off. After two trips to the shop they could not find out what was going on - in fact they could not get it to happen while it was there.

    This week we had a big storm and all of the interior lights came on and the doors unlocked on their own. I brought it in and it was determined that the sunroof drain was completely clogged and the water was instead draining around all of the electrical wires and then draining onto the floorboard.

    While I was picking up a rental car, someone in the rental office said I was the 3rd person this week with that problem and that they had seen this several times during the past year. They told me the problem was happening with Vues and Outlooks. I have not mentioned this yet to the service dept, but will when I pick up my car. This is my 2nd Vue and I never had any problems with the first one. Evidently there is some design flaw in the '07's and '08's. I have not seen any posts anywhere about this and was surprised considering the car rental people seemed quite familiar with the problem.
  • You mention that "Evidently there is some design flaw in the '07's and '08's". I just bought a 2008, and it's early but no problems yet. Curious why you lump 07 and 08 together, since the 08 appears to be a total redesign.
  • jrdpajrdpa Posts: 4
    They have since had a recall. I bought my 2008 Vue in November 2007 and had to take it in sometime in January due to the recall for that. They sent postcards in the mail to the owners. Mine wasn't affected, but I took it in anyhow. All it was is they had to reset something on the computer. It was causing lights to stay on too long and drain the battery.
  • tlt68tlt68 Posts: 3
    I'm so glad I found this website. I've been having issues with my 04 Vue since the summer. I started my car one morning and it worked fine. I went out later in the day and it wouldn't start (the windows work, the radio worked). I had it towed to the dealership and they told me an animal chewed all of the wires in my car. I still don't believe this could happen in a matter of 4 hours. I had to have a new wire harness put in (covered by warranty-dealer said it was a defect because if he said an animal did it, the warranty company wouldn't pay for it) and I also had to pay $1200 out of my pocket for a new computer.

    Since I've had it fixed, the ABS light, emergency break light, the car with the wrench light and the t/c light have been coming on and/or beeping for no reason. I've brought my car back to the dealership 4 times. Every time they told me it was a loose wire. It's at the dealership at the moment (for the past 2 weeks) and now they are telling me it's a computer issue.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or know anything about the lemon law in NJ? I never saw the wires that the "animal chewed". This is getting ridiculous and I'm ready to tell them to just keep it.
  • jrdpajrdpa Posts: 4
    Go to It's for PA and NJ. I have contacted a lawyer from PA and they got back to me rather quickly. In PA at least it's for new and used cars. You can get compensation for your problems, but it's like 10c a mile in PA and based on the mileage on the vehicle the first time you take it in so it isn't worth that for me.

    Mine has been a moisture issue this time (4 times). The inside of the windshield was freezing over. They've found 2 others with this issue, for different reasons, and are looking to see if it is one cause this time. I've only been patient because I understand that it doesn't do it every morning and that they need to reproduce the problem to fix it. One other had a leak in the cargo area, which I don't, they can't find any leaks, and the other had a heater core leak. Mine is showing it may have that, but it isn't leaving a puddle, and it's odorless (heater core leaks) so they're taking it apart to see if it is leaking just enough to soak the insulation and make it freeze. This is their last attempt though or I'm lemon lawing it, and I've told them that.
  • texmextexmex Posts: 4
    Is anyone with an '08 Vue having problems with the gas gauge? We'll fill it up and by the time we get home, which is less than .5miles, the gauge has moved to 3/4 full! Curious to know if you all out there are having the same problem.
    We also had an electrical problem with our passenger rear window. My son rolled it down and it never came back up. We had the VUE for ONE day and had to send it back to the dealer. So far, I'm not impressed. I told my wife we should have bought the Subaru Tribeca.
  • tlt68tlt68 Posts: 3
    I actually had the same problem with my 2004 Vue a few months after I bought it. It was fixed but now 4 years later I'm having issue with that, the spedometer dropping to zero, the steering getting tight and some lights coming on while I'm driving.
  • jrdpajrdpa Posts: 4
    I never had any problems until the windshield started freezing up inside. I finally got it back on the 13th (took it in Feb 25th) and they had replaced the heater core. (So far so good.) The dealer sent my photos and video in to Saturn engineering and they are looking into it. The dealer, since I started taking mine in, has had 6 new ones on the lot doing the same thing so they are looking into how moisture is getting into it because nothing but the windshield and back window are wet. Everything else is as dry as a bone.

    On another note, they didn't put some parts back together very well, there's a gap in the plastic piece behind the steering wheel, little gouges in the plastic molding where you step in, and on the glove box door from them taking it apart. They're replacing these for me. Oh, and they swear the steering wheel is one piece and they didn't do anything to it, but it can be hard to turn and it squeaks sometimes now. My thinking is if you took my entire dash, center console, and seats out, wouldn't you have to do something to the steering wheel to be able to do all that considering it's part of the dash?? :sick:
  • michaellnomichaellno Posts: 4,300
    Is anyone with an '08 Vue having problems with the gas gauge?

    When we got our '08 VUE last August, we noticed the same problem. It actually cleared itself up after a few thousand miles; now when we fill the tank, the gauge reads correctly.

    Wish the mileage was a bit better, though ... getting about 18-19MPG in mixed driving so far.
  • jonihjonih Posts: 2
    I bought my 2006 VUE new 2/06 and started bringing it to the dealer 8/07. My problem is when Im driving my engine light comes on and then the power down light I will start loosing power and have to pull over ASAP. Once I am stopped the car will not move and I have to shut it off and try to turn it back on and hope that is will work long enough to get off the road and in a safe place. It would not always happen just sometimes but often. I brought it in 4 times and each time I was told it was all fixed to get it and it happen again. It worked fine for about 6 months and then started again. I have contacted corporate 2 times with no real help. I told them I wanted another one and this was a real safety problem and was told no. I was told I should be happy that they are even fixing it without charge. I would be happy if it was really fixed. Has anyone had any of these problems or heard of anything? Please I really need some help. I dont have money to buy another car and this our only "working" car for my family. My hubby's car is falling apart. I bought this cause I thought if would be safe.
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