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Saturn Vue Electrical Problems



  • maxfieldomaxfieldo Posts: 2
    Thank you GM Customer Service, brought to you by Sarah, but you are of little help solving my problem. Don't you have a mechanic that can help me in basic problem determination to rule out a few things before I resort to bringing it to the dealership and spend my money?
  • hrehberghrehberg Posts: 1
    I bought my car in oct 2010 . I had replace my hood latch and cord because it was rusty.
    And when i checked the car fax on this it was the second time this was done. I had to change a senser too. Then i had to buy a new batery for the car too and my door handle inside my car had cut my hand because the metal is coming off and it tires the dealer
    ship put on but my paying for it. I really like the suv i just wish it did not have so many problems...should of keep my G6........
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Thank you for taking the time to post your concerns and experience. Thank you for your loyalty to GM. If you continue to experience concerns please feel free to email me directly. Please include your VIN, current mileage, and involved dealer. Feel free to email me with any questions comments or concerns.
    GM Customer Service
  • i am having a problem with my dash lights, tail lights , daytime running lights and the lights illuminating the ac/heater controls. it started intermitent the seemed to fix itself. now they are all out and i can not drive at night for the fear of being pulled over for no tail lights...i have asked several people about this problem and most of them say it sounds like a ground wire issue. i was wondering if anybody else has had this problem and if they know a solution
  • mpugh2mpugh2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Saturn Vue and I have recently had similar problems. I was wondering if you have had any luck with finding out a solution or any more about the problem.
  • jolybeanjolybean Posts: 5
    I left my car parked in a neighborhood known for cars being broken into. When I returned to my car, my headlights flickering and my car was chirping. My keyless remote would not unlock my door. After I opened with my key the horn started honking and security light flashing. Thankfully the panic button on my remote worked to stop it. However, the keyless remote doesn't work to lock my doors anymore. I thought the problem was caused by someone trying to break into it. But now that other strange things are happening, maybe it is an electrical issue?
    Now when I start my car after it has been sitting awhile it will making a repeated fast clicking sound and dashboard lights flicker just before it turns over. Also last week my cruise stopped working (it has always had a problem of occasionally turning off by itself before, but was always able to restart it)

    I don't understand what hillybillysupra did, but going to research it a little more to see if that will fix my problem. Don't want to take into dealership... just spent a year trying to get torque converter problem dealt with - and sorry Sarah, but GM was no help at all in getting my issue resolved. I think I would have been better dealing with the dealer myself.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Good afternoon jamann1979,

    Have you had any luck on finding a resolution for these electrical matters on your Vue?

    GM Customer Service
  • petie1952petie1952 Posts: 1
    2003 Saturn Vue V6...started car and "security" light was flashing intermittantly...released emerg. hand brake to drive away and "brake" light on dash stayed on...pulled out of driveway and "change oil soon" light came on, followed shortly by "service engine soon" light. About 5 minutes later "service" and "ABS" light came on, speedometer, tach, fuel guage and temperature guage failure. Power steering failed about 5 minutes after that. A/C does not blow cold and electric door locks have failed.
  • Hello -

    I just started to have almost the same issues with my 2002 VUE. Did you get the problem diagnosed and solved? How much did it cost?

  • jolybeanjolybean Posts: 5
    edited July 2012
    After a few frustrating weeks I can say I finally got someone to fix it. Yeah! I told the first mechanic about hillybilly's solve with cleaning a ground wire and he dismissed me, but the 3rd mechanic confirmed it & found the chassis wire was hot and he cleaned and lubricated it & it solved the problem - he charged me $160.

    The whole process took almost 3 weeks and at the beginning I think was difficult to diagnose because it was so intermittent and it wouldn't do it for the first 2 mechanics. Even when the other symptoms weren't present, switching the headlights in different modes would make the interior lights flicker and that seemed to be the key to my husband that may have helped point to wiring problem sooner. It got to the point where random dashboard lights were always flashing by the time my husband took over. It had already cost a lot more with the added cost to tow it to the 2nd mechanic because I was afraid to drive it because the steering wheel would lock up intermittently. And even if you know exactly what is wrong and what needs to be fixed, if you are a woman, I hate to say this but you might have better luck if you have a man take it in :-( good luck!
  • petie52petie52 Posts: 1
    The ground was checked as being okay by a GM dealership...I took it there because I was convinced it was the BCM (body control module) and only they can program a new one...the BCM is toast, the timing belt was being changed when they said the water pump is leaking (I was having to add coolant once in a while), the pulleys were worn and misaligned and they wouldn't warranty the belt unless they changed pulleys...the transmission has already been replaced once...and now it was starting to show the same shifting symptoms as the first...the bushings in the front end were going again and the rear window washer motor was starting to fail for the 3rd time...GM gave me $3000 towards a trade-in and I grabbed it...without a word of a lie, the Saturn Vue was the worst vehicle I have ever owned...I cleaned out the glove compartment to remove all traces of my name and repair biils and my wife made the horrible mistake of adding up all the repair bills on this vehicle and telling me that I had spent the equivalent of 50% of the original purchase of luck with yours!
  • WOW. How many miles were on that?
  • any suggestions?
  • I had similar electrical problems on my 2008 Vue Redline, the tail lights, horn and high beams all went out. I finally found out that it was bad relay switches in the fuse box. I replaced those three and they have worked fine.

    However, just recently the transmission has been having problems. I switched out another relay and it seemed to work for a while but is now having problems again. Not sure now if this is an electrical problem or not...
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Thank you for taking the time to post your concerns. Have you spoke with your dealer of choice yet? If not, I would recommend starting there. Please feel free to email me directly with any questions comments or concerns.
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Have you been able to get the vehicle into a GM dealer? If not, I recommend starting there. Please keep us updated!
    GM Customer Service
  • My car is having issues with the Auto Door Locks. It sounds like the electrical Relay needs to be replaced. I had to pull the fuse out that controls the auto locks as my car was constantly unlocking itself at all times. Even when I was driving. Any one know where I can find a schematic to help with this problem?
  • My 2002 Saturn Vue is killing me! I've only had it from a buy here pay here dealer for a little over a year and have put almost $3,000 into it already. Today started an all new adventure... Over the past few days my battery light would keep flashing on and off. Not being too concerned we just cleaned the terminals on it. This morning the battery light, service light, service engine soon light, and air bag light all came on while the air conditioning, radio, and power steering all shut off. Also, the car would not accelerate when pushing the gas pedal to the floor. Thinking it was my battery I went and got a new one... Nope, not that. Now the car won't even start. You can hear it clicking, but it just won't turn over. Any one have an idea what this may be?! I'm SICK of putting money into this car to only have something else break on it a month later!
  • jolybeanjolybean Posts: 5
    edited August 2012
    Sounds similar the problem I had including the clicking and not starting (but starting later). Finally the 3rd mechanic (not a dealship) found the chassis ground loose and very hot due to high resistance. They cleaned the ground connection and lubricated it and that fixed the problem :-)

    (after buying a new battery and paying $50 to remove the after-market alarm system. which neither probably had to be done)
  • I just bought Haynes Repair Manual. I haven't used it to fix anything yet, but looks like the pictures, diagrams and instructions are easy to follow.
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