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Saturn Vue Electrical Problems



  • Hello,
    Did you ever get this problem resolved? We are seeing the same issue with our 2008 Vue
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hi john4302008

    I see you're seeking advice for the electrical issues with your Saturn, and apologize that you're experiencing this problem. If you're interested in working with the dealership to have this repaired, please let us know, as we'd like to stay involved throughout the repair. If there's anything we can try and help with please email us at [attn Amber].

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • Hi there. My daughter's 2008 Saturn Vue XE V6 went crazy yesterday when she was driving home. All of the instrument panel lights began to flash at once, the radio went in and out and the speedometer and tach stopped working. She made it home, but now the car won't even turn over. The lights and instrument panel light up, but the car doesn't crank. Battery is two years old and in good condition. I'm going to attempt to jump start after work, but I don't think the battery is the real problem. After looking around on the internet, it seems this is a somewhat common issue. There is even a TSB related to it (PIT-4697). My daughter also reported that engine was making an odd noise ("like someone sucking the last of a drink through a straw"). She also reported a few times that the power steering seems to go out when driving the car in the rain. It rained a bit yesterday, but that was hours before the incident with the instruments. Also, it's about 10 degrees here now (and was when this happened last night). Any ideas where to start with this?
  • Hi I took my Saturn to a Dealership that told me what they thought was wrong with the truck how much they wanted but would not guarantee that that was really the issue. So my son had me take it to his mechanic who advised us it was a electrical issue with the EMC in the dashboard the car is running fine I had one other issue and it was with the gear shifter it made the key stuck in the ignition hope the info is helpful
  • bcknbckn Posts: 1
    Using my remote start not only starts the car but makes the windshield washer solution run out the back window. It continues to pump out until the car is shut down. Now the pump for the washer also goes on when the rear defrost is turned on. the tire pressure light now goes on and off, the engine light comes on, then goes off......... the dash lights up like a christmas tree, but it all goes off after a couple minutes
    Brother in law says computer module
    Anyone else?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hello bckn,

    I'm sorry to hear that you've experienced these electrical issues with your Saturn vehicle. We'd like to investigate this issue further for you, to see if there are any recalls or Special Coverage bulletins related to this matter. In order to do so, can you please send us your VIN, mileage, contact information and dealership? We are available by email at [attn Amber]. Please also include your screen name.

    Thank you,

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hello huffkiamom,

    I understand your concern for the symptoms experienced with your daughters Vue. Were you planning on taking the vehicle to your Saturn Authorized Service Center to get looked at? If this is something you would like me to look into for you please email me at attn: Jonathan. Please include your username, full name and contact information, VIN, current mileage, and preferred dealership.


    Jonathan A.
    GM Customer Care
  • 4norm794norm79 Posts: 8

    2008 Saturn Vue Red Line 79K miles. This morning the car wouldn't start, with the key stuck in ignition. My wife got the key out and I got the car started after several attempts with flashing dash lights and a buzzing sound coming from the steering column/dash. Wife now reports that the dash has been "flashing" for several months. After the initial episode, the car started and drove flawlessly all day, even starting without issue using the remote start feature. This vehicle is not safe or reliable. This is the latest flaw to surface in 18 months of ownership including leaking engine front cover, heater not working, fluttering ABS, leaking differential and battery drainage. When under the 12/12 warranty, Superstition Springs Chevrolet (Mesa, AZ)repaired what they could, but now I guess I left holding the bag.

  • nathannathan Posts: 3

    _Reply to an old post but oh well... _

    "UNBELIEVABLE!!! I had the exact same problem end of 2013 when I was traveling south for vacation, the car died on me several times on the interstate without warning with the same symptoms and finally I stopped at Rolla, MO (7 hours away from home) where I was lucky to find a Chevy dealership who held the car for 4 days for an "A" Mechanic to diagnose the problem... Although fixing only costed me $160, the mental torture and the $450 rental to use for the rest of the 10 day vacation totaled up big time! Just another poor GM quality! Can believe the wires oxidized and got disconnected in a junction box... it is a fire hazard as it could have sparked!!"

    @gerraf said: Unbelievable how typical are all of these electrical problems on the Vue. They are nearly the same from one person to the other. My friend has a 2005 Vue that he bought brand new, and it has run excellently for years. About 2 weeks ago out of the blue his AC blower quit working and at same time his engine would crank but would not start, and his gas gauge went to E, while the tank was full. He asked me to help him to figure out the problem and I had no clue except to have him remove the Battery cables and clean them, and to let the computer reset. When he did that the AC blower came on, but the gas gauge was still on E and the engine would still crank but would not start. So he decided to take it to the dealer and the dealer checked it out and the next day he told him the bad news that it would cost him $3000 to fix it, and they would not stand behind the fix, meaning even after the $3000 they would not warranty their work, simply because they did not know how to fix it, only to just replace a bunch of parts. So he paid them for the analysis which was not done in my opinion, so he paid $115 for 1 hr of analysis. This was like robbing his pocket during the day, legally. Now he already had spent $125 on wrecker to take the car to the dealer and $115 to pay the dealer for their awful assessment, and now has to pay $85 to take it to my mechanic. So far he had paid $325, and his car has not been fixed. So we explained the problem to the mechanic and he said that it sounded like an electrical problem so it will take longer than normal to release the car. The very next day he called and said the car is ready. Went to pick up the car and he explained to us in detail where the problem was. He found the wires directly under the FUSE box in the engine compartment, in-front of the driver, totally oxidized and was shorting out big time. He removed the harness and completely cleaned out each wire and put back, and relearned the computer. The car started perfectly and has been running perfectly ever since, and all the gauges and motors running perfectly. Cost of repair for this mechanic was a meager $212.50 because he spent 3 hrs working on the car. Now this is a good testimony to never take a car to the dealer for repairs.

  • nathannathan Posts: 3

    Little bit more on the problem I faced last December... The car would run fine but would die all of a sudden losing power to all electrical... Dash lights would go on (ABS, Engine etc) and Rear defroster light would be on. No power otherwise, engine would try to crank but no spark... wait for a few mins, shake, kick then would start... drive for a few and then do it all over again. No active fault codes to diagnose, super difficult to determine unless an advanced mechanic who knows what he is doing is present. I was super lucky to have one in Rolla MO Chevy dealer although it took a while to get him to work on my car but he figured it in a few mins, common problem. At the junction of wires deep down in the dash after the fuse box, some wires (not sure if it is ground, I forget) get loose or terminals get oxidized and lose connection or intermittent connection.

    PLEASE IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING THIS ISSUE OR KNOW SOMEONE WITH SIMILAR SYMPTOMS, HAVE THEM CHECK THIS FIRST. The car's dash is a piece of cake to tear down and check... I have a 2005 Vue and I could take it apart in 10 mins, parts are just hanging on clips.

  • nathannathan Posts: 3

    Also, my boss at work experience more issues on his 2008 Saturn Vue - first the fuel pump went out and then a few months later, the transmission is out and GM put a new one in. Best part, not a penny covered under warranty because he went 3 months over 5 year period even though the car has 80k miles only... He has been a GM loyalist but says he is switching as soon as his lease on his other truck expires lol

  • 4norm794norm79 Posts: 8

    Well, "The Vue" started acting up again a few weeks ago. When I took it in, codes for the ignition switch and the Body Control Module showed up. Got the ignition switch replaced for around $300, but then a leak was found in the engine front cover and on a transmission shaft seal. The front cover repair was in excess of $900 and the transmission repair was $200. The car is a worthless money pit. I'm just hoping that a potential buyer reads this and decides not to buy one of these "vehicles".

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001

    Hello 4norm79,

    I can understand how frustrating unexpected vehicle repairs can be. I would be happy to formally document your feedback within our system and forward it on to the appropriate team. If this is something you would like me to do for you, please send an email to my attention at with your username, name, address, contact information, VIN, current mileage, and brief description of concerns.

    I look forward to your reply,

    Jonathan A. GM Customer Care

  • 4norm794norm79 Posts: 8

    Shortly after my last post, the transmission on "The Vue" failed. I contacted Jonathan A. who got the car towed to a Chevy dealership for free. The diagnosis was a cracked wave plate in the transmission. Cost to repair - approximately $3000. Because my car was out of warranty time wise, but not mile wise (75000k), the cost to repair was reduced to $1375. The car is paid for with zero resale value so I have no other financial alternative but to get it repaired. My opinion - avoid this car at all costs, but Jonathan A did come through with some much appreciated and valuable assistance.

  • 4norm794norm79 Posts: 8
    edited March 5

    It's time to stop complaining about this car and take some action. Go to the NHTSA.GOV website and make an official complaint. I filed separate complaints on the ignition, transmission and engine cover leak. If we're lucky, we may get a recall and get some of our repair money refunded. That happened when the Ford Windstar that I owned blew head gaskets. Ford was forced to recall the car and refunded repair and towing costs.

  • kellet917kellet917 Posts: 1

    4/1/14 Problems with drivers side sun visor with lighted mirror on 2009 Saturn Vue. I went to put visor down and it started swinging freely, the lights started to flicker and the arm holding the visor got warm. I went in the house to tell my husband and by the time we went back into the garage the arm was so hot that my husband had to pull the whole visor assembly off because he was afraid it would start on fire! We bought this vehicle new and no modifications have been made. What's the fix on this?!

  • I bought a 2005 vue about a month ago... 10 minutes after we drove it off the lot we had problems... none while test driving though. It acted like it was going to die out then back fired... Then it ran fine and the check engine light came on. We took it back to car lot and they hooked their computer to it and said it was the map sensor and something else... A week later the motor blew. We got a replacement motor and put it in and it wouldn't crank. Had to tow it to a dealership. They said there was something wrong with the wiring. Of course they couldn't guarentee their work. At least it was running after that. We would be driving down the road and and die out. We would restart it and the engine light would be on. Codes for running rich and map sensor and oxygen sensor would pop up. Put a brand new map sensor on it.. Ran okay for a day then started all over again. found out it didn't have a catalytic convertor on it. So we bought a new cat for it and new oxygen sensors on it along with another new map sensor. Ran good for a day or two and it's doing it AGAIN... Other codes that have come up are random misfire, bad or missing gas cap and throttle position sensor. I'm running out of ideas, and money.... Can anybody help me. We even took it somewhere and had the injectors cleaned. We realized the other day that one of the drains on the sunroof came unhooked.... PLEASE HELP

  • geno59geno59 TexasPosts: 15

    I had a problem with the airbag and seat belt warning lights when OnStar would do their monthly diagnostic. So I called OnStar and told them, shortly afterwards warning lights stop coming on and everything is now fine.

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