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Toyota 4Runner Noises and Sounds



  • IF you still have a warranty on it, get it checked asap. I love my 04 4runner. Bought it brand new and have had every oil change and all maintenance work done at the dealership. Figured I'd have this vehicle 10-15 years. Well it started making a pinging noise on & off in the late fall. This happened when I first started it up in the morning, lasted about 15 -30 seconds and wouldn't happen the rest of the times I drove it thru out the day. It seemed to happen on colder mornings. Took it in for oil change at the dealership and asked them to check it. They couldn't get it to make the noise, they said. It progressively got worse and I took it in 2 weeks ago and this time they couldn't not hear it. They told me they needed to pull the engine to actually see what was going on. They told me that they would need to replace all the movable parts in the engine. For everything they did the cost was over $3000, but covered under my warranty. Got my car back yesterday and they told me it still makes a slight "knocking" noise. And they are right it does. Except now it does it all the time, just not as loud as before. I'll be calling warranty and the dealership tomorrow! You should call on yours too!!!
  • chloe99chloe99 Posts: 1
    I have a clunking noise coming from under the car. I checked and the spare tire was hanging loose. Tightened it. It came loose again. Removed spare tire. Still have the clunking noise. I don't see anything loose under the car. Bolt to hold spare tire shouldn't make such a loud clunking noise. Any ideas anyone? No loud noises from muffler. Don't suspect hanging tail pipe. Front plate seems secure. Sounds like the bottom is going to fall off the car. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • tommyj3tommyj3 Posts: 2
    When I start my 1998 4 cylinder 4 Runner the fan is turning fast and making a roaring sound, however, it doesn't stop making the noise as we travel down the road. Is this normal for the 4 cylinder or is my fan clutch going bad? My other autos sound off for a few minutes but quietens down after a minute or so. Thanks.
  • i had an 84 fj60 that had the same problem. My fan clutch had siezed up. if your clutch is leaking oil then it's blown, or if your fan has free play when wiggled like the bolts are loose, it's also blown. your fan should spin freely with the engine off. simple fix. cost me 49 for the clutch.
  • micahemicahe Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 Toyota 4Runner with about 220000 miles on it. I love it. Recently though it's been making a weird noise whenever I hit the gas and it takes longer to accelerate. And when I take my foot off the gas the noise stops. I've been told so many different things on what it could be and I rather just go into a shop and tell them what I want fixed, instead of them charging me $100 to tell me what I need fixed and charge me again to fix it. Or if it's something I can do myself, I'm game. Any ideas?
  • bman01bman01 Posts: 2
    My 97 SR5 has 122,000k. No problems since buying back in 2006 with 80,000 until recently. About 6 months ago I started noticing that the car makes a loud clunking/ thud noise when I have the clutch in and I'm coming to a stop but not pressing the brakes to stop. I that it was the brakes sticking but not according to the mechanic I took it too. This problem does not occur all the time. Mainly when the car is still cold or not driven for more than a few minutes. So has anyone had this problem??? Is it the clutch, trans, rear bearings ??? Would really like some help or suggestions if anyone has experienced similar problems with a manual 3rd generation. Thanks!
  • Did you ever figure out what the noise was? I have a similar noise.
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