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Mazda CX-9 Lease Questions

Ask your CX-9 lease questions here!!

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  • I am looking at a Touring model with moonroof and bose sound. MSRP is $33,490. Mazda lease is 27 months, what are the residuals and money factor? Is there any cash available for this lease?
  • CX-9 Touring with Moonroof and Bose. MSRP $33,490.00 and selling price of $31,355.54. First CX-9 sold at Bill Hood Mazda in Hammond, La.
    27 month lease 12K miles per year with a 63% residual and a money factor of 0.00088. :shades:
  • Greetings goodhands. Mazda Credit's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 27 month lease of a 2007 Mazda CX-9 Touring 2WD with 15,000 miles per year are .00088 and 61%, respectively. This car's 12,000 mile per year residual value would be 2% higher. Mazda is not currently providing any cash incentives on this model.

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  • Looking for some details on the Mazda Lease for a CX9 Grand Touring FWD.

    What is the money factor for a 39 month lease?
    Residual Value?
    Additional Lease Costs?

    Just test drove the Touring model-Great ride.
  • I was offered the following lease deal in Long Island, NY, on a CX 9 AWD Touring model, no nav or entertainment:

    $388/month; $2500 down (includes tax bank fees and 1st mo. payment). Term of lease is 39 months, 12k miles a yr.
    $33,010 list
    $31,263 acquisition cost
    residual value =57%
    money factor = 00137.

    How does this sound?
  • suomi8suomi8 Posts: 16
    Hi Car Man,

    I was wondering if I could get the money factor and RV for a GT AWD with the Navigation package (if that makes a difference) for both 12,000 and 15,000 and both 36 and 39 month terms.

    Thanks for all the great work you do on this website, it is extremely helpful when leasing a car.
  • thetedla,

    That is a good lease deal. I'm hoping the money factor will apply in NJ, that is a 3.288% interest rate and a 57% residual for 39 months is good, especially when prior postings speak of a 61% residual for 27 months.

    I'll let you know how we do, but we are waiting for the Grand Touring, should be in the next few weeks.
  • Do I feel riped off. I just got a quote to lease the CX9 for 2500 down and 470.00 a month, with only 10,500 miles for 39 months. I told them they were crazy and left. I really do love the way it test drove though....
  • flino4

    Here is some help with getting the best lease deal. First, you need to negotiate the purchase price (typically some amount over invoice unless there are big manufacture incentives which could result in a purchase below invoice, once you have negotiated a purchase, then make certain that price is used as your "cap cost". Other information that is needed is what is the residual price (cost to buy at end of lease)and the money factor (multiple by 2400 to come up with an interest rate - crazy metric to confuse the consumer). There are lease calculators on the net to play with - check out

    Basically, the deal that you were quoted appears to be at retail (MSRP) with no cap cost reduction and an interest rate around 4-5% depending on the residual. Go back and negotiate around $500 over invoice and your monthly will drop nicely.

    Good luck
  • Hey there... Can you help me decide if this is a good deal. The car list at 35,140 he offered it at 32,719 the lease deal is 3000 down with payment of 395.54 month for 27 months. the residual value is 67% or I could do 4000 down and 356.00 per month... I think this is a better deal than the other dealer gave me. I appreciate all of your knowledge. Maria
  • The down payment is a bit steep for a 27 mth lease, ok for a 39 month lease. Are you certain this doesn't include a security deposit and the first months payment? If not, take a look at one of the earlier posts where they go quoted $2,500 down on a 39 mth lease. Make certain you check the money factor rate as well (multiply by 2400 to see the interest rate).
  • The 3000.00 is the down payment and also includes the first month. I dont get what you mean by the money factor. He said he gave me the best interest rate available.. He said 27 month payment is cheaper than 39 month because of the residual or something... Maria
  • I am in the market for the same vehicle on LI. Can you let me know which dealership you worked with hat gave you the best price (which I assume is the one you went with)?

  • Do you mind emailing me the name of the dealership? I'm in the market for cx-9 too and I live in queens..

  • vballny23 I've been looking all over queens and li for cx-9. do you mind sharing with me what you found out? thanks
  • When you sign a lease, they only show what is called a "money factor", which is a confusing way to show an interest rate. Take the money factor and multiple by 2400 to show the interest rate. Sometimes you can get good lease rates from the manufacturer, but you never should pay a higher rate than a comparable rate as if you purchased the vehicle.
  • Country Mazda in Huntington. But I haven't received the vehicle yet...
  • Ok deal is done I got the cx9 for 3000 down the money factor ended up being.00088 or 2.11 percent I get 400.00 back and the first month paid, 27 momths at 393.00 not to bad. I got the touring cx9 ...
  • thank you for all your help and imput.. maria
  • I've got a deal lined up for a fwd grand touring with rear entertainment package, review mirror w/compass (36130 msrp, s-plan price 32649). The residual quoted is 44% for a 48 month lease and 15k. The money factor quoted is .00159. Anyone quoted on a grand touring similar to this? Payment will be right 500 with tax and paying only first payment and title/tag fees upfront. What are some residuals for 48 month 15k and money factors, and I assume the dealers mark up the rates w/o disclosing?
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