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Mazda CX-9 Lease Questions



  • dm13850dm13850 Posts: 10
    Would appreciate any info on the MF and residual for a CX-9 GT AWD for 36 or 24 months with 10,500 miles per year.

  • bodidbodid Posts: 87
    Hi Car_Man,

    It's been a long time. How have you been? Back in the lease groove again, maybe. Way back in 03', I was looking for an Audi Allroad. long story short, it was a lemon and Audi bought it back from me only after I threatened Lemon Law proceedings on them. Interesting how fast a company can move when presented with the potential of losing 40K+. Oh well, live and learn.

    This time, I'm looking for either a Mazda CX-9 AWD Grand Tourer or an MDX AWD with Sport Trim, for either 24 or 36 months, and 15-18K miles per year. I'll need mf's and residuals if you please.

    Could you also give me and idea if mf's are going down as we go into the summer? I'm up in the air on leasing this time around because I'm at the 'cusp', approaching 18k miles per year and I'm not sure if leasing is still attractive for me, but I like having a car on warranty, and I like the idea of a new car every 3 years. If I buy and sell after 3 years, will I be losing more money because of depreciation?

    Your thoughs my good man, and thanks again for all your good work you do here.

  • 0314kms0314kms Posts: 2
    I received a quote for a lease on a CX-9 Grand Touring w/nav, moonroof and Bose, w15K miles, 36 mo ,$1500.00 down and $569/mo. inc all taxes. MSRP was 39,012. "sale price" was 36,520. Should I take it or is there a better offer I should negotiate.

  • bodidbodid Posts: 87

    Do you have lease numbers for the CX-9 for June yet?

    -24 months/36 months

  • carrieb3carrieb3 Posts: 4
    Hi there!

    I have been dealing with a fleet manager on a GT FWD with navi, rear DVD, dimming mirror w/Homelink, roof rack and satellite radio (and wheel locks, but not sure what that means). MSRP is $39,100.

    Her offer is $36,266
    Invoice is $35,680 (from my research through KBB, Edmunds and MSN)
    She says it is $500 over invoice, I find it is $586
    With a 2% dealer holdback on the invoice, the dealer stands to make $713 plus my $586 over invoice = $1300 profit.

    She worked out lease terms for me: 36 months, with 12K, $900 drive-off and payments of $580.

    I have asked for my money factor and residual, but she has not provided that yet. She says it is quoted at "tier 1 credit".

    I need to go back to her and negotiate a better deal. I want to go back to her and offer $200 below invoice and increase my mileage to 15K yearly.

    Do I stand a chance?
  • bodidbodid Posts: 87
    Go back and give her your offer and stand firm. She'll have to get the mgr. and then give him/her your offer. I'd only soften to invoice, but walk away if they don't budge. They'll come after you. I'd wait till after 6/4 because I believe June's MF's will continue to go down (summer lull and gas prices). Also consider this, why not wait till the end of the summer when they'll be pushing the 07's out the door to make room for the 08's? Personally, I'd wait until July/August, providing you don't have to rush into this immediately.

  • carrieb3carrieb3 Posts: 4
    Great advice Bo. Thank you.

    She called me at 8:30am to tell me she came into work early prepared to drive to Bakersfield to pick up the car on dealer trade. Bakersfield had called her and said that they had it sold (between yesterday afternoon and this morning) so she can't have the car.

    I think this works in my favor, as the factors you mentioned will help me negotiate better in a few months. Besides, I plan to take my three kids to the beach a lot this summer and I wouldn't want all of that sand in my new CX-9!

    I'll be spending more time here over the next few months! Thanks for your help!

  • jodonyjodony Posts: 4
    end of the month special at a NYC area dealer: $200 over invoice for a CX-9 GT AWD with moonroof/bose and a few small options. great deal! so the CX-9s are becoming more affordable. had the car for a few hours now and its fabolous. the 20-inch wheels make the car drive hard, we love it.
  • carrieb3carrieb3 Posts: 4
    I spent a lot of time on the phone all day long and am now the proud owner of a Grand Touring! My only concession was to go with the black leather interior, which I think will be great!

    My GT has everything I mentioned in an earlier post (navi, rear assistance, BOSE, rear entertainment DVD) and bottom line was $200 over invoice with a MF of .00115 and a residual of $21K.

    I am very, very happy with my deal and the car is beautiful! Love the white pearl mica.

    If you are in the southern CA market, I cannot praise Norco Mazda enough. They were wonderful and I have to say this is my best car buying experience ever.
  • bodidbodid Posts: 87
    Is the .00115 the MF for May or June? how many months, miles per year? Also, what was the MSRP, and the price negotiated?

  • carrieb3carrieb3 Posts: 4
    MSRP is $38,535
    Negotiated price: $36,000
    36 months, 12K miles per year

    I was quoted a MF of .00114 earlier in the day, but later they said the new MF's were released 6/1 and they were now .00116. I said I need it to be .00114 or they need to rework whatever they have to to make sure my payment stays at $540. I paid a total drive off of $906. My residual is $21K.
  • rose33rose33 Posts: 10
    I've never leased before and am hoping for some advice on whether this offer is a good deal or not. It's a CX-9 Touring AWD with rear entertainment package. The lease is 36 mos. with 15K miles/year and $1K down. I'm eligible for S-Plan pricing too:

    S-Plan Price=$32,697
    Money Factor=.00151 (3.624%)
    $492/month (tax, title included)

    Also, I live in southeastern MI and haven't seen many of these on the road. Can I expect to use that to my advantage when negotiating? If this isn't a good deal, how do I negotiate from here? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • dadofdadof Posts: 8
    What's the name of this dealer? Thanks in advance.
  • jmailjmail Posts: 19
    I was just quoted the following for an AWD Touring

    MSRP: 32930
    sale price: 30,995
    Residual: 57%
    MF: 2.3%

    469 month for 36 months(tax included) with $2000 down (including first months payment). I figure that total payments over the life of the lease come to $18,415

    36 months at 12k MI per year.

    It sounded ok to me at first look, but then he quoted me 495 for the remote start - acc. to edmunds it should be more like 300, so I'd like to check the numbers.

    Does this sound good? :confuse:

  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    Congrats on the car...and the deal.. the best part to me (other than the car itself... ) is the 21K residual... If you're thinking of purchasing it after the lease... imagine what you're getting at that price!

    We recently picked up our GTAWD also... same set up as yours... and TOTALY love it! Is it not the most increadible sound system in a car you've heard?
  • ront75ront75 Posts: 1
    i'm set to look at some numbers this Friday for a possible lease of a CX-9. It has an MSRP of $32,795. Sport FWD model with DVD entertainment, Power seats, cargo cover and wheel locks as the only options.

    I want to have an idea as to what kind of numbers they might throw at me along with the best numbers i can get at this time. I'm looking at 0 to minimal down, maximum 24 months lease and 12k or 15k miles allowance. Last time I checked (1 week ago) my Credit Score was at 780.

    Whay kinda Cap Costs, Money Factor, Residual Value, etc. can I expect this time of the year? Hopefully I can get some info befor i walk in this Friday ;)

    thanks in advance.
  • bragotbragot Posts: 3
    I have to admit, I still don't completely understand the whole concept of leasing. I've read the different posts and the guides, but having difficulty understanding what a good deal would look like.

    At any rate, I noticed that dealers post special leasing rates. In particular, Mazda has one on the CX-9 currently:

    Are these kind of rates generally a good deal already or is it better that I don't even mention this and just focus on negotiating the selling price?

    Thanks all and thanks for your patience as well.
  • satwarsatwar Posts: 6
    I'm no expert, but since this deal is already offered, it should be very easy to total up how much the advertised lease will cost you (24x$337 per month + $2500 down) and compare to the best total payments you can negotiate yourself. :)
  • Carman or anyone, what is a good lease deal on a $40k MSRP Grand Touring AWD CX9, looking at discounting from other purchases should I even bother using my S/X plan, it seems like there are better deals had without a plan.

    I'd be looking at the best lease deal 27-36 mos 10,500 miles/year top credit tier. Is $36k possible, if so, where should the lease payment be for 27 or 36 mos. I live in CT, but typically get cars from NJ, the deals are always better there.

  • Hi
    I need to know if this is a good deal or not.

    I'm looking at a touring cx-9 FWD with moon roof, bose, and navi package(navigation, back-up camera, advanced keyless entry)
    I was quoted the following:

    MSRP 36,407 Invoice 33,412
    said he'd sell for 500 over invoice +300.00 for dealer trade
    selling price= 34212

    money factor .00115 residual @ 54% = 19659.78 (should residual be based on MSRP or agreed upon price?)
    36 month lease 12,000 miles
    483.40 plus tax per month with 1095.69 up front

    Is this good? or can I do better?
    thanks for anyones help
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