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Dodge Durango



  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Thanks for the info. They should have a Dodge Ram SUV by the time my 120k warranty runs out on my trooper (which the rate I drive will be about 3 or 4 years) Good luck and have fun with the Durango.

  • mgutowskimgutowski Posts: 3
    Talking about all these TSBs, is there any place to get the details for these. I can clearly see the titles but there are no details. Everything I can find says you have to buy the details.
  • mgutowskimgutowski Posts: 3
    Talking about all these TSBs, is there any place to get the details for these. I can clearly see the titles but there are no details. Everything I can find says you have to buy the details.
  • 2k_cpr_d2k_cpr_d Posts: 7
    ... I finally found it on the Durango Owners Club forum. It's a little long, but for those still holding onto the dream, it's worth it. I don't know the source, accuracy, or validity, so take it with a grain of salt or a 55 Gallon gas tank.

    Rob b.

    New full size SUV from Dodge.........

    Tuesday June 13, 5:14 pm Eastern Time
    DaimlerChrysler to build new SUV in Windsor, source
    By Ian Karleff

    TORONTO, June 13 (Reuters) - DaimlerChrysler AG
    is poised to announce a major makeover for its Pillette
    Road van plant in Windsor, Ontario, on Thursday that
    will include an investment of C$1.5 billion ($1 billion) to
    begin the assembly of a new sport-utility vehicle,
    according to an industry source.

    DaimlerChrysler (NYSE:DCX - news) released a
    statement on Tuesday that it would make a ``major
    announcement'' at the Pillette Road plant with
    government, union and corporate officials attending.

    ``They're announcing a major investment at the facility
    that they are going to stop producing full-sized vans
    over the next couple of years and produce a full-sized
    sport-utility by 2003-2004,'' said the source who
    follows the Big Three automakers closely.

    ``They're looking at about a $1.5 billion Canadian
    investment,'' added the source.

    Currently, the Pillette Road plant's 2,400 workers
    assemble the line of full-sized Dodge Ram vans,
    churning out about 80,000 to 90,000 vehicles annually.

    Six months following the phase-out of the van line,
    DaimlerChrysler will start producing a Dodge branded,
    full-sized, sport-utility vehicle (SUV), the first in its class
    for the auto manufacturer, said the source.

    A full-sized Dodge SUV would compete with Ford
    Motor Co.'s (NYSE:F - news) Excursion and General
    Motors Corp.'s (NYSE:GM - news) Chevrolet
    Suburban, a segment that generates huge profits for the

    The future of the Pillette Road plant has been in
    jeopardy for some time as full-sized vans lost their
    appeal with consumers and workers suffered as much
    as 15 weeks of downtime each year.

    The Canadian Auto Workers union made the Pillette
    Road plant a top priority in contract bargaining last fall,
    and managed to win a commitment from the automaker
    for a $600 million paint shop at the location.

    ``We have been pushing them to put the shovel in the
    ground for the new paint shop and to tell us what
    product line they are going to put in there,'' said Buzz
    Hargrove, president of the CAW union.

    Hargrove said DaimlerChrysler will tell the union the
    details of the announcement at 7 a.m. Thursday

    ``I assume it's the ground-breaking ceremony on the
    new paint shop and, coupled with that, an
    announcement of the new product line,'' added

    A DaimlerChrysler spokeswoman declined to give
    details on Thursday's announcement, but said that Herb
    Gray, Canada's Deputy Prime Minister, Windsor
    Mayor Mike Herst and DaimlerChrysler Canada
    chairman Ed Brust are scheduled to attend.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    That's great news, if they do it... Only time will tell.


    Hold the Ramcharger Dream!
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    My wife's 93 Shadow has the same problem. It was because of a bad ground on the dash module. Unfortuneately, because it is an intermittant problem, it would never do it for the technician while under warranty. You might suggest that they try a secondary ground to see if that will help
  • cade1cade1 Posts: 3
    still the same problem,still know answer!1999 d with 5.9 engine. every once in awhile i get a moaming sound from what seems to be the rite side of the d between the door and the engine the noise seems to happen when i'm just starting from a lite,coasting or just cruising at about 30 to 40 miles an hr.would appreciate any ideas or answers what it could be as the dealer hasn't a clue.
  • panzer948panzer948 Posts: 7
    Sorry cade1, I have never heard or know of one with that problem. Maybe you should visit the Dodge Durango Club and post a message there ( It is a great group and very helpful with problems, aftermarket ideas, and offroading trips.
  • Hey ladies and gents!

    I just bought a 24' Nash travel trailer to pull behing my 99 D 5.9.The trailer is 26'10" overall, weighs 4800 lbs with GVW of 7,000. We made a trip out to the rockies last weekend, and i experienced a lot (scary) of sway at speeds of 55 to 60 mph. I have ordered a Reese dual cam anti-sway device, (back ordered probably until christmas. In the mean time, i am wondering what the heck i am doing wrong! i have a good hitch, use the load levelers properly, and don't drive like a maniac (my wife may beg to differ). right now, one of those massive Ford SUV's are looking pretty good in the towing department compared to this Durango. If you have any ideas what might be "pushing me around" ..please post!


  • mrboostmrboost Posts: 32
    Dont know much about travel trailers, but I would add the sway bars onto your system.

    My father has a 99 D and Tows a 69 1/2 Road Runner on a car trailer with the anti sway bars. It tows very well, no problem. That trailer has to weigh 2000 lbs with a 4000 lb car behind it. For what it is worth, we used to use my brothers 92 DAK sport( short 6ft bed) 4X4 to tow it. No problems there, even with the shorter wheelbase.

    I took my 2000 D out to Michigan and a friend took his 99 D and towed his 87 Shelby Charger GLHS with his trailer. Again, no problem since he had the the antisway bars. He towed like a maniac too, doing about 80 MPH at times. He averaged 12.9 MPG towing the GLHS.

    Oh, I got 16.8 MPG on the trip to/from Michigan. Not bad, doing about 70-75 MPH. Gotta love these D's. It has 11,000 miles and still no problems at all.

  • Thanks Mrboost!

    Question: Does your Dad and buddy have the dual cam type (Reece) sway system, or do they use the "shock absorber" type anti-sway. As you can tell by my nomenclature, i am a novice in this area. My understanding of the Dual Cam system is that it prevents sway by stabilizing the load. The second type, (which does look like a shock attached with a mini-trailer ball to the hitch, then back to the draw bar on the trailer) reduces the amount of sway after it starts. Now that the Dual Cam system is back ordered to heaven knows when, my dealer is trying to sell me on the other system, (to get me off his back, I think). Any suggestions as to which is the better??

    Thanks again, and I would love to be looking at that 69.5 Road Runner! Is it a 426 Hemi?

    Dan in Calgary
  • mrboostmrboost Posts: 32
    The trailer they own is made by "Over The Road" and the bars came with the trailer. They lock into the holes on each side of the hitch. They must be simlar to the "cam" type you are referring to. They dont have shocks on them.

    The Road Runner is a 440 six barrel. It was midyear intro, hence the 69 1/2. All were six barrel cars.

    Good Luck.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Just a guess, but I'd say that a car trailer is less likely to sway because they are much more aerodynamic than a camper. I towed a 2500lbs car trailer with my 2200lbs escort on it behind my '97 rodeo @ 75mph for about 200 miles w/o swaying (and no weight distributing hitche either). Perhaps the camper trailer is improperly loaded (too much or too little toungeweight?) These are just guesses as I'm not an expert on big trailers (i've been towing small boat trailers for 10 years)

  • briesebriese Posts: 4
    From eveyone's experience, I'm looking for a new D, I have a Grand Voyager now and wonder if anybody has traded in a vehicle and looked up the Kelly blue book price for a trade in value, when I did it told me my van was worth $13,500 for good condition, it has 38,000 miles on it and is loaded. Found the D, I liked and went to talked to the dealer and he offered me $10,500 for my van, told him he was nut's, all the used car lot's for this make and model are selling them for $17,000 to $20,000. So my real question is, has any body got for trade in what the Kelly blue book said a vehicle was worth? Time's ticking, want to get $2000.00 rebate before end of July.
    thank for any feedback.
  • jeep4ujeep4u Posts: 5
    What year is your Voyager? Forget what Kbb says. That is only a guide line, and not a good one at that. In a perfect world, your van might be worth what Kbb says. I find it hard to believe a dealer would ask 10k more for a van than he paid for it. Doesn't happen. Kbb does not take into consideration what the market is doing in your area. Also, if the used mini-van market is slow right now, it will affect the value. Another thing, dealers know what these vans are bringing at the auction, and if the van is only bringing between 10K and 11K, not a dealer on the planet will give you more than market value. Would you invest money into something that will give you a lesser return than what you paid? Of course not and this is exactly how dealers think. Trust me on that one. No dealers care what Kbb or Edmunds has to say. They(Kbb&Edmunds) are here for the consumer, not the dealer. And as far as what he is retailing them for, depends greatly on year, miles and availability. We all know what it retails for is never the price he will settle on. Doesn't matter what retail is, how much will he sell it for in the end.

    Here's what I would suggest. First, throw away what Kelly says, it will only frustrate you. Second, go to 2 or 3 other dealers and see what they say. Which ever one gives you the most, naturally deal with them. What I will tell you is they all will be within 100-800 dollars of each other. Depends on how well one of them will do at resale. Now one dealer may do well with mini-vans, and chances are that is the one who will give you the most. On the other hand, one may not do so good therefore is not willing to step up to the plate. That is reality.

    The other suggestion is to sell it on your own. Don't worry about the rebate, it will continue right through August and beyond. Trust me on that one too.
  • briesebriese Posts: 4
    Well you are probably right, but tonight I just got $13,500 for my van. So I'm happy about that, just can't beleive that some dealer's are just out to take a person for everything they are worth. Just think there would be somewhere a person could find out what you might excpect, and not get a $3,000 shock. Kinda blew any hope's of getting my D. By the way, the van is a 1998. New tire's and brakes all around. But that didn't matter to them. Well I will be one bad word of mouth for them, and that will probably cost them well over the $3000 they would not negotiate on. All in all, just one of the worst salesman/finance manager tag team's I dealt with.
  • jeep4ujeep4u Posts: 5
    Sounds like the other guy was trying to steal your trade, and sometimes that does happen and it really is to bad. Because it gives the good dealers who are truely wanting to earn your business a bad name. I am very happy for you. I know very little about your van, but a 1998 for 10,500? Did this other guy have his head up his [non-permissible content removed]? I have a liitle saying I live by.

    I would rather keep one person happy who will tell a 100 people, than to anger one person who will tell a 1000 people.
  • putsputs Posts: 3
    I have a 98 Durango that I brought back in probably 1 month after I got it with a real odd sound. It seemed to me it only appeared when I accelerated from a stop sign. It is a loud whirling sound and only happens when I had the air conditioner on. I have recently noticed it when I have had my vents open also. I was told from the dealer it has to do with the air being sucked in when you accelerate. Does this sound right to anyone? Is this even the same problem your having?
  • putsputs Posts: 3
    I just got my Durango back after 4 days at the dealer with Lugnut/stud problems. I was told first that 2 on each rear tire where stripped and the car was unsafe to drive. When I called the service dept they then told me they just "snapped" and that it happens a lot on cars but hardly ever on Durango's. Then the Service Mngr told me it has been happening a lot on their lugnuts and a women changing her flat tire had one "snap" off in her hand. I said this sounds like this is a serious problem and the service mngr agreed. At that point I insisted they change the bolts on all 4 wheels. They changed all of them on the rear tires only and when I picked up the paperwork it was writtened that they were "cracked". It has been 4 days and the owner of the dealership has not returned my call. Should I insist on the front tires being replaced, too? Has anyone else had this problem?
  • jeep4ujeep4u Posts: 5
    First, don't hold your breath for the owner to call you, this is why he has a Service Manager. Second, call Dodge Customer Service, go to and get the 800 number. Find out if a TSB(Technical Service Bulletin) has been issued concerning lugnuts. If there is nothing wrong with the front ones, they will not change them. But to keep you happy, they should if it makes you feel better and the small expense should be taken care of by the dealer. Minor cost to dealer. Worth it for future business from you. But be polite and do not be demanding. Otherwise you and the dealer will get into a pissing contest.
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