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Dodge Durango



  • About 2 months ago I purchased a 01 Durango SLT + patriot blue with the 4.7 engine . So far with 4500 miles I have'nt experienced any problems with this vehicle. No rattles, squeaks or any engine problems. The 01 has a much better interior setup than the 00. By removing the manual 4x4 off the floor has made room for a great storage and cup holder area.
    One thing that concerns me is that the transmission can be engaged (with vehicle running) without putting your foot on the brake pedal. The service manager stated that it has been addressed to Dodge before and they thought the problem would be corrected on the 01 Durango.
    He states it's a safety switch that has to be put on the transmission when it's built. He noted that on the 01 they did change the gear selector which now makes you roll the arm toward you to engage it and away from you to disengage it.
    How can a company as large as Dodge overlook a safety issue such as this? Are all Dodge vehicles like this? This should be a concern with anyone who has young children or may be towing something... which is what I bought this vehicle for. I guess I'll just have to live with it and be more cautious.
  • 34,000 seems to be a considerable amount on a 2000 Durango. For that price it must be a 4x4. I purchased a 01 Durango SLT + 4.7 loaded tow pkg leather etc. (except rear ABS) for $32,700 which is about $400 over invoice. I know I could have gotten the 2000 for invoice plus the $1500 rebate that is still being offered, however I really like the changes in the 2001 .
    Try for an invoice price with your options. This is the time buy a 00 if you want to get a good deal because the 01's have been out for a few months now..
  • I need help! any suggestions? 2000 durango is always with the dealer every weekend..the problems?..

    * Everytime I drove my car, its seems like on my third stops (doing my errands)or when its a little hot..the engine won't start...I am sick and tired of this..the service department can't figure the problem on my car, 2 weeks ago, they install co-pilot on my durango. They said, to figure the problem..but it doesn't look like they did..drove it for 200 miles the engine lights went on and it won't start again. I feel like talking to attorney regarding lemon car, may be they sold me a lemon car. any suggestions? maybe?..or any body there have a similar problem?
  • trudstruds Posts: 1
    Someone mentioned that they purchased a 3rd Party 150,000 mile warranty for their Durango. Where can I get information on that? I would like to purchase one, but the Dealer price is very high. Any info. would be appreciated.
  • I noticed a couple of entries concerning the accumulation of a milky, gooey substance in the oil filler tube of the 2000 4.7L engine (ftremont on 2-18-00 and bpeebles on the same date). I am experiencing the same thing at 8500 miles and it seems to be related to the weather changing (colder). There is a TSB posted on the NHTSA website for this condition. Does anyone have information on what the TSB says or the "fix" that is prescribed (if any)?

    I would be interested in seeing your postings on this. Thank you.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Milky Oil/Emulsion (derisk) Check out the current discussion in the following forum.

    Dodge Dakota Owners - General Topic (Topic #24)
  • Message to bpeebles: cannot find the discussion you referenced in your Nov. 13 posting (General Topic #24 in the Dodge Dakota Owners Forum.
  • Message to bpeebles: I finally found your posting on the "oily goo" Technical Bulletin, please disregard my previous message. Thank you so much for your excellent info., used it to guide the dealer on ordering parts to do the fix.

    Dave Eaton
  • My family and I puchased a durango SLT+ with the new 4.7 engine in September. We already have over 3000 miles on it. Havent had one problem. The only thing is the day we were bringing it back from the dealership it started vibrating. It made a loud vibrating sound for over one minute. It has'nt done that since. The dealer said it was its special transmission adjusting itself. But overall our durango is fine. It will probably stay in our family for years. But my dad liked his ramcharger better.
  • dnhdnh Posts: 2
    I am considering leasing a 2001 durango. any advice?

    also... does anyone know the tax benefits of leasing vs. buying for a small business owner? business use is 75%. Is there a significant difference in deductibles?
  • I've had my 2000 DD for two weeks now and I've had the Malfuction Indicator Light turn on twice on me. I've taken it back to the dealer who said they could not find a problem, they reset the engine control system and MIL light shut off for about one day only to reappear again. The truck still runs strong and gas mileage is not affected. Anyone have similar problms?
  • dean52dean52 Posts: 12
    To your question about engaging your brake to shift out of park. I have a 2001 Ram pickup that is the same way. But my 2000 cirrus you have to press the brake first. It could just be the truck and suv line.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    (durango_blues) Have you checked what the DTC is?

    At least you could help isolate what the problem is in your own mind. I encounterd a simular problem where the MIL kept coming on too.I had an EES failure which was traced to a hose that had poped off the nipple.

    DTC = DiagnosticTroubleCode
    MIL = MalfunctionIndicatioLamp
  • I have a 1998 Durango. I bought it from Saber Dodge in Stamford CT in July 2000. I wanted a 7 passenger car that was under $30,000 that was not a minivan. The Durango was my only choice. I test drove it. I was impressed with it's power. I,traded in a 1994 Toyota 4 runner, which I loved, for the Durango.
    The first day it rained, I knew we made a mistake. The car is big and heavy and the brakes do not work in the rain. The car fishtails all over the road. It slips and slides around corners.
    Yesterday, a cold rainy day in the Northeast, I slammed into a car in front of me because my brakes froze up and I couldn't control the car. The ABS did not engage. We are all fine. The car protected us well, none the less, it was a terrifying experience and the car will be traded in as soon as the fog light on the front driver's side bumper gets repaired. Any one want to buy it?
    Are there any statistics on brake failure in this vehicle?
    I HATE this car.
    Shari Weinberger
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    I am glad to hear that no one was hurt beyond some frazzled nerves. You have discovered that a TRUCK is safer than a car. You have also found that the weight of a TRUCK has to be respected while driving or one will slip and slide all over the road due to momentum. Here in Vermont, I see people driving big "SUV's" under poor road conditions as if they are IMMUNE to sliding off of the road. Sadly, many people get hurt thinking like this.

    Make no mistake, the durango is a TRUCK. It has a real frame and many people I know appreciate the SAFETY that a truck provides them. As you said yourself, you "SLAMMED" into another "car" and the damage is very minimal.

    Brakes cannot help you stop under slippery conditions. ABS will only provide CONTROL while REDUCING the stopping power. Driving too fast for conditions is the main cause of accidents. It is easy to blame the vehicle but I wonder how many years you have been driving a 4 wheel drive or a rear wheel drive vehicle. (4WD and RWD both require unique driving skills.)
  • I’m fighting Chrysler to take back my 98' Durango.
    I have an arbitration meeting on 12/04/00 regarding my Durango

    Among the many problems I had with this truck, one of the problems was with the brakes.
    I took it back three times because the brakes just didn't seem to be working well.
    Each time I was told there was nothing wrong.

    On snow covered roads my front wheels locked up and I could not steer nor stop, no matter what speed I was driving.

    While towing a trailer, I notice that the braking power was greatly reduced for my truck.

    A couple of months ago I was towing a camper on a fresh wet road. I was slowly approaching an entrance ramp when my front wheels locked up and I proceeded to creep past the entrance. I figured the reason my front wheels locked up was because of the wet road and the tongue weight of the trailer making the front end light. But why didn't my rear brakes work?

    I had my rear brakes inspected and found out that they have never worked! My Durango has never had working rear brakes only the front - and I believe you may have the same problem.

    Please keep me informed of what you find and I will do the same for you. I'm hoping that if we both have the same problem with our Durango's we can share our information to help protect ourselves regarding Chrysler and their defective Durango’s.

  • I have a 99 Dodge Durango 2 WD which I have had several problems. I now have 23,000 miles and the biggest problem I have is wind noise. I have taken
    it back twice. The first time the dealer adjusted the front doors, the second time the weather seals
    were replaced. Does any body else have windnoise?
  • Problems with their lights on their 98 Durangos, a couple of weeks ago,my wife said the headlights wouldn't come on with out playing with the switch. Over the weekend I noticed she didn't have any backup lights. At times they work fine, at the other times,they flicker then nothing. Of course when we had it in for the head lights, they couldn't find anything. Now we have to take it in again.
  • As soon as I read your problem regarding stalling or being unable to restart your warm vehicle, I started to cry all over again. This sounds exactly like a problem that I had with a 1982 Chrysler 5th Avenue (V8). I'd make a cold start, drive about 2 or 3 miles, then the car would stall. I'd set for about 5 minutes then I'd try to start it. After 2 or 3 minutes of grinding the starter, it would start with much smoking and missing.(expect flooding), then be ok as long as I didn't let it get cold. Dealer said nothing wrong at least 5 times, then I said OK, you take it home and check it out. Next day, this guy hates my car more than I do, because he didn't know how to start it, as I had learned the hard way.
    Now the good part! One of the Mechanics helpers disconnected the hose that goes to the smog reactor unit, I don't know why, and left it that way. The Dealership ordered a part that they thought would fix it, so I drove away expecting no change until the part was installed.
    You guessed it. The problem never recurred, until about 2 years later, I thought I'd reinstall the hose, as I'm sure I couldn't pass a smog test. Alas, the next day the old problem came back. I fixed it myself.
  • I too am having a problem with wind noise 2000 Durango 147 miles on it at 30 MPH it starts and gets louder as the MPH increase dealer has no fix salesman never hears of the problem prior to me any help out there
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