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Dodge Durango



  • mrboostmrboost Posts: 32
    The 4.7 vs 5.9 Topic had been discussed on The DOC Forum. It appears to me that at best you may get 2 MPG better in city and maybe 1 MPG Highway.
    This seems to be the concensus.

    I am getting about 13.9 City, over 16 Highway. You dont buy these things for mileage. Note I have friends with Blazers 4.3's, GC with 5.2's and 4.0's, and Explorers with V6's. None brag too much about mileage, usually 12-15 City and maybe 16-20MPG highway. SO I dont feel bad knowing I have gobs of tourque, more pulling power and third seat plus a "proven" drivetrain that has been around for years.

    Best advice would be to use synthetics in all your drive train to improve mileage.
  • jleadsjleads Posts: 2
    Mrboost, you are the second person that has recommended the use of synthetic oils to enhance performance. It sounds like great advice. What Lubrication recommendations can you make and what portions of the vehicle should be protected.

    As far has performance/gas mileage topics go... I have a coworker that uses a product called "Tornado" in the air intake of his Jeep. It's a fan like device made of sheet metal that creates a vortex in your air intake to enhance oxygen distribution to all cylinders. He says it gives him a 1-2 mpg increase as well as off the line torque. It might be something to research.

    Thanks for your time.
  • mrboostmrboost Posts: 32

    In 4X4 you have a lot of losses in the drivetrain due to two differntials, Transfer case etc. I use Amsoil synhtetics in mine. I changed the front and rear diffs with their 75W-90 Gear Lube, added the Mopar Posi add for the LSD in the rear. My D takes ATF in the Tranfer case and ATF+4 7176 in the transmission. I have to do the transmission next. I also use their 0W-30 in the engine along with their Super Duty spin on oil filter and a drop in oil wetted foam 2 -stage air filter. This is a life time washable filter, good deal, work great. I have used the AMsoil in all my vehichle for the past 15 years and keep accurate mileage figures. On some used cars I have bought, I changed them over and found bout 3% better mileage in FWD. I dont really know on the D since some of the mileage increase could be due to break in. I would expect better MPG just due to the syns better flow in cold weather, less drag = better fuel economy.

    As far as your tornadoe device, I dont know but would be skeptical. I have seen mods to raise the "hat" on the plumbing from the air box to throttle body, but 1-2 MPG sounds high to me. I guess it depends what it costs. I just use my standard air box with the drop in oil wetted foam element.
  • rcarbonircarboni Posts: 290
    I have switched to synthetics throughout, using Redline C+ in the tranny, Redline 75w90 in the diffs, and Mobil 1 10w30 in the engine. My '98 5.9 gets consistently 15+ mpg in "country" driving when I can keep the pedal off the floor. ;)

    My personal opinion on the Tornado is that it is a scam. To produce optimal volumetric efficiency in an engine, the intake air must be as "straight" as possible. Creating turbulance in the air produces a negative effect to air streaming and would therefore hinder the movement of air into the combustion chamber by disrupting flow. A reduction in volumetric efficiency translates into a reduction in performance, and ultimately a reduction in MPG.

    The auto makers are constantly fighting against better MPG regulations. Don't you think that if something this cheap and simple actually produced better MPG, they would all be using it?

    If you want better mileage, keep your vehicle well tuned, keep the proper air in the tires, and go light on the pedal. For more perfomance, straighten out and open up your intake and exhaust.
  • tessel8tessel8 Posts: 1
    If you go to and click on
    the "durango" link, then the "incentives" link,
    you will see the new rebate up there. Woohoo.

    From their site..
    Current national consumer incentives:
    U.S. cash allowance of $1,000 on 2000 Durango models available through 7/5/00.
  • drachirdrachir Posts: 5
    Thanks for the input on your DD. I suspected that
    would be a good choice for both towing, and somewhat better mpg than the 5.9 V-8 and 3.92
    rear end gears. I think that is what I will end
    up going with, if I can find one here in Oregon.
    I searched 3 dealers over last weekend and not 1
    to be found in over 50 DD's on their lots. A lot
    of 5.9's & 3.92. Most 4.7's have 3.55 gears, and
    SLT Plus and all the gooey options. I just want
    a plain Jane SLT, no leather, big tires, and wife
    and son want the rear air, Oh Well!
  • gilesgiles Posts: 16
    The A/C on my 2000 SLT+, 5.9L, rear air option seems a little weak. Last week was the first time I really needed it. The outside temp was in the mid 90's and the A/C really didn't get very cold. I called the service tech when I got home. He said to measure the center air vent temperature with the fan and control on high. I should read "in the 40's" according to him. I used two thermometers-one said 51 degrees the other said 49. I had the rear A/C fan off at the time. I ran the engine at 1500 RPM for several minutes until the reading leveled out. That temperature seems high even for the newer (R134 ?) freon. I know this has been discussed before but wondered if anyone else has measured theirs. I read somewhere there was an A/C mod for the '99 but the 2000 had it from the factory.
  • gilesgiles Posts: 16
    When I did the A/C test above the outside air was in the 70's.
  • captain13captain13 Posts: 10
    I picked up my new 4.7l SLT today. Drove it about 50 miles or so, (already had 250 miles on it) when I noticed that the check engine light was on. I called the dealership and they said not to worry, probably something minor like a sensor that needed re-calibration or something. Sure enough after driving for a while the light went off. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what was the remedy?
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    Just a few comments,
    My brother in Law recently had one of his dodge
    vehicles in for service and they gave him
    a brand new Durango as a loaner, just 8 miles on
    the ODO. I like the styling, its roomy I'm 5 10 and fit in every seat, nice sound system, and lots of amenity's
    Power great power
    I was concerned however when I took a peek under the hood and found Oil dark dirty oil seeping from around the valvehead cover-nuts. Is there any issue of this with other durango's ?
  • Has anyone had an after-market retractable sunroof installed on their Durango or has anyone done any research ?
    If so, Can the information be shared to direct me Where to look ?
    Any help is appreciated !
  • q8740q8740 Posts: 12
    Dodge is advertising a $1500.00 rebate on durangos with 5.9 and 4x2.

    Question is, dose this apply to 4x4 also or only 4x2
    I called dodge and they said its a regional rebate and they have no info other than the std. $1000 rebate
  • mrstiffymrstiffy Posts: 2
    Erie Insurance lists the safest cars in its experience. Their criteria are listed at tough standards

    and include good records for death, injury, repair, and safety features as well as laboratory test results.

    Durango is shown on their "preferred" list at: sport utility vehicles

    This information may be useful to those concerned about Durango's safety based only on laboratory crash test results.
  • slclark3slclark3 Posts: 18
    Just bought a new Durango with 4.7. It felt stronger than the 5.9 I drove plus hopefully will be better on gas. Both vehicles had the 3.92 rear gear. Has any one else made a comparison?
  • rcarbonircarboni Posts: 290

    You didn't mention what engine was in the Durango you looked at, but I have the 5.9 and replaced my valve covers with Mopar performance aluminum covers. When I did, I noticed that the stock gaskets are very good quality with reinforced rubber, and are not prone to leaking. Sounds like it might be a quality control lapse and someone forgot to torque them down properly.


    For info on A/C, sunroofs, etc., you might want to try the Durango Owners Forum. There is a good FAQ page on all things Durango, and lots of owners to query:
  • jbecker5jbecker5 Posts: 1
    I just bought a Durango (5.9L, 3.92) and was surprised to see that the recommended engine break-in period was only 300 miles. If I recall from a new vehicle purchase about 10 years ago,
    this number was more like 1500. With the Durango, I plan to tow a 3500lb. boat in mountainous areas, and wonder what others know about breaking in the new engine. Any suggestions?
  • ro5ro5 Posts: 2
    i'm going on a vacation in my new D and was wondering: other than a bug screen, what else if anything, can i do to protect the paint from bugs ????

  • jimmyjamjimmyjam Posts: 1
    With the quick turning response of the D,you
    should be able to "DODGE" most of them!!!

  • dwh6dwh6 Posts: 10
    ro5 (#39): One thing that helps significantly is putting a good coat of wax on the vehicle before going on the trip. That way, any bug "stuff" that gets on the car, really only gets on the wax. It is also much easier to remove!
  • donm4donm4 Posts: 3
    I'm currently negotiating a lease and my salesman says the 1000$ rebate doesnt apply with the special chrysler lease plan he's using(the best lease plan available)
    Has anyone heard of this? Does he benefit?
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