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Dodge Durango



  • I just purchase a new Durango 2001 RT & I love it. This truck is definitely the best SUV in my opinion. But I must admit the gas mileage is very, very poor. I have read several articles on how to increase the gas mileage. For example, replace the factor air filter with K&N filter to receive better gas mileage & horsepower. Is this true, do you have any other suggestions?
  • bkr80bkr80 Posts: 1
    I looked long and hard at 2 different Dodge Durango's but after my mechnaic checked them he recommended against both due to bad front upper and lower ball joints. Both vehicles were below 35K miles and priced very well...but...mechanic says there is an issue with ball joint design and it would cost $800 plus to fix.

    Anyone else heard of this...and is Dodge fixing this under waranty for current owners??

    Otherwise love the vehicle...mechanic broke my heart....
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    I believe that the 98-99 Dakota/Durangos has a ball joint problem that was the subject of a recall. The 2000-01 do not have the problem. Check the recalls on the vehicle and see if what the deal is. You might be able to work a dealer repair under warranty, depending on what the situation is.
  • Just thought I'd pass this on. I noticed some where... sorry can't remember exactly where... that there was a RECALL on some 99,000 97-98 Durangos for a brake system design flaw. It seems that the rear brake lines were rubbing on a cross member of the vehicle and the lines were actually wearing through.
  • I have a 2000 D with horrible wind noise. I was told to check the bars on top (don't have them), heater settings (nope). A service person told me it was the "posts" and nothing could be done. He hasn't driven with me yet that was just over the phone. I will insist that someone go for a drive with me. The noise is so bad I'm considering renting a car to drive to vegas.
  • Nice, roomy, plenty of power.... brakes are fair, but for a vehicle that weighs approx 5,000 lfs. its pretty good , 4 wheel discs would seem to be a logical fix. I haven't encountered the "wind noise" problems and hope that I don't. The oil sludge problems that have been posted have caused me to raise an eyebrow. I think I'll be sending the Dodge to the dealer for all its service to avoid any of the WARRANTY HASSLES.

    I wonder if the wind noise is from any with the larger towing package mirrors, I have heard that other vehicles with the larger mirrors have been known to have a higher level of wind noise (standard mirrors ,here !

    If anyone knows where I can get spews for the 2001, especially for the transfer case and the differentials, and upgrades for better mpg, please let me know.
  • greg116greg116 Posts: 116
    We have a 1998 Durango SLT 5.9 3.55 that gets 15 mpg in the city. No bull. We have the bug deflector and K&N filter and get 18.4 mpg on the highway, no typo. Over the Rocky Mountains on a two-day trip I averaged 18.4 mpg. On a flat highway at 100kph (about 60mph, the computer says almost 20mpg. A few problems: drivers side rear window doesent go down, and a few parts broken off, but what can you expect from a Chrysler product? Love it, hope to buy it off my dad one day, to go with my new S-10.
  • gilesgiles Posts: 16
    I also have a 2000 Durango with big mirrors and don't consider the wind noise
    excessive. If you haven't already, go to and ask
    your question on the DOC forum. Someone there might be able to answer.
  • greg116greg116 Posts: 116
    I am the proud owner of a 1998 Dodge Durango SLT 4x4 with the 5.9L V8 and 3.55 rear end. I love every aspect of my truck. The other day we loaded up three adults, a teenager, two children, five pairs of skis, one snowboard, ten poles, twelve boots, three days of clothing, five days of food along with jackets, hats, gloves etc etc etc into my beautiful Durango, and it all fit perfectly!

    Ergonomically I have yet to find fault, the engine is pure and strong and gets 18mpg on the highway and 15 in the city. Problems have been few and far between. There hasnt been anything I havent been able to fit into the back with the seats down.

    The heater is great, pumps heat within two minutes and brings the interior to boiling within ten, and the sound superb, even though I have the base 4-speaker system.

    My only complaints? I wish I had front ABS and a limited-slip differential. I ordered one with those options and the 5.2 liter, but was told I could get this one that was priced higher for the same price. Good choice. I'll eventually add the limited-slip myself, and the ABS im living just fine and dandy without.

    Might trade it in one day for one of the new 4.7s, but only if it blows up for good. It's my faithful steed, and I will keep it for as long as I can.

    Tell me about your Durangos! And please, don't go bashing other makes and models when you havent even sat in them yet.
  • I Own a 1998 Durango- Also had problems with the ball joints- Very early production vehicle. The ball joints were replaced at 25k miles- No problems now. Early models have a recall / hidden recall
  • 1998 Durango - 5.2 engine- These models have a defect in the cooling system- They develop a leak where the engine temp guage mounts to the intake manifold. Usually a very small leak that is very difficult to detect. The gasket should be changed.The dealer states that it should cost 120 to 150 for repairs. Do it yourself !!! The housing can be squeezed out with out removing anything from the front of the engine. It took me an hour. Mostly cleaning the old gasket off the manifold. Good Luck
  • I have a 2000 Durango 4X2 and I absolutely love it. It has a wonderfully smooth, quiet ride. I guess I was lucky to get "the good one" on the lot.

    Prior to purchasing it, I tried a Ford Explorer (rough ride) and a Jeep Grand Cherokee (the driver's seat is uncomfortable and I felt like I was sitting high up on a pedestle).

    The Durango has wide, comfortable seats. It also had lots more leg room than even the Lincoln Navigator did, especially in front of the 3rd seat.

    One thing I really like about it (and maybe this is because it is a 4X2 instead of a 4X4) is that it sits up a little higher than a car, but not too high. When I hit an uneven place in the road, I don't get the wobbly back-and-forth motion I have gotten in other trucks and SUVs.

    I couldn't be happier with a car.
  • 4bolts4bolts Posts: 9
    I have a 2000 D and at freeway speeds (mostly all its driven) the air noise coming from the windshield area is unacceptable. My husband opened the hood and taped some gappin areas on the plastic and stuffed foam in other areas. It only made the sound different. I am taking it to another dealer soon for evaluation. I have also tried the setting controls to no avail. If chief finds out a solution from the dealer please post it.
  • danm8danm8 Posts: 5
    Got a 1999 5.9 Durango in December 1998. Pluses were: interior capacity, towing ability, with the big tires never got stuck in snow, fairly good acceleration,styling seemed progressive. Negatives: very poor quality of finish inside (metal dash seemed 30 years out of date), expensive for the obvious lack of quality, front passenger leg room poor due to big transmission hump(this was the killer-wife forced me to get rid of it), driver window stopped working. In August of this year got a 4.4 BMW X5. A lot more money but in my view better value and way more fun and performance.
  • jrmdemjrmdem Posts: 1
    YES YES YES someone else has it. I'm not hearing things on this $36000 vehicle. about 35 mph it starts, the faster the louver. dealer says nature of beast. dealer suggested bug shield. has anyone tried. had glass shop check for seal leaks, didn't have any. several other Durango owners in my town have other noises but no wind.

    husband is a mechanic. when we had to replace our 95 grand Cherokee limited because of too many repair $, last was a new transmission because of design flaw, I wanted a wahoo. he has always been a am guy. however since the fleet of wahoos
    that he constantly repairs for minor and major problems, he would only take me to look, he wouldn't even get out of the car! we had previously owned an 80 gmc jimmy, full size. a rag!

    we finally agreed on the Durango, 2000. wanted the extra seat that stayed in the vehicle but folded flat. good choice. love the room in the front. husband 6'4", big guy, me 5'4". suits both sizes perfectly.

    back seat is no where near as roomy. seats tend to be to upright.

    enough blabbling ----all in all love my durango...
    hope to get the same service as with our 85 dodge pickup. won't get rid of it ever! not pretty but that's "da goat".
  • I just purchased a 01 SLT Plus 4x2 w/ the 4.7 engine. It has the optional 3.92 rear axle w/ limited slip differential, but not the towing package. Does anyone know of the advantages or disadvantages to having the 3.92 over the 3.55 - Gas milage, performance, etc.? I don't plan on ever towing anything. Thanks.
  • Muhammed, $34000 is way too high. My 2000 Dodge has all the same stuff as the one you are looking at--leather seats, the 3rd seat, the SLT package, the running boards, EVERYTHING except 4-wheel-drive (which I just didn't need) and I paid $27000 for it brand new. Don't give in!
  • Today I took my 2000 Durango to my local Jiffy Lube like I do every 3,000 miles, and when the kid took off the oil fill cap, he looked at his boss and said "Another one",. He then told me that every Durango that has the 4.7 Engine that comes in has a layer of white sludge that is in the oil fill cap. It appears that water is somehow getting in. I plan on bringing it back to the dealer for his opinion, but before he tells me that I am Crazy I figure I'd check with the masses. My I has 16,000 miles on it and runs great, has anyone heard of or seen this problem?
    Chris Carlino
  • mrboostmrboost Posts: 32
    It is only condensation in the tube. I believe there is a TSB to fix it.

    Go here if you would prefer to discuss things in more detail with fellow D enthusiasts at the Durango Club Forum.

  • I have now owned a 1998, and I now have a 2000
    Durango. They have been both 4x4. I live in
    Michigan, and live in a rural area alot of snow
    and I have yet to get stuck. I actually owned one
    of the first Durango's in my area. I am very
    proud to own one of these suv's. I have however
    been subject to the noise of the wind over my
    windshield too, that was on my 1998. My 2000
    sounds much better. Only one thing that bothers
    me. It needs better insulation, gets cold too
    soon when you turn down the heat. But I LOVE IT.
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