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Dodge Durango



  • nab00nab00 Posts: 6
    I forgot to mention I have a little over 55,000 miles on my truck.
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    Just hit 50,000 this morning coming into work and I am happy to say no problems with my D. This has been a great vehicle to own. My previous vehicles that were supposed to be the "best" do not compare. They were SAAB's. I do alot of driving and my D is only 1.5 years old. Most is highway driving to and from work. I guess that a little extra care goes a long way. I have used synthetics in her since new. (300 miles). I really enjoy it and look forward to the next 50,000. Anyone else with higher mileage please give a shout about your experiences.
  • I've got a 2000 D with 60000 miles on it. Maintained, washed and cared for better than most. My experiences have not been as glowing but not the worst either from what I've heard. I've had 2 electrical glitches, a wiring harness and a central power unit that had to be replaced. The last two had the truck in the dealers garage for 6 weeks. All have been fixed but now I've got a power lock going out on the rear hatch. I love the size, the third row seat, the exterior and the power from the 5.9, but I wish it had 4 wheel disc brakes with ABS.
  • bstreetbstreet Posts: 37
    Hi, I'm looking into buying a new Durango. I was wondering if anyone knows much on the SXT model? It's the new one for the year, and is priced nicely, but i don't know much about it and wonder if i shouldn't just stick to the SLT since i know it well.
  • bgfflbgffl Posts: 2
    If anyone is considering buying a new Durango, NOW is the time. The rebate incentive on Durangos increased to $2500 today. I was already to call my dealer this morning to accept his prior offer when the phone rang and it was him informing me of the additional $500 rebate. I traded in a 2000 Durango SLT+ with 34,000 no problem miles on it. I hated to trade so early but just couldn't pass up the existing incentives. With available bank financing at 5.13%, $2500 rebate, 7year/100,000 powertrain warranty, only $250 to extend the 3 year/36,000 mile to 6year/60,000 bumper-to-bumper. I got all that and ended up lowering my payment by $10 a month. (plus I got heated seats)
    For me the Durango has been a great vehicle which meets my needs and comfort level. Good luck to anyone that takes the plunge!
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    I have looked at one I saw recently. Nice truck and a great price. The only diff I see is the dark gray accents around it. Otherwise it seems like a SLT with different color bottom. You may probably have to pay for more options since as I recall it is one level below the SLT. Is this Doctor Rod?
  • Thanks for the input. Doctor Rod? Nope, sorry. The only thing i fear with the SXT is that, in order to lower the cost, some things have been made more cheaply (the seats, etc). I'm keeping this truck for a good long time, so i want to be sure. Also, i don't like the gray accents. Thanks again!
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    Sorry about that. I have a buddy at work and we just started talking about the SXT's. He is also going to buy one. I think the seats are the same as in all the non-leather Durangos. As for worse quality I think that it is probably just building a Durango that more people can afford. Yes, there are less options but I think that if you are looking for a good truck without all the flair then this would be the one.
  • blh7068blh7068 Posts: 376

    Actually the seat material used in the sxt is different than the other non leather models. Its looks like some polyester hybrid. Just a guess, but it sure doesn't look like it will hold up well under normal wear.
  • While comparing vehilces, I read on another board that the Durango owners manual says that it is not intended for off-road. Other people have told me that too. Is this true? Just asking.
  • that's Ok. i actually think i am going with the SXT with the appearance package and fog lights added (the appearance pkg comes with the graphite metallic wheel flares and grille - and i'm getting graphite metallic color for the truck, so it'll all match). Anyway. The seats are not bad. I drove it for a few hours today and they were just fine. No, not leather, but i dont' want leather. Anyway, the clencher was that the 02 SLT only comes with the chrome grille, which i do not want. So the only other option is either an RT (which i can't afford!) or the SXT. In all, it's the same truck, with some minor internal differences which i can live with.
  • osunaosuna Posts: 1
    I got a great deal in December on a 2001 SLT Plus but I was wondering if I should buy an extended warranty either on the Internet, thru a dealer, or thru the Auto Broker that I bought if from. Also, whats a good price for an extended warranty?
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    I don't know about the rest but I have not seen that. Also, I know many with Durangos in the club that go off road frequently. I have done some 4x4in and let me say the truck is an awsome off road machine. It won't go rock crawling but it can handle some tough trails and ford some nice streams. It is especially fun in the winter with snow on the ground. But, you can find this out for yourself if you try it sometimes. If you deflate the tires it also goes great on the beach. Did this at Martha's Vineyard.

    I have an extended warranty and even though I have not had to use it I am glad for the extra protection. You never know when you will need it.

    Enjoy the SXT. I think it is a nice vehicle and I am sure you are going to love it. Find some trails where you live and give it a try off road. Make sure you have room on both sides so as not to get any after market pinstripes. >8^)>

    NOTE: Get rid of the OEM Goodyear tires. They are the worst!! I replaced them with Yoko Geolander II's. Much better tire and much more fun in the rough.
  • I have the Geolandar II's on another suv that I own and they are awesome tires for trucks/suvs.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181

    A Light off-road event in Southern New Jersey! Come enjoy the trails!


  • vt86vt86 Posts: 1
    I've been agonizing over a purchase of a Durango SLT Plus vs a GMC Envoy. Each has it's own advantages. Has anyone compared the two vehicles and can share their thoughts? I have been in an Explorer or Mountaineer since '91, with no real complaints. Just looking for a change. Love the room, storage capacity and warranty on the Durango; love the ride, comfort and looks of the Envoy. Hope it doesn't come down to a coin flip!
  • 2/22/2002
    1998 Durango; 69,000 miles.

    As much as I love my 98 4wd Durango, which I bought used a year ago, the love affair may be coming to an end. The other day, on crowded freeway, the check gauge light came on when the oil pressure gauge dropped to zero momentarily. It then returned to normal. Then it dropped again and there was a pop and a loss of power. I pulled over and the engine quit before I could get off the road.
    I took it to the nearest dealer, confident that the engine and power train warranty would cover whatever had happened. The shop said that I'd thrown a rod and needed a new engine. I told them to contact the warranty company, Fidelity Warranty Services Inc. in Deerfield Beach Fla. They immediately tried to deny the claim and demanded to see all of my oil change receipts. Too bad for them, cause I have all of them. I also have an attorney already on retainer that would be happy to take the case. I haven't heard what their response is after they inspected my vehicle and received copies of my receipts today. But, I just got done reading lots of articles just like this one on I may be in for a long ride on this one. I'll post more later.

    Geoff Kracoe
    Atlanta, GA
  • Hey Geoff Kracoe,

    We had the exact sae thing happen to our durango. The 5.2 threw a rod and we needed a new engine. Cost about 5,000 and the dealership would not help at all even though the owners aunt works at our law firm. They even changed the oil then a few days later said it needed the oil changed and we told them they had just changed it! That dealer is terrible. We weill never buy another chrysler product and got rid of the peice of crap they call a durango. By the way the dealership is Sam Lehman in Peoria Illinios, they now own the bmw place to, but STAYYYY AWAYYYYY!!!
  • taasstaass Posts: 40
    Well, my Durango is 4 years and a month old with 56,000 miles on it. The emmissions test (TX inspection) showed like-new numbers. I've had a few problems with the Durango, but nothing I wouldn't expect or that has left me stranded. Here's the list:

    1. Ball joints. The front right ball joint was bad enough to warrant replacement at 39,000 miles. Miffed, I had both sides replaced and judiciously greas'em up at every oil change (3Kmi) regardless of driving conditions. Cost - $530 dealer replacement.

    2. Thermostat gasket leak. I smelled this for over a year and had to keep adding coolant every 5000 miles or so but could never find the leak. Then, when adjusting the throttle valve cable to the transmission I happened to peer down at the intake manifold and noticed encrusted coolant residue. It took less than 45 minutes to replace WITHOUT having to remove the alternator bracket as the svc manual described. Just some dexterous fingers and a little diligence. Cost - $6 for coolant and gasket.

    3. RWAL (Rear wheel anti-lock sensor). This checked out at 49,000 miles. Besides the ABS and BRAKE MILs, the speedometer would not register a reading below 20 mph. Above 20 mph the speedo would shoot up to the correct reading. It was a simple diagnosis with the factory service manual and the part was only 30 bucks. Installation was a cinch. Cost - $33 for RWAL sensor.

    I just developed a small ATF drip at the transmission/transfer case mating surface. There is a cast notch below one of the mounting bolts to the transmission where the fluid is coming from. I may have overfilled the tranny, but, I plan on having the fluid changed soon anyway and will see if the leak goes away with proper fluid level. I'm pretty sure it's not the transfer case.

    There was ONE other unscheduled service, but it was my fault. I cross threaded the caliper slid pin into the steering knuckle last summer when I changed the front brake pads. I'll never make that mistake again. Fortunately DC addressed that problem with a Steering Knuckle repair kit. It consists of 25 helicoils, drill bit, tap. . everything needed for the repair in a slick black case. UNfortunately it cost me $137 at the dealership and I couldn't find this odd metric size helicoil kit ANYWHERE. Hard lesson to learn, and the Durango sat on jackstands in the driveway for 3 days before I found the solution. I went in looking for a new steering knuckle (after exhausting the salvage yards) and came out with this fix. Now, it sits in my toolbox never to be used again, hopefully. Anyone interested?

    So, besides the ball joints, the Durango has been a great vehicle to own. In my foolish youth I had thought about adding a nitrous system to turn my 5.9 into a wicked "sleeper," but after such a clean history I'd hate to sacrifice any reliability by subjecting the drivetrain to uneeded stresses. I still may drop in some headers, but am pleased with every aspect of my Durango.

    If I would change anything, it would probably be the primitive torsion bar front suspension. I drove a Toyota 4 Runner and really like the way it is sprung/damped. Some may disagree with me, I wish my Durango rode like that.

    OK, I've rambled enough, but I felt like sharing a mostly happy story instead of a horror flick. Laters.
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    I am at 53,000 miles on my D and decided to have the 60,000 mile service done. I called my dealer and he told me they wanted $600.00 to do it!! After I regained my composure, I asked what it entailed to justify such a price. It involves:

    changing spark plugs
    changing the PCV valve
    changing the air filter
    changing oil and filter
    changing tranny fluid and filters



    Now I decided, most of the stuff I can do myself. I changed the plugs, and PCV valve. I have an Intense Performance Stage II air filter so I cleaned and replaced it. I went to my oil guy and had the oil changed but I will let the dealer service the tranny. All in all I spent about $240.00 total. I hate to slam the dealers but GEEEEZZZ. What a difference in cost. My D run's like new and I am going to keep the maintanence done myself.
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