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Dodge Durango



  • porknbeansporknbeans Posts: 464
    I have a 2000 with the 5.9 liter. I get slightly over 13 mpg in mixed city/hwy. On the interstate at speeds of 70-75 using cruise control I will get 14mpg. If I have a tail wind maybe I'll get 15mpg :) I did get 17mpg (once) and I've also gone down as far as 10mpg (once). I'm looking for a gas station every 300 miles +/-. From what I've heard the 4.7 liter is better on gas and gives almost the exact same performance. I've also heard that it is a smoother engine using technology that is more up to date.

    The third row seat is an option and is not standard. Hope this helps.
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    I have gone a total of 428 miles on 1 tank of gas. 4.7litre motor. That was going on a road trip. There is no XLT Durango. The SLT is the one I have I don't like alot of useless bell and whistles. To me it is just more stuff to go wrong that will cost a arm and a leg to fix later. This is a good package but no leather and fancy radio. The top is the SLT+. All the bells and whistles. The other that I would have bought that is new for the D is the SXT. I saw one on the dealers lot and had a close-up. Nice 2-tone paint. Good interior but it uses a different type of cloth seat. There is no 3rd seat standard either. It is on option. It is a good looking vehicle though.
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    Who has done offroading in your trucks? I have done some in the good weather and in snow and I have to say the truck performed great!!! Anyone else with some offroad or foul weather driving experiences?
  • My 2000 Durango has 21,000 miles on it and I have noticed an oil leak. I'm not sure where it is from but was wondering if there was an issue with the 2000 Durango that I should be worried about. I also have noticed a high pitch coming from the engine when driving and assumed it was a belt but once again, wondering if anyone has any advice. The vehicle is going in to the dealer tomorrow to find out what's wrong with it- but I'm not completely convinced that the dealer will be completely honest with me. Thanks in advance.
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    What engine do you have? If you have an oil leak it is neccessary to know where it is coming from. I have a 2000 with the 4.7. I have never had any oil leaks or other leaks for that matter. I have not heard of any except with the 5.2 engines. It is a gasket for the intake manifold. I think that this is on a TSB if I am correct.
  • The engine is a 4.7. One other thing regarding the oil was when I brought the vehicle in for an oil change I found out that I had contaminated oil- in that there was a foam substance in the oil. I think this is from water in the oil and the fact that the vehicle is driven a very short distance each day as the commute to work is less than 2 miles and the engine never gets completely warmed up. Unfortunately, this vehicle is very new to me as we bought it last month and I've been driving our other vehicle as my commute is quite a bit longer so I don't know how long there has been an oil leak or even where the leak is from as I haven’t had time to really take a look. I guess you could say I really don’t know much about the Durango/Dodge as I haven’t really had any time to do anything to it except wash the outside and my previous vehicle was an F-250 so the two don't compare. Fortunately / Unfortunately for me, tax season is over so now I have a huge list of things to do but since the Durango is still under warranty I figured I would see what the "experts" say.
  • porknbeansporknbeans Posts: 464
    I don't know of any problems with the oil leak. Having contaminated oil, especially with a foamy substance in it make me think that there is a seal or gasket gone bad somewhere (pretty obvious, huh). If you feel uncomfortable about the mechanic you're taking it too see if there is another in your area. Since you list only USA as the place you live in your profile, I know there are at least a couple of dealers near you. :)
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    The oil fill tube on the 4.7 is notorious for giving the impression that there is a problem. It is plastic and next to the radiator. If the goop is there, there is not a problem, but most people will clean it out whenever they check the oil. Short runs and wet spring weather will also contribute to the goop. The 2001 got a baffle to help reduce this buidup.
  • cpbillcpbill Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 SLT+ and the climate control system never seemed to work correctly. The air from the vents is always warmer than the air outside and when running the air conditioner, it never seems cold enough. I took it to the dealer and the service manager said all dodge trucks have poor air conditioning systems!!!
    does any one else have these problems and were they corrected by dodge?
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    I remember something about a problem with this part in the AC. Your dealer/service rep should be aware of it. I don't know of any TSB's on it but think there is one.
  • awardlawawardlaw Posts: 2
    I purchase a '01 Durango about 2 months ago. It has a 4.7, 4 x 2. I have noticed that the passenger seat has sideways movement when brakes are applied. The dealership has put new seat runners in and it still moves. I was told that this is common for Durango's? Has anyone had this problem. I have also noticed that when I am sitting a red light that the rpm's reduce considerably(as if the engine were going to cut off). Has anyone had this problem, or know what is wrong. Or maybe this is normal?????
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    The seat problem is unfortunately a common problem with the D. I have heard of many with it. As for the low idle, once the truck has been driven I think it is 500+ miles then the rpm's will drop a little. It is designed this way for fuel economy. It should not however stall on you.
  • socal007socal007 Posts: 23
    Any info re: the possibilty of the new Hemi for the Durango ??
  • cpbillcpbill Posts: 2
    To ywilson, what is an H valve?
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    socal007: I have heard that there is a hemi 4.7 coming out. It has been in the DC news outlets. As for when, I don't know exactly.

    cpbill: The H valve is part of the A?C system. I have read about troubles with it in Durangos on the Durango club website. It does everything from getting clogged to cracked at times. I have not had the trouble that others have had. If you would like more info go to and they have all the info you want in the archives.
  • slalsdslalsd Posts: 1
    Currently knocking around the idea of either purchasing the SUV "Durango" or Toyota's pick-up "Tacoma" I realize I should be comparing "dakota" to "Tacoma" or "Durango" to "4runner", but These are my price ranges. Any input would be welcome from any angle.
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    I have looked at all of your choices. My opinion is a little biased because I have a Durango. However, think of what your needs are. You may need the open back of a pickup for work or recreation reasons. I chose the D because it satisfied what I needed it for. Do you offroad? Do you need 4x4? Just check out what you need and what really floats your boat and go for it. The D is strong, can haul alot and is a good long trip driver. That's my humble opinion of course. I like the closed in section in case I have to haul more people. They can sit in the third row seating and not get wet or cold or whatever.
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    The new hemi is a 345 HP 5.7 that will replace the 5.9. It will debut in the new 2500/3500 pickups and then will eventually be offered in the next generation Durango. They is also supposed to be a 270 HP 4.7 being offered in the JGC.

    Don't be too quick to dimiss the Dakota. It all depends on what your needs are, but the Quad cab is a really nice family truck. The Tacoma may lack some room in the rear seat in comparison.
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    I agree totally. The Dakota is a great vehicle. I almost bought one instead of the D but I was won over by the D. Think of the dakota as like the Sporttrac. The Dakota does have more inside room and is a nice family hauler. I wonder if they can swap my present 4.7 for a new 270 HP 4.7? I would like that!!!!
  • i_snyderi_snyder Posts: 3
    I have a ‘99 D SLT Plus with the towing package and trying to tow my 3,500 lbs. boat. I took a vacation one month later to pick up my boat and on the way back is when I first noticed the problem.
    The problem I have been having is that the engine has a knocking sound, like a chain hitting it, and the check engine light flashes every once in awhile. The check engine light flashing had started happening more often in the summer of 2000 when I was towing my boat on the highway and had to pull off the highway and became worse in the summer of 2001. The first time I mentioned this problem to the dealer in 1999, they said that they couldn’t recreate the problem and that I should put a higher Octane fuel in it. I then tried putting 93 octane in the D and it didn’t seem to be as bad but it was still there. I was putting 87 octane in it since the owners manual stated that I should use 87 and that using a “premium gasoline will provide no benefit over high quality regular gasolines, and in some circumstances may result in poorer performance”. The next year (2000) the problem was still there and getting worse. The dealer then told me that they were waiting for a program for the engine. I then would call the dealer multiple times to see if they had received the program and every time they were still waiting for it.
    In 2001 It got much worse, so I took it to the dealer and they told me that they couldn’t find anything wrong or couldn’t even recreate the problem. I then, being frustrated, towed my boat in to the dealer and took a Technician for a ride. The Tech. was able to feel & hear the knocking and was even able to see the Check Engine light come on. When we got back to the Dealership he was able to read an error code that said Cylinder #8 was misfiring. They were unable to take the D in at that time so they scheduled a new time to take it in. When I took it in they couldn’t read any error code, like they always told me in the past even though the check engine light had come on, so they said that this time they had a program and were able to upgrade the software in the D. The day after I got it back, I left for Vacation. While towing the boat there, the knocking and Check Engine light was still a factor. When I was on my way home, the Check Engine light came on, stayed on and I lost power. The light had stayed on for two days. I was getting frustrated with this so I spoke with someone at another dealer but By the time the dealer was able to take the Durango in, the Check Engine light had gone off. The dealer then looked at it and couldn’t find any error codes. I told the Tech. about what the other dealer had done and said about the D. and he looked over the same things and checked some other things but still couldn’t find anything wrong.
    I started speaking directly to “DiamlerChrysler Motors Corporation National Customer Relations” and to the dealer to try and solve the problem. Chrysler told me that a Chrysler Engineer would speak with the dealer. Nothing was ever solved.
    I filed for the Arbitration law and they denied it saying that the problem wouldn’t cause death. If they can’t figure out what the problem is, how do they know it won’t cause a fatality? Spending $31,000 on a truck to tow, I would expect that I could tow my boat. I am now having the problem while accelerating without towing.
    Sorry so long, but I would appreciate some help if anyone knows anything about this problem..
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