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Dodge Durango



  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,914
    lol Bob, I was just trying to link to your review.

    btw, my minivan hauls 48" wide material between the wheel wells :-)

    Steve, Host
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,657
    Yeah, you beat me to it, so I deleted my link. :)

    Most full-size minivans (hmmm... isn't that an oxymoron?) can handle 4x8s between the wheelwells. However, until now, no mid-size SUV or pickup could, so this is a first, as far as I know. There are those who would argue that the T100 was mid-size truck, but it is "officially" listed as a full-size truck.

  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    Just testdrove Durango XLT with the Hemi engine. It is definitely an improvement over the previous Durango. Overall impression is very positive. Fit and finish are good enough, I liked it. Styling - beauty is in the ey of beholder, but - why didn't they use Powerbox styling or why they didn't relay on the styling of the current RAM? The front part (if you look from the side, is very Mitsubishi-ish) It definitely drives better than the 99 Pathfinder I have to drive occasionally, it's more comfortable, ride is so much better + there is a lot of space. Since I owned a Dodge before, all the controls were very soon in place, to me - everything was OK. As a surprise came the fact, that engine is not audible (5.7!), unless you really step on it. The car has excellent soundprofing. Also, fit and finish in this Dodge is so much better than there was a couple of years ago. Engine: smooth and silky, but I am under impression that those horsies are running somewhere else and not in this corral... I'd even say that 4.7 in Sequoya is more spirited (and it makes a 4Runner fly). But nevertheless, it's powerfull enough, and I need to drive 4.7 and 5.7 back to back to see the difference. Though it looks like the mileage for a gallon on both of them will be the same. I liked this Durango. The one I drove, has the price of 37G+; i'd say, 31 - and wrap one for me, please... As the matter of fact, you can have a pretty loaded Sequoya now for this money - SR5 for 31/32G's.
  • For jc58 I own a 2000 Durango SLT loaded w/360 motor (5.9). The R/T model has a different exhaust than the other models. That exhaust is made by Flowmaster for Dodge. You can buy several different Flowmaster cat back 2 piece systems for the durango. I installed the American Thunder cat back exhaust (from Flowmaster) for a very reasonable price, and it has a nice throaty sound, I highly recommend it.
  • I am in the market for an SUV. I have been looking at Durangos, Pathfinders, Blazers and X-Terra's. I recently test drove a 2002 Durango R/T and loved it! It is fully loaded-- rear DVD system, heated leather seats, 17" wide chrome tires etc, etc... Prob more extra's than I need but I was impressed. It has 20K miles. Frills aside, I drove it and was very impressed. Nice gitty-up. Handled awesome. Comfortable inside. Looks sharpe inside and out.

    Here's my concern: I read everywhere about earlier model Durango's having issues. Does anyone have any insight, opinions or knowledge of the 2002 RT's- or ANY year's RT for that matter? I know they're hard to come by, so I'm feeling like I have something special here and want to buy it if it's wise to.

    My personal restrictions/needs on a vehicle are: me fitting in it (I'm 6'5"), good speed, good in all weather (I live in New England) and towing ability (I tow a 17' boat). I know that gas mileage will suck, but I work at home. Also, for what it's worth I can get it for $22K. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • jc58jc58 Posts: 48
    I noticed on the back hatch there are 3 slots inside by the bottom. I thought these may be drainage slots. I just noticed that these are covered with a clear tape. Should these be covered or did they forget to remove the tape while prepping for delivery. I removed one, and then thought that maybe they are suppose to be covered?
  • jc58jc58 Posts: 48
    Dougf912 - When you say reasonable, how much was the whole system, installed? Is the noise intrusive when in the truck?

    I have the 4.7 which feels fairly peppy, but everyone can always use a few more ponies....
  • I have a 00 D with the 4.7l. Since last spring I have been noticing a "dead fish" like smell coming through the vents. It smells exactly like the air let out of a tire. At the same time there is the smell of hot anti-freeze coming from under the hood. This only occurs when the engine is warmed up in warmer weather. I've taken it to the dealer 5 times. The first 3 they said that they couldn't find anything wrong and sprayed deodorizer into the air intakes below the windshield. That worked until the deodorizer ran out. The last 2 times they said that they could smell the odor but had no idea what was causing it, have a nice day. The coolant system has been pressure tested twice and there are no leaks.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so what was the remedy??? Help I'm getting sick.
  • trtltrtl Posts: 1
    Soon after my 60k service I started noticing on left turns, when my Durango shift from 1st gear to 2nd it seems to fall into neutral, the engine revs a bit (since my foot is still on the gas), and then it gets into 2nd gear jolting me & passengers (since the engine is running at a higher rpm at this point). It seems to be getting worse and it happened twice to me going straight. Never happens on right turns. I saw on the NHTSA website that a couple other Durango owner have had this problem. Any insights on what the issues is? My mechanic hasn't figured it out.
  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    I dunno what's going on at Dodge, but - see my post 948 - the car I testdrove was offered today to me for 28G's by the sales manager at Dodge - they say Dodge is offering 9G's off to put the truck on the road. The one I drove, SLT, has 5.7L engine, leather, moonroof and everything. Something is wrong... Don't trust your eyes, when in an elefant's cage you see a bull. The sign should be a wrong one.
  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    Dealer made mistake - the discount is for an '03 truck.
  • My 2000 Durango is about to lose its 3 year bumber to bumber new car coverage. It has been a great vehicle; no problems at all except a power window went out. Question is, should I buy an extended warranty? If so, from where? Chrysler retailer offering a 3 year package for $1500 with $100 deductible. It covers 5000 components, whatever that means.
  • I found this review at They liked almost everything about the Durango. Their only complaints were: the steeply raked windshield; acceleration pedal travel (they said it might be a preproduction problem); fuel economy with the hemi; a tight third row seat (I believe that this quite odd since the Durango has 34 inches of leg room in the third row; 2 inches more than the Armada and MotorTrend said that Duango's third row seat was adult friendly). It seems that Dodge did their homework. By the way, does anyone know the braking distance of the 2003 Durango. I went to and they said that the 2003 Durango too 135ft. If that number is true, and braking has been reduced by 10%, then the braking distance of the 2004 Durango is a mere 122ft. I read another review on that said that the previous Durango took 128ft from 60. If that number is true,then the Durango only takes 115ft from 60-0mph; incredible! BTW, the article mentioned nothing about the Durango being slow, or under powered, or feeling like it does not have 330hp, as MotorTrend led everyone to believe. Rather, they said that the Hemi was a power house and the 4.7L felt right at home for the Durango.

    Here's the link
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,657
    I drove one with the Hemi, and it didn't feel nearly as powerful as the Nissan Pathfinder Armada which I also drove, which is a larger truck and with less reported power.

  • I had the chance to test drive both the Nissan Armada and the 2004 Durango last night.

    The Durango is ALOT smaller than the Armada and is still right between a compact and a full size SUV. The Armada's engine felt more powerful that the 4.7 V8 in the Durango, mostly due to the way Nissan is gearing the engine for low end torque.

    The Durango is very nicely put together. It has excellent fit & finish. The turning radius it great has were the brakes. The seats felt supportive and comfortable.

    Overall it is a VAST improvement over the older Durangos. Dodge is still playing "catch up" in many of the smaller details when compared to the Asian or European models (no NAV, back-up camera, etc).

    I think that if the Durango proves to be reliable it will do very well.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,914
    "The 2004 Dodge Durango sport-utility vehicle is a big, serious truck with a magnificent engine and an attractive price tag."

    Dodge Durango sets standard for large SUVs (Detroit Free Press)

    Steve, Host
  • I'm hitting 97k on my 2000 DD and was told at my last oil change that my ball joints are going to be needing replacement....again. This will be the second set of ball joints for me on this truck. Along with the main electrical wiring harness being replaced, rebuilding the rear differential and a consistant 13mpg I'm getting rid of it. I've enjoyed the truck and I still like the looks of it, but enough is enough. I'll report back on what happens. Good luck to all current and new owners.
  • jc58jc58 Posts: 48
    Just wondering, what are the symptoms of bad ball joints? Which ones are the ones that continually need replacing, the upper/lower or both? Finally, what does it cost to replce them?

    Hopefully, I shouldn't have to worry about this for a while, I bought a 2003 SLT in August, currently 2,375 miles and no problems.....
  • I had my first set of ball joints (uppers and lowers) replaced at 60k. I now have 97k on the truck and when I had the tires rotated at 96k I asked them to check the ball joints. The mechanic told me that they are just starting to get loose again and that I will need to replace them. I think costs will vary depending upon where you are, but here in Madison it's about $920 with an allignment. I notice the ball joints on my D loosening up because I seem to "chase" the truck across the road more than you would expect (some people might call it wandering). Tire wear is also a good indicator.

    Here is a good generic description of a ball joint and what it does: l
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