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Dodge Durango



  • Have had problems with hard braking and back wheels locking up after one rotation. Found out the back brakes were worn uneven and may have caused my drums to wear in an oval shape. Made sense to me since I'm not a mechanic. I looked at the rear brake pads and the pads to the front was half the size of the back pad. The front pads were worn (about half their life) and both rotors had a groove each. Had all of the brakes pads replaced and the drums and rotors serviced. Drove about 500 feet and slammed hard on the brakes and now I couldn't tell you which wheels locked up. A mechanic drove it today and said it could be the ABS module but won't until Friday (29 Apr 05) when his diagnostic equipment returns. Normal ABS light on startup but nothing else. Any help and assistance appreciated.
  • coderedcodered Posts: 43

    i am looking to buy a 02' slt with a 4.7 2wd with 50k miles, i am wondering what the fuel economy is and if there is any problems with them? it has the mercedes engine in it if that helps any. i would appreciate any comments you have..

  • gabbye12gabbye12 Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2005 Dodge Durango 4x4 SLT, 5.7L HEMI Magnum a month ago and I absolutely LOVE this vehicle. It's all leather inside, has the sirius radio free for the first year, 6 CD changer, sunroof and is an absolutely beautiful vehicle. My durango is currently getting 18 mpg in the city. We haven't taken it on the highway yet. The 2005 Durango has a very classy look and is a dream to drive, very smooth and comfortable.
  • airbearmaairbearma Posts: 9
    I bought an 05 Durango Limited a few months ago and currently have 7000+ miles on it. I absolutely love it so far. I have had zero problems with it, my average gas milage is typically over 18mpg (15-16 city and 21-24 highway). It is very comfortable on short and long trips, fairly quiet overall and the stereo and climate system are killer. When I tow my 16 x 7 tandom axle enclosed trailer it is very smooth and responsive. I think Dodge hit a home run with the 2nd generation Durango.
  • elbitaelbita Posts: 1
    I've heard those cases before. I have a 2004 SLT DD w/ hemi
    have had countless, various problems with this car..too much to write. My question is to everyone, what kind of hell do you have to go thru to get your money back or a replacement? Has anyone EVER gotten either one? Ok, a new car with low miles SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY ISSUES!!!
  • My mom had a Dakota '98 and she had a bunch of problems. It was a random lemon. My dad has an 02 Durango 4.7 liter. It hasn't had one problem. They live in SW North Carolina up in the Appalachian Mtn. You see alot of mud up there too.. They tow three horses up a 3500 ft pass at the eastern continential divide called Standing Indian HWY 64. It is a friggen beast going up that pass. They have towed those horse all through the mudd up there as well..
  • fleedsfleeds Posts: 1
    The front blower on my 2000 Durango stopped working. I wired directly to the blower it works ok. I checked for blown fuses but couldn't find any. Does anyone know where the fuse is specific to the front blower? Inline fuse somewhere? The back blower works ok
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    Good to see a post from someone who tows with a new Durango; wondering if there is anyone who is towing 3000# or more with the 4.7 motor? I have narrowed the field to another Expedition, or a Durango. I'm also curious as to why the Durango forum has no "Problems & Solution" section- they can't be that trouble-free? I haven't owned a Chrysler product for over 20 years, just didn't like the quality issues, but the new Durango is enticing. It and the Expy are the only 2 SUV's that have the space, fold-flat 3rd seat (too bad the 4-Runner & Sequoia lack this), and stout body-on-frame construction with V8 power. Pathfinder is too small and Armada is loaded with problems. I don't like GM products. I really like the size and looks of the Durango, but very leery of potential problems. Any input appreciated!
  • nesafetynesafety Posts: 2
    Hi, new to the board. 03 SLT with a 4.7. I tow a landscaping trailer, 2 snowmobiles, a waverunner and a boat(that weighs over 4500) with the Durango. You feel the boat, but it still handles and pulls it just fine. Had a Rodeo before-and a Dakota for work. No comparison. It out tows both.
  • dacodaco Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 99 SLT and didn't realize that it may have originally been equipt with keyless entry and a security system. I thought the truck was locked and tried to open the rear deck door. The vehicle was locked but the rear deck opened and set off the horn alarm. The rear deck not locking is a separate problem, but can anyone tell me how I can tell for sure if my truck has keyless entry capability. When I bought it from the credit union ( it was a repo) it didn't come with a keyless entry fob.
    Thanks for the help,
  • princeabubuprinceabubu Posts: 45
    We have had the Durango in the family for a little over a year now, and it has been just fine. a little over 11,000 on the ticker. Everything is going fine. It is unfortunate that some people on here are having such problems with their 04's. Ours has been just fine though. So, not every 04 Durango is flawed.
  • pghpa2pghpa2 Posts: 4
    Just bought '05 Durrango SLT - Hemi, Leather,Boards,rear AC, most options - has 20,000 miles was a fleet car - paid $24,000 and got Kelly Blue Book Trade-In for my '02 Mountaineer - only had it 2 days but love the truck - suprised how smooth riding it easy, very easy to drive , very quiet around town a little wind noise at 80 mph - Love the Hemi - pulls out great and passes at 65 without even working the engine- got the dark red (molton red) looks great shined-up - computer say 14 mpg so far - although I could probably do a little better once I get the fun of the hemi out of my system
  • speedtrapspeedtrap Posts: 10
    I have a 2004 Limited loaded. I LOVE the truck and everything has been great. (hopefully no jinx will come)
    I am hoping someone can help me though, I have the factory installed DVD System. My son broke one of the headsets. :cry: Does anyone know where I can get one without shelling out the big bucks the dealers are asking for?? Any advise would be greatly appreciated...
  • avanti63avanti63 Posts: 2
    I have an '04 Hemi Durango Limited. On Friday, I turned the vehicle off, but 30 minutes later, it would not start. Lights, radio, etc., were fine, but turning the key to "start" produced nothing, like a bad starter solenoid. I used another car for the weekend, but on Monday, the Durango started right up. Are there any service advisories for this problem? If I take it back to the dealer, they'll think that I'm crazy.
    BTW, the truck has the following mods: Jet Performance Chip, K & N filter, Airaid Throttle body spacer, Magnaflow exhaust, S.S. tube grill, chrome door handles.
    Now has 25,000 miles, using only Amsoil 0W30 synthetic oil and Amsoil filter.
  • avanti63avanti63 Posts: 2
    I have seen the headsets on Ebay from time to time, but there are none right now. Check Ebay weekly, you'll eventually find them.
  • gill901gill901 Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 Dodge Durango, recently out of warranty. The engine light appeared and then went off about 2 days later. Ran the diagnostics once at the dealership ($50!) and they found nothing wrong. The service man said it may have been the gas cap. Since then I have filled up with gas again and the light is on again. Checked the gas cap and its on as tight as it will go! Any other ideas? How would you ever know if you have a legitimate engine problem if the light appears for something like this?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,944
    Maybe the gas cap itself is bad.

    Instead of paying the dealer $50, find an auto parts store that will read the codes for free (AutoZone and Schucks do it around here).

    Steve, Host

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • gill901gill901 Posts: 3
    We have AutoZone. I'll go there. Think its time to find independent servicing, anyway. Thanks!
  • sportymonksportymonk Posts: 258
    Have looked at Honda Pilot but a little small and there are some issues there. Considering also a Dodge Durango or a Jeep Cherokee. Want V-6 with 2WD but 4WD ok.

    Need room for family of four with luggage and two beagles. Want to tow around 5000 pounds. Would like 19 city / 23 hwy.

    Last Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth was an 84 Plymouth Voyager. POC! :cry: :lemon: Engine almost self destructed at 7000 miles. Many problems but am finally warming back up to Chrysler; son has a 04 Dodge Neon SXT and it seems ok.
  • flagg1flagg1 Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Dodge SLT, 5.2 and eveything Spring I have to take it to the dealer and he replaces a sensor switch for the AC.

    It amazes and frustrates me that this is not a recall and has not been fixed. I own it, it has 74k miles and now it has begun to burn oil. I was hoping to find a leak, but no luck. I have begun to look for a replacement, but do to the fact that Dodge does not focus on the details, like fixing known issues, I will be looking elsewhere. Other items like ball joints I had replaced under the warranty when I heard their was an issue.
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