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Dodge Durango



  • Hi,
    We have a 2004 durango with 66000 miles at time of service.
    During a bunch or repairs ball joints, brakes, sway bar bushings.... the dealer noticed the pinion seal was leaking. They replaced it.
    the invoice didn't mention anything about oil added or crush washer replacement. My wife drives this vehicle mostly in town. 4000 miles later at 70000 I towed our popup camper on the interstate for 3 hours and a very noticeable humming sound started a couple hours into the trip. I stopped at a lube center (No dodge dealership around) and they ended up putting in 2 quarts of gear oil in the differential and noted there was no signs of leaking. I am working with the dodge dealership that did the repairs and they claim there is no way the vehicle could have left their shop that low on oil, stating that it would have burned up much sooner if that was the case. Is it possible that the vehicle drove that far that low on gear lube. The big question is where did the oil go? Is there any way that replacing a pinion seal could have resulted in this happening?
  • The dealer wants me to pay 600 of the $1200 repair cost because he want's to keep me as a customer and does not believe this is their fault. I know that if I had never brought the car in that today I would still have a functioning differential. Need to keep working on this guy.
  • I have a loud squeeking coming from my front suspension whenever I drive over speed bumps or any uneven surface such as large bumps in the road. It is especially loud when the humidity is higher or when it is colder outside. Any ideas?
  • Have a 2000 Durango SLT that i recently purchased used. It has no owners manual and the radio / clock is wrong. I have no idea hot to set it to correct time and would appreciate any help
  • There are small buttons on the radio marked "h" and "m" to set the clock. I believe you can download a free owners manual from
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    Looks like the free ones from Dodge are 2004 and newer. There are some other free manual sites on the net you could try if you don't want to buy one, but I don't see one for the 2000 Durango off-hand.

    How To Find Your Car Owner's Manual Online

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  • bevansbevans Posts: 4
    I am considering a 07/08/09 Durango I currently drive a GC and would like the ability to tow a trailer and still be able to haul 6 people. Is there any glaring problems with any of those years? I have not been able to find many. Also what is the positives of the 4.7 over the Hemi-
  • pdanypdany Posts: 1
    I was thinking of buying a 2003 Dodge Durango, I even tried a test drive, however now I feel it’s not good to buy this vehicle.
    What I felt during the test drive was vehicle moving slowly. I mean it’s slow compared to my car. First, I tried it on 2 wheel drive, then I put it on 4 WD, but it’s moving very slowly (EVEN IF I GIVE ENOUGH THROTTLE). I asked this to the sales person (owner?), but his answer is like ' YOUDON’T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE a 4 WHEEL DRIVE'. I am just wondering about his answer. Is that true that driving a Durango wouldn’t be smooth like driving a car?
  • ozcop1ozcop1 Posts: 6
    I just sold a 2005 Adventurer model with Hemi and AWD, one of the best vehicles I have ever owned, and I've owned everything from Chevy Duramax PU, to 2000 Suburban LT, and several other SUV's in between. The Hemi has 100 more HP than the 4.7, and although I have no personal eperience with the 4.7, I am told the fuel mileage is worse than the Hemi. The Hemi, with it's cylinder deactivation system is one of the reasons mine would constantly log 20 to 22 mpg highway, and quite often, 18 city...
    Mine was used extensively to pull a 22' aluminum car trailer with either a CRX autocross car, or my 06 Corvette to track day events at various race tracks. Pulling the CRX, highway mileage was always 18mpg, and on level ground could log as much as 19. The 1000lb heavier Corvette dropped mileage by 1 to 1.5 mpg respectively. My spouse loved that vehicle more than she did her first new SUV, a 1995 GC with 5.2V8, which was a fine automobile for the 5 years we owned it. MPG is significantly better with the Hemi... In 68000 miles, the only thing I had to do to this Durango is install new tires at 58000 miles, and new front brake pads at 60000, plus routine maintenance and oil changes every 5000 miles, and I used Mobil 1 oil I do in all my vehicles. I can't speak for the newer models you are seeking, but my 05 is probably the best overall vehicle I have owned...Corvette excepted... 8)
  • I have a 2004 Dodge Durango hemi and my suv is not turning when i try to start it i got the code 10 when i turned the ignition three times does anybody know what that code is???
  • mike1098mike1098 Posts: 2
    I bought a 2001 dodge durango, is 100,000 to many miles for this year vehicle?
  • ozcop1ozcop1 Posts: 6
    To me, the answer would be, it depends... It depends on how well it was maintained and general care during it's 100K miles. I have seen those power trains run more than 150K miles without major issues, but I have also seen them fail at much less...It's difficult to say, but if you have maintenance records, or at least the name and contact info of previous owner, I would be checking them out...ANY vehicle with more than 100K miles, and in many cases less, should be suspect...
  • mike1098mike1098 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your time.Just have to hope for the best!
  • j_rj_r Posts: 2
    I’m trying to find out if anyone has installed a tuned exhaust on a 2000 5.9 Durango, and removed the cat?? I’ve being told due to the sensor after the cat you can’t!! I’m not so sure about that!! Need help? Has any one tried it?
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