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Ford Aerostar Starting/Stalling/Idling Issues



  • I had the same problem. 1995 Aerostar. It snowed and rained and my car would not start. It cranks up but no start.

    Today, I took out the distributer cap off. Inside the cap the "teeth" were rusted. I took sand paper and got rid of the rust. I used sand paper on the rotor as well. I cleaned until all the metal peaces were silver looking (cap and rotor). I placed the rotor and the distributor cap back and it worked. At first I could not start just with the ignition key. I had my father use the helper from the engine and the car started. And now, it starts just fine with only the key.

    So if you Aerostar cranks up due to rain, moisture...
    1. Open the distributer cap
    2. Clean the "teeth" with sand paper inside the cap
    3. Clean the rotor with sand paper
    4. Put everything back the way it was.

    Don't unplug the cables. Check this video as well.

    Mechanics were telling me to replace the cap and wires... which would cost around $40 cap and wires plus $70 labor. I don't think you need to buy a new cap. Just remove the rust with sand paper.

    Getting to the distributer cap is tricky. From inside the car. There is a peace you can take off right under the radio. As soon as you open, you can see the distributer cap. Placing the "under radio cover" back is tricky as well. You need to push from inside the car with you hands, and from under the hood with a 4' stick (I used the back of a broomstick). Push both at the same time until the cover fits back in place. For this you need two people.

    Hope this helps.
  • alex129alex129 Posts: 2
    Can somebody help me? My 97 aerostar makes a click sound when i try to start it, if i move the shifter, or shift lever, back or forward a little it will start but the problem seems to be getting worse every time, is it the switch?, or is there a false contact somewhere inside the column? Thanx for any info you can share. Alex
  • alex129alex129 Posts: 2
    thanx for posting, but my van has a different problem; it doesnt even crank up, it sounds as if the battery cables were loose, but they are tight. Every time, if i move a little the shift lever (maybe half an inch forward or backward) , it cranks and starts without a problem while the shifter is in "P" or in "N". I dont know if the problem is with the ignition switch, or is there any other device that is not letting the current go from the switch to the starter so that it cranks up when i turn the key.
  • That's basically it, the title of this post is what's going on. I googled a few things and came up with the possibility of it being the IAC, I will be cleaning it. However the sound seems to be coming from around the Alternator area, not from the Intake. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to contact me via my real email ( I check everyday ) a n d e m o n 2 6 @ g m a i l . c o m, thanks.
  • it was running just fine, we just got it, it started to stall on deceleration, we thought it might be low on gas that seemed to make it better, it just got us home though, now it wont start, we changed the fuel filter, charged the battery and even changed the battery cords, but it still will not start, we have no idea what to do next, like i said it was running just fine? ant help would be great :sick:
  • The temp gauge is fluctuating while driving and idling. All fluid levels and oil are good.

    No apparent signs of overheating. is it the thermostat? How to replace?
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