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  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 581
    in W. Ga. Actually, much less at the cheaper outlets.
  • mykemmykem Posts: 203
    $1.469 at the Speedway
    $1.569 at the Mobil, Shell and Amoco

    I think it was $1.539 at the Citgo, not sure.

  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 581
    in Montana costs a minimum of $1.59...higher in many places in this state. Did you know that cars or SUV's can run on that stuff....even at high altitudes?
  • mykemmykem Posts: 203
    the only times I saw low octanes like that were in high altitudes.

    I remember Jacksonville, Richmond, DC, all having a minimum of 87 octane (relatively low-lying places), but a gas station on the way to a ski place east of Seattle, and Salt Lake City had 85 octane, right next to the 87, 89 and 90-something.

    Oh yeah... gas price... uhm..

    i think it was 1.549 to-day. :-)

  • scdatmscdatm Posts: 2
    Stuttgart, Germany,

    $3.60 for 87 octane
    as for the other types of gas, the prices just up and up and up, but then again, thats normal and it will always be that high. :(
  • mykemmykem Posts: 203
    down a tick each grade at the local Mobil.

    As for foreign prices, the price has to be mostly tax. Going to things (heresay mostly) like free healthcare, elderly care and everything else in the US has to pay for, it comes out almost even.

    For an extra $2 a gallon ($2 * 15 gal * 52 = $1560) I wouldn't cringe. I paid out the wazoo for insurance I didn't use and Soc. Sec. I'm sure I'll never see.

  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    Lowest self-serve in my neighborhood:

    87 reg ................. 1.709
    89 plus ................ 1.809

    They didn't have the premium price posted.

    Most other places are 1.759 and up for regular, with 0.08 - 0.10 increases between grades.

    Higher prices on the neighbor islands.
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 581
    $1.27 regular in my truck today at lunch. Only got two gallons, just enough to get me to work.... and then this afternoon I'll take different way back to the trailer and load up on $ 1.19 per gallon stuff. The tank should only have about a gallon lift in it by then....after fillup...I'll have enough left over for a beer or two. In prophet's region that savings could buy a 12 pack.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Friends, please post your location when you provide your gas prices so we can all rush over to prophet2's neighborhood and stock up. Thanks!

  • $1.179 for 87 octane

    increments of 10 cents more a gallon for higher grades
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    We have a tremendous "uninsured driver" problem here. Adding $0.25 to 0.50 per gallon, depending on the extent of coverage, would take prices at the self-serve pumps to $2.00 - 2.50 per gallon, not too bad when one considers the overall picture since 20-25% of the vehicles are "uninsured."

    Plus, you couldn't drive to the neighboring state to avoid this; no bridge 2500 miles from Hawaii to California!
  • ccotenjccotenj Posts: 610
    1.59 for texaco premium today. a drop of 2 whole cents! (collingswood, nj).


    ps. i'd gladly pay the extra 40 cents a gallon to hang out with the prophet, at least during the winter months here... :)
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 581
    armpits of the south(ga/al), I trade with a station that sells regular 87 @$1.19. Been that way for a spell......
  • toad10toad10 Posts: 12
    In and around St. louis gas ranges in price from $1.00 to 1.30
  • agt_cooperagt_cooper Posts: 202
    Sheetz in Leesburg - 1.49 for 93 octane (my car requires that type of fuel to run properly)
  • gtt1gtt1 Posts: 63
    87 $1.19 off I10 between Houston and SA, cheapest by 3 cents for 100 miles.
  • ccotenjccotenj Posts: 610
    1.56 for premium yesterday... down a nickle in the last 2 weeks (collingswood nj).

  • OnYerLeftOnYerLeft Posts: 14
    On the way to work this a.m., one station selling reg for $1.28 (this was their price last week, too), three blocks away another selling it for $1.60 (last week this station was at $1.31)! Hmmmm.
  • lynne29lynne29 Posts: 46
    In past two weeks, prices paid, for 93 Octane:

    Monroe Citgo 1.51.9/gal
    Absecon Texaco 1.53.9/gal
    Mays Landing Gulf 1.62.9/gal
    Pomona Coastal 1.62.9/gal
    Pomona Coastal 1.56.9/gal (Friday Special)
    Folsom 322 Citgo 1.46.9/gal
    McKee City Sunoco 1.59.9/gal

    So far, since January 2000, after 10,000 miles, Sunoco seems to give us the best gas mileage. (Seinna 2000)
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    Lorton, VA Texaco- 89 octane $1.61.9
    Dillion, SC South of the Border- 89 octane $161.9
    St. Augustine, FL Exxon- 89 octane $166.9
    Lake Worth, FL Mobil- 89 octane $166.9
    Lake Worth, FL Chevron- 89 octane $1.71.9
    Saint Augustine, FL Shell- 89 octane $161.9
    Dumfries, VA Shell- 89 octane $157.9
    Branford, CT Mobil(today)- 89 octane $175.9

    One thing that I noticed after I arrived in FL is that the price between 87 octane and 89 octane was 15-20 cents MORE! WHEN did this happen or haven't I been paying attention since I started using 89 octane a few weeks ago?

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