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Infiniti QX4



  • endophilendophil Posts: 16
    I had a 1998 QX4 for three years. Reliability was great,but the car wasn't. It was noisy, the engine was underpowered, so so interior. when it was time to purchase a new SUV I was hesitant about another QX4. To my surprise the 2001 is a great SUV. It's quiet, great engine,classy interior. Infiniti made this the SUV I always wanted.This is definitly not a pathfinder in my eyes. It has so much more class. For all you people looking to compare QX4 is the way to go. The mpg is still terrible,but you can't have everything. Maybe Infinity will correct that next.For all you RX300 fans out there it is a great SUV. To me it is fine for a woman not a real SUV. Just an opinion.
  • sally20sally20 Posts: 1
    I had originally had the same impressions with respect to the QX4 being basically the same as the LE Pathfinder. It is in the mechanical. However upon test driving both back to back I can say that the QX4 definitly drives smoother over washboard type road surfaces and bumps. It is also generally a more quiet vehicle in comparison to the Pathfinder LE. Also, I believe that the seating is more comfortable, probably due to the different grade of leather. The difference in drive feel was explained to primarily in the suspension tuning and larger 17" wheels that the QX4 has. Also, supposedly Infinity puts in more sound insulation into the product vs the Pathfinder. Is it worth the extra dollars? My wife thinks so and that's the end of it!
  • vkraynovvkraynov Posts: 8
    This is a beaten up topic, but there are a few interesting and expensive options on QX4, which are not available on PF - some of which are in no particular order:

    Xenon headlamps
    electroluminescent dash
    better sound insulation
    4th year of warranty
    free loaner car for service

    The drive is definitely smoother on QX4, as many people noticed, and I agree (I bought QX4 three months ago, after having test-driven both within two hours of each other). Arguably, '01 QX4 has a cleaner executed interior (wood trim panelling covering cup holders between front seats for example, or wood inlayed steering wheel). The difference in price is more like $2500, not $5000, which is less than 8% of the vehicle total price. The same incentives are available on QX4, as on PF, including 3.9% financing currently. It's anybody's call whether the above is worth the premium. Both are great trucks.
  • curtnheidicurtnheidi Posts: 36
    Just got a 1999 QX4, and it seems a noisy at speeds over 25mph. It sounds as if the exhaust is the culprit. I haven't taken it to the dealership yet, just thought I would get some input from the forum. Is this common? Anyone have similar experience?

  • pmallonpmallon Posts: 1
    I have a 98 QX4 and yes, it gets noisy as your accelerating. According to reviews and comments I have been reading its normal. The QX4's are notorious for sounding like they are straining but they are not, Its a powerful(underpowered) reliable engine. They are also know to downshift at high RPM's. What I do is control my engine...If I am getting on a highway or increasing speed, I push it to X rpm and release the pedel a bit until it downshifts, then increase speed. The engne is built to last and I hope the 2001 240hp is a huge difference, I am thinking about trading in my 98 for a 2001. I need more power. But everything else I am happy with, It's a really solid truck and the interior is solid as well. Does anyone have an opinion on the difference of the 170-240 hp?, can you really feel a difference. I know it will be faster but is it quieter and smoother???
  • endophilendophil Posts: 16
    There is an absolute difference in power,smoothness,definitly less noisy. The 2001 QX4 is a totally different SUV than the 1998 or 1999.Like I said before, the only similarity is the gas mileage still sucks
  • bfannbfann Posts: 8
    we drove the qx4 last week and loved it. has anyone heard of any lease deals going on with this car? thanks
  • pfleegpfleeg Posts: 10
    No lease deals that I'm aware of, at least there weren't any when I researched recently for the Colorado area. They do have a 3.9% financing deal in effect until the end of this month that is a great deal over any rates you'll find with either e-loan or the other online financing centers. I just bought a 2001 QX4 last Thursday and absolutely love the vehicle. Performed like a champ in the Colorado Rockies over the weekend.
  • hvarsovhvarsov Posts: 1
    quiet, comfortable, the best seat of them all, classy and luxurious ride-----that is the qx4--------I rode them all and checked them all out and if you have to have a truck, this is the closest to a car like ride you are going to find--------add a small sub woofer to the radio and it will be the perfect car/suv-------The Bridgestone tires are softer and quieter than the Michelin tires and i dont care if they wear out faster---I love my 2001 qx4
  • eds1300eds1300 Posts: 71
    Has anyone replaced their factory speakers?
    I'm getting too much static noise from
    both of the front door speakers. I also
    have to re-tighten the spare tire holder
    every 4 months due to squeeky noise
    coming from that area. So far 16,000 miles
    and I absolutly enjoy this vehicle.
  • ace10ace10 Posts: 137
    that's exactly one of the reason that you purchased the qx4 instead of the pathfinder, right?

    have the dealer replace the speaker and permanently fix the rattling spare tire.

  • metmdxmetmdx Posts: 255
    Anybody have info on changes to the "Q" for the 2002 model year?
    Thanks !
  • Hi everyone. Just got a new black '01 QX4 and I'm loving it. I was wondering what all modifications/additions people have made to their qx4's so far. Eds1300, I noticed a similar squeeking/rattling sound from the spare tire and static from the speakers... were the dealers able to fix the problems?...and if so what all did they do?
    (thanks again 4 the help and info)...

  • jscatenajscatena Posts: 61
    Be careful if you try to tighten. There are two bumpers under there that, if allowed to rub, will rub the finish off your alloy wheel.
  • I have a 2001 QX4 AWD with 5,000 miles. I took it in to the dealer for oil change and needed to have the tires rotated due to cupping on the front. I only drive city streets and some highway. I had been leaving transmission in "auto" instead of rear-wheel drive. I have Michelin tires. Does this tire wear seem normal? Could there be something wrong with the front-end? Other advice?
  • Does anyone know what the Front to Rear weight distribution is on the 2001 QX4 4WD ?
    Thank you
  • eds1300eds1300 Posts: 71
    I have not taken my vehicle to the dealer in Dallas, but will soon. I will update this board after. One advice for those new QX4 owners, please check your tire pressure, when I purchased
    mine at Crest Infiniti in Plano my tire pressure
    was at 55 psi due to the summer heat.
    Good luck to everyone.
  • dbarnumdbarnum Posts: 1
    I've narrowed my mid size search to the QX4 & am close to buying. Is regular gas ok or is it nec'y to use higher octane?

    p.s. great site
  • I recently took in my 2001 QX4 with 4,996 miles for the first oil change. My Michelin tires showed cupping on the front, so a tire rotation was necessary. I had been driving in "Auto" 4WD instead of "2WD" (rear wheel drive). Has anyone else had this problem ? What causes cupping? I drive mainly city streets, some highway. I use Regular gas with no problems, and I am getting 15 MPG. I love this vehicle.
  • piwitopiwito Posts: 4
    Help! I am in the market for a '97 or '98 qx4, unfortunate I cannot afford the '01 model,
    Any comments are appreciated, I have been reading about the not enough power and about being to noisy at lower speeds or when accelerating. Now I am having doubts.
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