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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • r178r178 Posts: 10
    I've seen this link while reading throughout the forum. They have what seems to be great deals (which is really hard to tell since I'm looking only at pictures over the web) Does anyone have experience with buying vehicles on the web? If you guys/gals have any spare time check 'em out and let me know your opinion.

    I guess with anything else in life it has its pros and cons, just thought maybe some experienced car buyers out there could state the obvious that I may miss. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

    V/R YN2

  • I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who thinks the 18" tires are worthless offroad.
  • Kind of looks like a bloated lunch box. Way too pricey for a GM truck.
  • Well, my Mother just test drove one about 2 weeks ago. She liked it alot, but she had some issues. 1) the warranty sucks (3/36) You can get an extended, but you are going to pay a lot for it (2 - 4 grand, and they arn't that great). 2) The gas mileage is horrible (8-10 city 12 highway) Granted, you would not buy this for the mpg, but come on... 3) It is big. This may not be a problem, but if you can't fit it in your garage, time to take out a home improvement loan.....!!!!! 4). You can't get any other type of engine, just the 6Litre V8.. Other than that, it was a comfortable ride, very spacious (not as much head room though)...

  • Thanks for the info. I believe the warranty repair was for a faulty windows mech. I just put over a 1000 miles on it (in 2 weeks), and I still love going out side to take a look at it.

    I have to say, while the 18" wheels might not be great off-road, they look fantastic on this truck. To me, the 16" wheels just don't look as good...

  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    You are right about the repair. And you had the same opinion about the 18" rims and tires that our marketing people found with their research. As an aside on this, the New Range Rover wasn't on the market a week before we had requests if 22-24" wheels would fit the vehicle.
  • kbowenkbowen Posts: 58
    Sounds like typical Ford decisions. 18" wheels because they look good; independent suspension because it rides nice; and so on. I fear the Land Rover line is turning into the stuff soccer moms, not off roaders, dream about. But the 18" size is not the problem, it's the low profile of the tire. Why not a larger rim with a beefy tire. I bought the DII because the Jeep Grand Cherokee I had didn't cut it off road. Just this summer alone--my first real off road vacation in the D2-- I had 4 (that's FOUR)flats in two weeks, all off road. I bought this vehicle for it's toughness, and it is indeed tough; so why put ballerina slippers on it and continue to soften it up so you have nothing more than an over priced Explorer. If it ain't broke.........
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The decision to use 18" rims and the necessary low profile tires (there is only so much clearance to be had) was made in 1998. Ford did not buy Land Rover until June of 2000. The prior owner? BMW! They were also the owners when New Range Rover (with 4 wheel independent suspension) was designed. British Aerospace was in charge when Freelander was concieved and BMW was in charge when it was launched in 1997 in Europe. Please criticize the right company. :) Your comments on the trend to soften all SUV's is on target, but that is a direct response to realities of the marketplace. ACE equipped vehicles were seen as being more for people who wanted improved on-road handling and ride as opposed to off-road capabilities, hence the 18" rims and tires. Given that even Land Rover's are used off road by less than 15-20% of their customers, to a marketing person the decision made sense.
  • jlzjlz Posts: 5
    Recently, I got a small dent on windshield on my '01 Disco. I was waiting 'till
    January to replace it, and apply insurance deductible toward the next
    year. Couple of nights later, it was cold enough for Disco to automatically start
    blowing hot air directly to the windshield. Immediately, small dent became big crack across
    almost entire windshield. So, I told goodbye to my deductible and arranged
    with my local dealer to replace it. They hired some outside glass repair shop,
    and job was done in one day (never mind that I had to reattach hose to the windshield
    water nozzles). Few days later, I opened the cargo door and noticed that the plastic buttons
    that cover screws that hold plastic paneling around left rear glass panel were popped
    out. Also, I noticed that left rear glass panel has no wires on it, while right panel was wired.
    I don't remember not having wires on that panel, and went back to dealership. They
    told me that these wires are antennas (thought they are glass heaters) and that most
    of Discos come with both sides wired, but in rare cases, such is mine, only single panel
    comes wired. Asked about popped out buttons, answer was these things happen all the
    time. What is the probability of pop-ups happening exactly at the time of windshield replacement?
    Probability is small, but these things happen, remember, all the time.
    Is it my love toward Disco turned to paranoia, or I was hit by chop-shop job?
    Any idea how to check what kind of glass was originally installed?
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    give me the last 8 of your VIN and I'll check it out
  • jlzjlz Posts: 5
    Last 8 digits of the VIN number are:

  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Your vehicle is an LE model that only had an antenna in the RH Glass. Only the SE and HSE models have the dual diversity antennas.
  • jlzjlz Posts: 5
    Thanx, tincup. Glad it is only paranoia. :)
  • jj02jj02 Posts: 1
    Anyone had any experience with tornado-fuel saver?
    I seen this on TV commercial but I not really sure this can save gas and add 5 to 10 more horse!! Please let hear about this!
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Don't you think that if something like this worked that manufacturers would put it on as standard equipt.? Especially the companies that are having a hard time meeting CAFE requirements or have vehicles criticized as being gas guzzlers? Free HP and more MPG by a relatively inexpensive device that is not specifically tailored to each vehicle is entirely unrealistic. manufacturers are spending millions trying to obtain these goals. This is just another in a long line of products that have only one real effect for the consumer, the lightening of their wallets. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,958
    Check out the The accessories to improve mileage and extend engine life discussion for more snake oil talk.

    Steve, Host
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I've found The ultimate accessory to extend engine life and increase mileage!! And it actually WORKS!! You won't believe what a simple device it is, and how utterly bombproof:

    Sneakers and a mtn bike.

    Let's see, 17,600 miles in 4 years, that's equivalent to $5456.00 in auto expenses at current IRS rates. Deduct the price of the bike (and allllllllllll those groovy parts) and I'm still ahead almost $3000. Plus lower medical bills and I can RUN up stairs, not trudge.

    Anyone want to join me? Let's explore alternate transportation this month... I'm thinking x-c skis to work?
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    I have a question in the Freelander topic if you have the time. Thanks!!!
  • First, thanks to all for your informative discussion over the past several months, especially tincup. You have helped considerably toward my next purchase. I'm replacing a Grd Cherokee with either a Disco SE7 (X-plan) or Honda Pilot EX-L. I need a third seat and something that will climb the coastal mountains on my family's property in the Big Sur area. Obviously for this reason the Disco is preferable, as I have used every bit of the Jeep's V8 and Quadradrive system climbing steep knolls when the road washes out. I'm hoping that if I end up getting the Pilot that some Bridgestone Revo's will aid its off-road ability. Which I guess is like putting hiking boots on a ballerinia :)

    The only things holding me back from the Disco is its resale value and my wife's complaints about the narrow and awkward rear door openings, as we will soon have 2 boys in car seats. I will be writing off 75% of the vehicle's miles for business, either as a lease or depreciation, and will most likely keep either vehicle for 3 years. My question is: How bad is the depreciation after 3 years for the Disco, and how hard is it to sell (i.e., will I be taking a bath). FWIW, I will definitely downgrade to the S's 16" wheels and Michelins.


  • kbowenkbowen Posts: 58
    I guess my real beef then should be with the dealer. I expressed doubt that the low profile tires would do well off road, and I made it very clear I was considering the DII strictly because of it's off road abilities. The salesman assured me the 18" tires would perform well off road and that the ACE system provided more wheel articulation which enhanced off road capability. He was absolutely wrong about the tires, but I guess the point is that Land Rover should at least offer a decent tire for off road use for those who want the ACE system. Presently, at least my dealer tells me, if you get the ACE, there is no other tire option, and therein lies the problem.
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