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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    The factory recommends (at least for the DI) rotating front to back on the same side every 5k miles. That's also a good time to check your brake pads! If you have a fullsize spare then you can put it into the rotation too and extend all the tires' lives.

    The factory does a lot of testing to come up with their inflation numbers. You'll be safe with what they publish, but in my humble opinion you'd be fine at 34/38 too. A good check is to go for a nice fast drive then jump out and feel your tires. If they feel hot then chances are they're flexing too much and are underinflated. You'll also start to see wear patterns at the tread edges and not in the middle. Conversely you'll see wear in the middle and not at the edges (and they'll be nice and cool) if they're overinflated.

    Hope this helps!
  • kbowenkbowen Posts: 58
    My son has a 2002 Freelander with 16K miles on it. While his wife was driving, she suddenly heard a roaring metallic noise. She took it to Land Rover and they told her the brake pads were so badly worn that they had "ate" into the rotors; that both the front rotors and brake pads had to be replaced at a cost of $600.00 plus. She is adamant that the pads never made any type of squeaking noise to indicate they were low; that the noise came on suddenly. Also 16K seems just a little premature for total pad/rotor failure. My 2001 DII has 37K and the pads are only 1/2 worn. I believe I read somewhere that there is an issue with defective rotors on some Land Rover products. Do you, or any of the other readers, have any info or suggestions?
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I believe her... when my pads go, they just GO with no warning. I have had the same thing happen (sheepishly admitting not watching my pads close enough here). You hit the brakes and think HOLY SMOKES WHAT IS THAT?!! Sometimes though, it's just a little gravel in the caliper. Try reversing and it comes right out.

    From wearing my pads to a nubbin, I've wound up with some concentric grooves in the rotors. I just bought new pads, put 'em in, bled the brakes, and drove it. I let the pads take a good long time to "bed in" to match the contours of the small grooves, and in a couple days my brakes were good as new. The grooves polished right up to a high gloss.

    If the grooves are pretty bad, I'd say yeah... replace the rotors. But if they're minor I'd drive it. But do pay attention to the minimum rotor thickness. You do NOT want a rotor to come apart while you're driving.

    I bet your son gets half the pad life that you do for good reason. *wink* My pads last about 15-18k miles and I drive pretty reasonably.

    I'm still on my original rotors at 84k miles... I haven't heard of overly soft or flawed rotors.
  • kkonekkone Posts: 61
    I have a 2003 Disco. I want to get a set of chains for my truck. Can someone tell me if Land Rover requires chains to meet the SAE CLASS "S" for restricted clearance requirements? I see two versions available 4.5MM and 3.8MM "S".
  • I have actually removed the jump seats in my '03 Disco. I like the extra room in the back without the "storage bins" that normally takes their place. If you purchase some rear cargo nets, you can place a cooler or other misc items nicely in the holes. Cosmetically it looks fine – when you remove the seats, there is a ‘H’ shape hole in the rear panels where the seats are suppose to latch up to. If it really bothers me, I might place a piece of black leather over it.

    Installing jump seats, really isn’t that bad either. LR actually has instructions on the RAVE CD on how to install them. The main items needed are the two seats, rear panels, and the mounting brackets onto the floor. You should be able to make the conversion in less than a day. If you purchase the items thru LR you will pay a few thousand dollars but I have seen these for sell on ebay on for $1000 or so.

    Hope this helps.
  • I am driving a 2000 dII and am looking at towing a light trailer. I have come across 2 very different prices. I can spend $220 for the LR package or shell out $65 for a trailer shop to do the work.. Is there truly this much of a difference? Can someone talk me out the trailer shop ($65) deal? Other than, " you pay for what you get"... what is there? Do I need to worry about compatibility etc?
  • Thank you cwdavis4 regarding DiscoII jump sets.

    It sounds like removing them is actually not too difficult and nets a good amount of storage space. I can then not worry about excluding seven-seaters when I look at used DIIs.

    Thank you.
  • I have towed cars and trailers with my old Disco I for over 3,000 miles and the Disco never skipped a beat. I was pretty darn close to the 5,500 lb. limit for high range towing too and it handled the mountains of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia without a hitch - pun intended ;-)

    I used the dealer kit for my hitch but you can really go with the $65 shop special. The Rover wiring kit attempts to translate the bizarre European wiring methodology into US wiring and then the dealer had to add a non-Rover adapter to convert from the Euro converted line to the U-Haul standard (yup, pretty unusual). Bottom line was that the wiring looked like Rube Goldberg did it even when I had the Rover dealer install it.

    Just make sure your shop supplied hitch has the correct drop so that your trailer rides on an even keel and make sure the shop tightens the ball with a torque wrench to the recommended torque. Don’t want that trailer flying away!

    Have fun.
  • Hey Paul, I would definitely not rule out any D2 7 seaters because of the extra seats. If fact, the exact color / options combo that I wanted only came in a HSE7 model. Since the LR dealership couldn't find a non-7 model, I made them not charge me for the price difference or I wasn’t going to get the Disco.

    If you feel uncomfortable removing the seats, tell the dealership that they will have to remove them for free as well. Can you them put them in your garage for future use or sell them for $1K or so.

    Good luck.
  • I have a Disco II with the rear fog lights, and I have (2) questions:

    1. what lights in the rear are supposed to come on? On mine the left side turn signal lite is lighted and on the right side the red light next to the turn signal is lighted?

    2. Is this correct for the rear fog lights and has anyone ever used this option on there disco?

    thanks for any help....
  • Okay so I have a 99 Disco II and I believe it has the SLS option. (it has the air springs on the back)

    I will be towing my boat with this car and I was very intrigued to know that I can actually lower the rear suspension on this car.

     My question is can that only be done with the remote or is there a way to do it similar to raising the back end with the switch on the dash ?

    thanks again....
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    On the DI there is a separate bulb for the fog lights. They only come on when you have your running lights on and hit the switch. On the DI they're behind a red lens and located just beneath the running/brake light pair.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The rear foglamps should light the red lamps in the bumper.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    You can lower the rear suspension only by using the Remote. The dash switch will only raise it or return it to the standard ride height. The SLS system will also not operate if any of the doors are open.
  • Been looking for Disco's for a few months now. Being patient and taking my time, want a good one.
    I was wondering if Tincup or anyone could look into a vin number for me. It's a Canadian vehicle, not sure if that makes a difference?

    This is an SD model that actually has the jump seats in the back?? Cloth seats. Does anyone here have cloth seats? If so are they any good for wear and tear and mud and sand etc. The vehicle has 110,000kms ( 70,000 miles?). They are asking $15,900 canadian so about $2 American :-)
  • So Tincup,

    I guess mine are wired wrong since one of my turn signal lamps light up with the rear fog lights.

    question: do you think I could pull out the light assemblys in the bumper and see if there are some erroneous connections?

    I dont want to have the dealer fix this because it = $$$

    any thoughts???
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The problem could be as simple as the wrong wire is plugged into the wrong lamp socket. When you turn on the turn signal on that side of the vehicle, does the red light blink? The harnesses plug into the removable sockets that hold the bulbs. It could be someone just put the sockets or wires in the wrong sides of the lamp.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    This looks like a pretty good vehicle, no major issues fixed under warranty. The cloth on the Discoverys seems to wear pretty well, you can see how well by looking at the condition of the vehicle you are looking at. 70,000 kms and 6 years will take it's toll if the covers aren't up to wear and tear.
  • Thank you very much for checking it out for me. Can you happen to tell if it was serviced for all the oil changes and tune ups that Land Rover recommends? Once again thanks for checking it out.
  • tbbtbb Posts: 5
    I see that a couple of members of this forum have access to a vehicles history through the VIN. Is this info available online? Do you have to be a dealer to get this info? I'm asking because I'm researching 02 and 03 disco's, I think I've found one that I like, it only has a 1000 miles, and I want to make sure it hasn't had a rough childhood. If anyone has any info, the VIN is SALTW164X3A823280. TIA

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