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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Build date was 3/21/97
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Built on a Friday?? I hope it's a morning car, and not afternoon: "Engine? Ah, who needs an engine, mate? Let's off to the pub!"

  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The vehicle seems to have been serviced regularly, and has had no major problems
  • Buy the Rover...Yes you may have more trouble than the McJapanese SUV's, but at least there is not one on every block (for the most part). Buy the extended warranty if it is offered. I just had my 1998 Disco in for the 30K service, and they pulled about another grand in warranty work.
    Good luck!
  • razteorazteo Posts: 38
    Suburban need less gas than Disco!? What is wrong with this engine?
    Has low performance after all. How is the engine after few years? Is only 4.0. The BMW 4.4, is geting 18 mpg-city!
    This XXL mpg (13 mpg-city!), is make me ask myself what's all about this SUV. Is only the british flavor? What else?
    I love the design inside/ourside, and unmistakeble apearance, but. .who is going to pay for gas?
  • I put forth a simple question to Land Rover North America. "Can the local Land Rover dealer negotiate off of MSRP? They say LR North America does not allow them to negotiate off of MSRP"

    Here is the answer via e-mail: "Land Rover retailers provide their vehicles at a price they determine internally based on market and region. The sales feature of the retailer is not monitered by Land Rover North America, as we are a distributer for vehicles manufactured by Land Rover United Kingdom. All pricing and sales tools used are independent policies designed and implemented at the retailer management. We would recommend contacting another Land Rover retailer in your area for a more comprehensive pricing comparison. Land Rover retailers can be found by searching our online database at, or by contacting our Owner Care department at (800) 637-6837 weekdays from 8am-8pm EST" All I wanted was a simple yes or no!
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    They just used corporation speak. Most companies today would answer the same way. Many times there are legal considerations involved not known to the general public.
  • I have a question: is the wiring to your air bags yellow? and are the sensors in the front of the engine compartment, behind the head lamps??? I was visiting my mechanic yesterday and he was adding accessories to another '96 almost identical to mine except the kid put over 2grand worth of gadgets on it!... well, I won't even go one about that.... anyway his disco was built 1/96 and mine 6/96 yet I have no exposed yellow wiring for the air bags, nor the front sensors!! Any input?? In six months did LR change the location for the sensors? did they put the wiring in the cabin area instead? Any and all input appreciated.. THANKS!! LK
  • erikjerikj Posts: 14
    It's a little off-topic, but I remember what happened to Apple Computer when they strayed away from the corporate story. The fine print in one of their national ads quoted the price of some new model as: "$3495 List (but who pays list anymore?)". Their dealers went ballistic and the ad was pulled pretty quickly.

    I think you got a pretty good answer from LRNA. If you reduce the verbage, you get a "Yes". However, many LR dealers are owned by LRNA itself, which might impose limits on discounts. Dealers not owned by LRNA always seem to find more latitude to deal.

    If you are ready to buy, go in on the last day of the month and you'll probably strike a decent deal. In my case, I checked out the inventory once a week for a month before I bought. I got to know what day of the week the new trucks came in. At the end of the month, a truck configured how I wanted was unspoken for, and I drove away at just above 7% off list. That was April of '99 when D-IIs were very new and still pretty scarce.

    Moving units off the lot can at times be as important as the margin on the car itself. Most dealers make a mint on service, especially warranty work ;-). If you have a great buying experience and get a good deal, they'll get it all back (plus more) over the next few years.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Are owned by LRNA, all are independent businesses.
  • rkoeslerrkoesler Posts: 62
    Well, I'm still here ! Hello "wasko"! I still can't believe that people are complaining so much about LR gas mileages. I've yet to get less than 16.5 mpg on my 00 DII (unless I'm off-road, in low box). I get 19 on the highway. I've said it many times before, that is better, or just as good, as my Toyota 4x4 (small) truck. And off-road, there is NO comparison.

    Also, at 15,000 miles, I've not yet had even one problem to complain about, aside from the minor, occasional body or suspension noise you hear when the road is rough.

    I went to the Int'l. auto show two days ago, and planted my butt in every SUV there - there is nothing that compares to the land rover in style, comfort, seating position, and I'm sure, off-road ability. Most of these damn "carified" SUV's all look the same, and your [non-permissible content removed] is way down in the seat , just like a stupid car. I thank god I was smart enough to get a square, box like, real truck before FORD ruins it and turns it into a mamamobile.
  • erikjerikj Posts: 14
    Oops. I had thought otherwise.

    - EJ
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    have a lot of money tied up in their dealerships, especially the stand alone Centres. There are at present 130 Land Rover dealers in the US, 87 are Centres. Sales last year were about 28,000 vehicles, so on average a retailer sells 17 vehicles per month. That's one reason that their isn't a lot of discounts on Land Rover's. An average medium domestic dealer sells 2-300 cars per month, and they are constantly undercutting each other, hence they sell at just over invoice.
  • dakota16dakota16 Posts: 1
    About one year ago I purchased a new 2000 Discovery II fully loaded from Land Rover Mission Viejo, California. My experience was not a pretty one. After driving the truck home, the next morning at startup the drivers seat failed to work and the ACE suspension also failed and would not work, due to a broken ACE actuator. Taking 2 weeks to get a part to fix. Next the truck would steer and veer dangerously and after a dealer inspections, they found the steering stabilizer had disconnected. This with less then 100 miles. One week later, my wife took it to the store and our children ages 4-2 and 6 mos got locked/trapped inside. Nothing would unlock the doors and when the key was tried in the drivers door it would just spin, it was hooked to nothing. Very scary! The story goes on and on, the truck has had 72 problem, here are the highlights. Front differential spun a bearing front gears and bearings changes-2330 miles, Brakes failed-replaced 3 times rotors and pads-450 miles. Locks on entire truck changed 3 times due to malfunction. Windshield heating element broke had to be replace, one week later new windshield cracked due to poor installation. Lights inside worked right maybe a handful of times. Truck leaked everywhere, ACE pump,tranny. At startup truck would smoke due to a bad valve seat. Transmission fluid line exploded on highway almost causing a major crash, then ABS brakes failed due to trans fluid spraying on them. Seat switches, window motors, locks, windshield, drive train, transmission, brakes, idler pulley . This truck was in the shop all the time, $18000 in warranty service work in the first 6 months. This is the first time I had a problem with transportation. I wish this experience on no-one, I bought a Lemon. My point in writing this is more about the hassle of owning a Lemon. I was not treated well by Land Rover USA or Land Rover Mission Viejo. No customer should have to go through the hassles offered by Land Rover. It took me 1 year, a Lemon Law lawyer and the loss of a family transpotation to finally get them to take it back. When I did take it in to get my money back, the dealer tried to charge me over $3000 for bogus repairs. They cracked the headlight washer cover which is plastic and failed and had to be fixed under warranty. They wanted $300 for a $20 plastic cover. The dealers love these trucks, because they get paid warranty monies to fix these things. They make out while you drive a rent a car. What I did after two weeks of delivery, was not make a payment to BMW leasing, for the duration 1 year. The Lemon Law lawyer, told the leasing company they too would be brought into the suit, so they took no payments and did not report on credit. BMW credit was very understanding and a class act. Next the lawyer had the truck independantly looked at and verified all problems. If you are looking to buy one be careful, a machine can be fixed or replaced, but the time and effort involved for me was such burden on me and my family. I have owned many new cars and trucks, many Mercedes, including a ML 320 which was traded in on this Land Rover. The customer service through the Mercedes brand is much better, Land Rover has along way to go. My final comment is when I went to buy that Land Rover, I wanted something to drive and explore with. I did not want a truck that I had to take to the dealer every week. My Mercedes' get service 2 to 3 times during a 2 year lease and then get turn back in, that what I expect. Good luck to all current and future owners.
  • patmarcpatmarc Posts: 2
    Just an update on my Rover experience so far. My 2000 DII, loaded sans ACE, now has 15000 miles. So far we have put up with 1) small coolant leak (yippee, I'm a "real Roverer"), 2)one burnt parking light, 3)one check engine lighting after a torrential rainstorm, 4)electrical failure caused by wire short, 5)stabilizer bar replacement caused by improper towing (see#4).
    Everything was replaced/restored under warranty by an extremely courteous service department. When She runs there is nothing better. When problems happen, I can't wait to get her out of the shop.
    My Toyota pickup is as reliable as my Seiko watch but there is no emotional attachment. The Seiko resides in my bureau, the Toyota spends most of the time at the deer lease. The Discovery that I drive, like the Omega that I wear, was hand-built by craftsmen that were focused with the task of building the best product that they could make (hopefully not just before or after a soccer weekend).
    Are there vehicles with better build records? No argument there, yes. Would I own them? Why bother, I already have one of the best purpose-built, fun, luxurious, vehicles made.
    Last note, I have nothing against the gas mileage. I just wish that it was regular fuel that it burned. And, judging from previous posts it looks like how the Dealership handles your "challenges" makes all the difference in how your come to appreciate your truck.

    Happy Rovering,
  • mwilmemwilme Posts: 8
    We took at a look at a Disco this last weekend and I was surprised at the small door openings. The front doors only seem to open to about 60 degrees and the rear doors about the same with a narrower opening and the chance as you get out to rub your pants/dress/coat over the body metal of the wheel arch potentiall transferring road dirt to your clothes.

    Is this something that is a real world issue ???
  • erikjerikj Posts: 14
    The door openings are smaller (especially in back) mainly because the D-II wheelbase is pretty short (100"). The short wheelbase is an example of the overall D-II design bias for off-road use.

    I have 2 small kids. The oldest has no problem scampering in and out without getting dirty as long he does not rub up or (more typically) lean on the tires (an issue for any car). My youngest has to be put into a child seat by hand. The height of the car can make it awkward for less-than-tall people to maneuver a small child into the car seat. But that's not usually a door-size issue.

    The rear arch can get dusty after off-roading, but not so much from regular use. I live in a dry climate so someone else might have to comment on how wet the arch gets in rainy weather. In any case, I can't recall a problem getting clothes messed up by the wheel arch.

    Hope this helps,

    - EJ
  • mwilmemwilme Posts: 8
    Reading through the posts on this baord there are a lot of negative posts. Now either the LR is a 'bad' vehicle with a range of problems or the people who have the problems are posting them and the happy owners are out off roading and not posting.

    which is it ?

    Please try to be fair.

    Also - TMV for an SD is quoted by Edmunds at 31,720, which seems reasonable. Does anyone know if LR is offering special financing or leasing on this vehicle or what the forecast resuidual is at 3 years / 36K miles ?
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Land Rover has a $399 Lease on the SD and has reduced the customer down payment $1000 to $1995. They also have 4.9 financing for 36 month, 5.9 financing on 48/60 month purchases.
  • jwl2001jwl2001 Posts: 1
    We purchased a 2001 Land Rover Discovery Series II last October in San Diego. Its a Silver SE7, with ACE and lightstone interior. As a side note, it did not have the rear air. The benefit is you have more rear cargo room than rear air equipped vehicles.

    Based on several of the negative posts on this site, we were somewhat skeptical to proceed, but based on comparison test drives of Jeep Grand Cherokee, BMW X5, Toyota 4Runner and the likes, the Discovery met our needs the best - real off-road capability, 7 passenger capacity, and a luxury feel. Fit and finish was the best, quality feel/toughness was by far the best, the ACE suspension gave the best road feel and confidence, versatility was best, ride height and panaromic viewing was the best, and looks were unique and attractive.

    We were able to negotiate $2000 off list.

    To date, we've accumulated approximately 7000 miles, all of which have been trouble free. The ride is tight, the engine, though relatively low on power compared to other SUV's, is adequate, the fuel economy ranges between 14 and 17 (city/highway). There haven't been any squeaks and rattles to speak of.

    We've had it off-road numerous times and the vehicle is amazing. Recently during a blizzard while skiing at Big Bear, we were comfortably passing all the other 4X4's, (Big Chevy's pick-ups, other SUV's,). You could tell they were frustrated in that they could not catch up. The Discovery was absolutely stable and confident at speeds the others wouldn't dare - and we didn't have chains! During another outing in the Cuymaca's, a driver in a Toyota pick-up approached us and ask if were having any difficulties - naturally, we weren't, but he was getting stuck everywhere in the deep snow and mud!

    Anyway, in summary, the vehicle is delightful to own and drive, has been as reliable as anything else I've owned, and to date, though limited, the dealer experience has been solid.
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