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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • zero3zero3 Posts: 1
    Hi, I am thinking about buying one very soon and am doing research. Many of you are very unhappy with this truck and some love it. I live in New England and an all road truck is needed for 2/3 of the year. My car is just not cutting it and it is almost 10 years old. Anyway my goal is to get an SUV to deal with harsh weather and last about 10 years in good shape. So if anyone could post or email your thoughts and advice I would be thankful. If you hate this truck please tell me why and what if you could buy again pick. The max I am able to spend is $40,000. Thank You all for your time and help. My email is

  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    It's been said many times before, but owning a Rover is a love/hate thing. If you get a good one then you're in for years of exceptional service. If you get a bad one then you're in for incredible headaches. If your service department will work (HARD) with you, then you will solve the problems, resulting in the truck you want.

    My experience followed the 2nd route, though with not quite as much trouble as others have had. My service folks went the distance (Land Rover Anchorage... GREAT guys) and I'm happy as a clam at high tide. I wouldn't own any other truck. But when I'd owned it for 3 or 4 months I was ready to GIVE the !#@$%#!^ truck back to them and be done with it.

    These are hand-built trucks. There is nothing "magic" about them, they are simply trucks but there are complex systems and parts are expensive. They are supremely capable offroad and in poor conditions... which is why I own one. I won't trust my family with anything less.

    I work on my own vehicles, and these are easy to work on. There are many excellent discussion groups on the web and they'll bend over backward to answer your questions. But you've got to be proactive, and do the maintenance. You'll get your hands very dirty, very often... but before 6 months are out, you'll be driving a truck you've named... not just "bought". People name the things that matter to them, not their appliances.

    That's what this boils down to... your high expectations, the way the truck more than meets these expectations, and the violation of trust you will feel when she lets you down. If you do your work, then she probably won't ever strand you or break in the bush. If you don't, then you're gambling.

    Take your time, pick out a good year-old truck with service history. Let someone else take the first-owner bath and produce service visits for you. Investigate everything, then make your decision. If you're lucky you might find one that someone HAD to part with unwillingly, with few service visits. She's your baby.

    Regards, -Bob

    '96 Disco "Anuqa"
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    I see a lot of '95-'97 Discos for sale in the $16k-$20k range.

    What years are best? What years or models to avoid?
  • I have a question: is the wiring to your air bags yellow? and are the sensors in the front of the engine compartment, behind the head lamps??? I was visiting my mechanic yesterday and he was adding accessories to another '96 almost identical to mine except the kid put over 2grand worth of gadgets on it!... well, I won't even go one about that.... anyway his disco was built 1/96 and mine 6/96 yet I have no exposed yellow wiring for the air bags, nor the front sensors!! Any input?? In six months did LR change the location for the sensors? did they put the wiring in the cabin area instead? Any and all input appreciated.. THANKS!! LK
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    On 96-on Discoverys after Vin TA534103/TA198222 (2 production lines) they went to a single point sensing system on the airbags. This did away with the remote front sensors, they put the sensor in the SRS ECU in the console. The wiring in the SRS harness should still be yellow, but it does not run into the engine compartment.
  • Just wanted to introduce myself.
    Live in Melbourne Australia, own a 1995 Disco Dual Fuel(Petrol & LPG),BFG M/T 245/75r16's. looking at trading in on a DII at end of year. Love getting out anywhere in the aussie bush and exploring. Lots of scratches = lots of fun.
    I have an initial question. Recently lost one of the end rubber caps off the right front axle, along with some diff oil while out bush. Replaced the cap, about a week later the left one goes but no oil lost...hmmmmm

    Anyway good to be here.... Lester
  • rj17rj17 Posts: 7
    Greeting all! I soon will be in the market for a 01/02 Disco LE7. I have thought it out long & hard and I'm going with my heart. Those other pretender suv's, you can have them. Keeping up with the Jones' is for the birds(Ford,Chevy ect.). It's time to lead. I'm looking to purchase around June. However,I hear that the 02's will have a design change. Does anyone have any information on what this new design is going to look like. I have gone to the LR's web site and located a picture of the 02 Range Rover, but there is nothing about the 02 Disco. I would appreciate any info concerning the new body style.

    For those interested in seeing the 02 Rover's,just go to LR's web page and click on the South Africa site. There you will find the info.

    Thanks in advance.:)
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The 02 model will not be different, update scheduled for 03.
  • awseymourawseymour Posts: 18
    Hi gang,

    I have a 2000 Discovery, built in March 2000, shipped to Baltimore in April, I picked it up in Maine in October with 5 miles on the odo. Only problems was a defective transmission control module which the computer didnt like and all but killed the engine. Dealer fixed promptly after having it towed to Maine (from southern NH). Otherwise battery had bad cell, again able to drive and replaced OK. Small leak in sun roof but with the bad roads around here its a glass alignment thing and they fixed it. (Still I carry a towell until spring.) Had the "brake" warning light come on, but turned out the sensor in the fluid tank was crooked. They replaced it anyway.
    I love it overall, just hope being an early on car, and sitting in ocean climates for 7 months and not being driven it doesnt have any lurking problems. Only other complaint is trying to keep it clean here in New England. Muddy Oval is right.
    Pip pip
  • This is a question for "sineef" [#6 of 350 1997 DISCO by sineef Jun 27, 2000 (12:40 am)] who said:

    "1996 Land Rover Discovery": I use a shop locally in San Jose that services Land Rover, Jaguar and Mercedes. They have two ex-Land rover mechanics that are excellent and their prices are affordable. Additionally their service is much better than the crappy dealer service we have experienced in the past.

    Can you please let me know who/where this San Jose mechanic is? Any names would be very helpful!

  • rj17rj17 Posts: 7
    Greetings all. The other day I stated to those of you who are interested in seeing the 02 Range Rover to go to the LR web site. I apologize for the miss leading info. This is the correct site After that click on the "Latest Spy Photo"
  • kemmonskemmons Posts: 29
    I appreciate your help with the production date- I haven't been online for a while to say thanks previously. If you got it from LR NA, I'm not sure how, they told me they don't have that info there. Before I purchased Lizzie, I checked her history with my local LR dealer ( they are already turning out to be fantastic) and found that her service had been maintained and that leaks had been fixed. She's at the dealer now due to the ever famous "lean" they experience, but I knew she had that and it is covered under the warranty I bought with her. They gave her the once over and she's good to go other than that.

    If she was built on a Friday, then they managed to install the engine before leaving for the pub. I'm eternally grateful. She's a great truck and brings me joy.

    You seem to know a lot about Rovers. My goal is to work on her myself and to learn as much as possible about her.

    Again, I really appreciate your help on the VIN.
  • smokangsmokang Posts: 1
    I looked at this message board a year ago and got mixed messages. We went with our hearts and got a LR DiscII with 7 seat/cold weather package. Only have had 1 minor problem since with windshield wipers. Otherwise, by far the best SUV we have ever driven. We have a 2000 4 runner and the Disc II blows it away in terms of ride, feel, etc. Only downside is poor gas mileage, but worth every penny. Remarkable that the Disc II is priced at same levels with other SUVs that are nowhere near the same level of value. It is a steal. Buy one if you are thinking of a SUV in the 30K range!
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    I had no problem getting it from LRNA, I looked it up myself. (I work there ;) ) Glad to have been of assistance.
  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    Just checking in - I've been silent for a couple of weeks!

    DI seems to be running well - one slight issue. After I'm out around town for awhile and stop, when I get back in, it idles super-low and occasionally dies. Always idles proper when I first start it, but after it's warmed up a bit, it gets funny idle syndrome.

    Couple of other things...

    Sporin - 96 and 97 aren't bad at all - take the VINs by the dealership and they'll print the history for you.

    Lester - welcome aboard - great to have some International folks here as well! I would love to hear some stories of cruising around on the outback.

    Thanks and Happy Rovering to all!

  • waskowasko Posts: 103
    Nanuq - went out to Bainbridge Island (made a day of it with my wife and son) and took the '73 SIII for a spin. It was hopeless - I fell for the vehicle right away. The wife and son really liked it too. Talk about getting back to the basics - the vehicle is absolutely perfect for tooling around town and taking short trips on the weekends. My rover madness grows greater by the day ...

    My 11 year old is getting as bad as me - we're in Borders and he goes straight to the magazine rack to buy the current issue of Land Rover World (we subscribe to LRM). He even shells out his hard-earned allowance each month for the £4.99 cost (about $7US).

    My wife is even contemplating putting a deposit down at the dealer to reserve a Freelander in December/Jan for herself. After seeing it at the Detroit Auto Show, she's convinced that it will be her next vehicle. We're hopeless :)

    Anyways, the nice gentleman who we're buying the Series III from let us take it around the island for as long as we liked, so we were out and about for 2 hours. Stopped at Ruby's but they were closed! It was Sun. around noon and plates were set, so maybe they open later? When I go back for the final purchase, we'll try again. I put a deposit on the Rover and am hopeful that the house in MI sells w/in 60 days so the SIII will be mine.

    Saw the hill that you bike up - that thing is a beast. I'm getting ready to start biking in to work 1-2x a week (10 miles each way) and I was complaining to my wife about the 1 mile hill coming up to our house but after seeing that hill on Bainbridge, I'll be silent :) Only biking 1 or 2 days because I've got hockey Wed & Fridays, and need to do something with my new SIII :)

    If you want to see the vehicle, check out: and click on Series III LandRover on the left.

    Take a look at the odometer - 56k original miles (never rolled). Vehicle is in excellent shape and I'm very excited to add it to the collection. Man, if my wife does get a Freelander, that will be 3 Rovers. Maybe I'll get a Rover Mountain Bike too :) For those that don't believe there is such a thing, checkout

    Thanks - wasko
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    What a gorgeous SIII, and those pictures look so familiar! With the raised bumps in the road, and the south-bound direction, I can think of a couple places on the Island where it's sitting. Was that out in Port Madison, or down around Rolling Bay? What memories those pics bring back!

    Hey if you get back and Ruby's is closed again, go down to the marina in town, and find the Thai restaurant right on the water. "Teddy" is the owner, he makes wonderful chicken galanga soup and pad thai. Have him mix up some of his special hot sauce... the red thick stuff with all the seeds in it.

    Congratulations on the SIII !! -Bob
  • I am in the market for a II with all the options, and I have recognized the authority of options on this board. Of course I have a few questions that I would like to offer for general discussion points for a perspective slightly different that the dealer's sales approach and my own.

    Could someone provide thoughts or comments on ACE option?

    Another caveat in my buying decision is the fact that I commute almost 100 miles daily and I am concerned about that many miles with permanent 4WD. How do these vehicles typically wear with many miles?

    I have done limited research into the residuals that the II might offer and it seemingly compares to most other Subs. Does this seem accurate by most of your accounts?

    What are your overall thoughts on the lack of overall horsepower as compared to respectively to the other SUVs in similar price ranges?

    Any additional information would be helpful because I am in love with the looks and overall thoughts of purchasing this vehicle.
  • gerrenwgerrenw Posts: 3
    First, I will tell you I am not quite the most mechanically minded person in the world. However, I do love to drive and have had many SUV's and cars. I just sold my LandCruiser and purchased a Disco 2 SE about one month ago. I absolutely love it. I have already put almost 3k miles...problem free. A few trips to Vegas and Phoenix...a truly wonderful SUV on the highway. The ACE package adds a great deal of stability to the overall ride quality. I recommend you get it. As far as 4 wheel LandCruiser was also full time 4 wheel drive...and I had well over 110k miles on that. So I do not think that the issue of permanent 4 wheel drive is really that noticable. As far as horsepower...not a huge issue to me. I am not such a lead foot...but my wife is and she has a blast driving the LR. She says that the "get up and go" is way better than it was on the 212 hp LandCruiser. Bottom line...I have always loved the look of the LR, but I had never driven one...and now that I have I must say that the entire ride quality and view and feeling of comfort is fantastic. Better than every other SUV I have been in anywhere close to the LR price range.
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