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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • achuffachuff Posts: 3
    I purchased an 03' Disco "S" about 15 months ago with 9K miles and it now has about 29K miles. At that time I picked it up for $27K and all I can tell you is that it's the most enjoyable truck/car/suv I've ever had.
    The best part of the 03' Disco is that you get the same engine as the 2002 Range Rover 4.6 HSE. The 03-04 Disco is also the best two years for that model ever.
    My fiance just purchased a 2002 RR HSE last week with 25K miles and it's too early to really compare b/c right now I'm obsessed with driving hers.
    There's no doubt that the RR is more luxury and the Disco "S" is more sport (even though the RR is more than capable of sport).
    If I were you, I'd take the 03' Disco with less miles and two more years of engineering evolution to benefit from over the 01' RR
    Good luck! You'll be happy with either one I'm sure!
  • rirover1rirover1 Posts: 2
    Last year I purchased a 00 Disco II with high miles. It looks great and runs great until a few months ago. So far I have had a new transmisison, radiator, rocker shafter, head gasket, a few leaking hoses along with various gaskets all replaced. Lucky for me all of this was covered under warranty. This truck has been very well maintained has always had oil changed and every service performed. I am at 95K and my warranty will be running out in 5K miles. I love this truck and hope in runs for another 100K, but I am concerned that I may continue to have more problems. Any words of advice - is this unusual and do the discos typically go to 200K? Thanks for any advice you may have.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Are you certain the oil changes and services were performed before you bought it? That is the second Disco I have ever heard of that needed a transmission replaced. Losing a rocker shaft sounds like low oil level (and hence pressure) or extremely long time between changes, and high wear in that area.

    A bad radiator would come from not changing the fluid, with a resulting bad head gasket from overheating.

    My gut feeling is, this truck was seriously neglected. The work you've done should keep it on the road for as long as you care to own it. Mine is at 98k miles now, uses NO oil, and drives like new. That's what you can expect.

    Change all fluids religiously! "Oil is cheaper than metal."
  • rirover1rirover1 Posts: 2
    Thanks for writing back, I purchased the truck from a family member who is obsessed with maintaining their vehicles; also the rover dealership certified that all services and oil changes had been done. It's running great now so I am hoping this will continue. For the past few years synthetic oil has been put in it as well.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Boy is that bizarre. I'm sure sorry to hear of the problems!

    I use synthetic motor oil in winter only, because it comes in 0-50w and I need it that thin for starting on campouts at -30F. Otherwise I use Castrol GTX 10-40w and it's never let me down. I use Purolator Premium, Napa Gold or WIX filters... there are a few filters I avoid like the plague. Do some research on that. I use synth lubes for the diffs and swivels and xfer box, and dino-lube ATF for the transmission.
  • patbritpatbrit Posts: 1
    I bought a 2001 used Disco II a year ago and keep having trouble with the Service Engine Light. When I accelerate onto our section of the highway, which also incidentally goes uphill, the revs go up to nearly 5 and the light goes on. The mechanic couldn't find anything wrong, and I'm about to take it in again for the same problem!! Any ideas?? I've been trying to sell the thing because I'm a poor teacher and afraid my life savings will go on maintaining this car!!
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Holy smokes... I don't think I've ever seen 5k rpms on my Disco, and I drive it hard. I wonder if that means the cat is plugging up, or the mass airflow sensor is weak or an O2 sensor? You're passing a TON of air/fuel thru the engine at that throttle and rpm setting... it's got to be running awfully sharp to not register an engine complaint. How's the air filter? Fuel filter? It could be starving for air or fuel. Maybe the fuel pump is weak?

    You might solve the problem by just letting up on the gas a little........
  • miked03miked03 Posts: 21
    The check engine light on my `03 disco came up with code number 97. The servicing dealer never heard of it and neither did LR engineering, so they cleared it. Vehicle has been running fine, but if anyone knows what this code is, please respond.
  • i read the above problems and I too have had many problems- back door being stuck, back door falling off , windows not opening or falling right down into the door ,key getting frozen in the gas tank lock and bending , not being able to open the gas lock in the winter , tie rods breaking ,all of them twice in four years . the list goes on, but my biggest problem was last week being stuck in park my freind came out and removed the lock so I could not only get out of park but never be stuck in park again the only thing is I now don't have any lights or blinkers, I bought a new brake light switch and installed it still no lights. I put new fuses in had blinkers until I pressed the brakes then no blinkers any suggestions I love this truck althought I have not had much luck with it. please help
  • the same thing happen to me maybe if we compare it would help I had a freind remove the lock aparently when i was putting my foot on the brake it was not registering so it would not let the gear move. a safety feature that is in most vehicles . Anyway he removed the lock I then had no problem getting out of park and driving but now have no brake lights or blinkers . I bought a new brake light switch and put it in still no lights or blinkers I bought a new fuse put it in had blinkers until i tried putting my foot on the brakes to get brake lights obviously something is shorting out sound familliar? Have you gotten further than me with this if so let me know missy
  • forgot to mention I drive a landrover discovery 96 . it is the best 4x4 truck you can have....
  • peeetepeeete Posts: 136
    The back door fell off???
  • yes the back door fell off right onto my 12 year old daughter i guess the bottom hinge was quite rusty on the door and it just fell off, I've also had a tire come off while I was driving ,that was the fault of the mechanic who had done the brakes 5 days earlier.who wanted 510.00 dollars to fix it when I called him, I ended up paying140.00. I love this land rover no one who doesn't drive one does'nt understand why. But when it works it works well. After reading thru messages on this board. I know see that my problem with being stuck in park was actually my breaklights being burnt out and causing a short weird still trying to fix it . I read also I have to use landrover bulbs that normal or generic won't work is this true anyone kow? There was GE 1057 12volt and 21watts it this what i should get or wait and order them on mon from a landrover dealer who will ship them to me any input?
  • We just returned from 2,700 mile fishing trip from Denver to Southwestern Montana. Do this just about every year. This time we towed our new 19 foot Trail-Lite Cruiser. It weighs about 4,000 lbs. running weight, and has a pretty normal RV trailer frontal cross-section, as far as wind resistance goes.

    Mileage while trailing was from 10.5 to 11.5 mpg, depending on wind, and whether or not we were going over mountain passes. Under favorable conditions (no strong headwind and no significant upward grade), we could reach 70 mph. We traveled mostly at 55-60, however.

    When climbing grades, or going into headwinds, the Disco usually wanted to be in 3rd gear. At about 55 mph I think the engine was running at about 3,000 rpm. When climbing the big "hill" coming into Yellowstone from the north entrance, the Disco had to go down to 2nd gear, at about 35 mph, and that was around 3,500 to 4,000 rpm. I think that "hill" is something over 10,000 feet high.

    Same thing coming through the pass on Route 14 going into the Poudre River valley from Walden down to Fort Collins. The Continental Divide is well over 10,000 feet here, and we made it with no problems, albeit having to downshift to 2nd gear near the top of the hill.

    Some time back I asked the forum if anyone had experience pulling trailers with the Disco. I can now answer that question by saying, "Keep your load under the limit for the Disco (5,500 lbs. in high gear), and it should be able to do it. Because we live and drive at higher altitudes, trailer dealers recommend that we reduce stated towing capacity by 20%. This reduces the Disco tow capacity in high gear to a nominal 4,400 lbs. We were about 400 lbs. under that. I also had no problems with sway from the trailer, a concern for such a short wheelbase tow vehicle, even in the very strong winds that are a constant in Wyoming.

    If worse had come to worse, I could have shifted into low, and then I think there would be no question that I could have gone over Berthoud Pass or Independence Pass, should I have been crazy enough to want to do so. They are up around 12,000 feet. Did I mention that I am afraid of heights?

    We also had our first glitch with the Disco. A week or so before our trip the Service Engine Soon light came on. Land Rover Denver East quickly diagnosed the problem as having to do with a vacuum hose, which they replaced in about 15 minutes. No problems since. You just can't do better than Land Rover Denver East. Super sales people and super service people.

    While we were puffing up some of the steep grades, we would watch the F250's and Silverado 2500's pass us with ease, towing 5th wheel trailers easily two to three times the size and weight of ours. Were we envious? I guess so, but we have a Disco, and they don't!

    Additionally, we took both back seats out before the trip. Easy to do with a #55 torx. Gave us much more room back there, and lightened the load. Those high quality back seats are heavy. These are the second row seats, not the third row jump seats, which we do not have.

    Anyone looking for a used Land Rover Disco would be hard pressed to find a better truck than the '03 or '04, with the bigger engine. They are one tough truck.

  • unit42ffdunit42ffd Posts: 1
    My radio makes a constant whine when on while driveing and when you change stations you hear a loud bang from the rear spaekers. someone removed the cd changer I don't know if they removed a ground someplace or if my radio is on the way out. It's the harmon kardon sound system. Anybody ever had this problem before
  • mrtoad3mrtoad3 Posts: 68
    My radio also pops when turned on. The dealer said it was a faulty subwoofer in the Harmon Kardon system, but did not go away when they replaced with a new subwoofer. I just live with it since I'm past warranty coverage. :(
  • jaborandijaborandi Posts: 1
    Hi- Today my '96 Land Rover wouldn't get out of park, either. Over the last few weeks, I noticed that it occasionally was stiff shifting out of park. Did this same thing happen to you with the stiffness in shifting? Could you tell me more about the lock that was removed? Where is it located, and is there an official name for the part? Maybe I could have the lock replaced, not just removed? I need to bring it to a mechanic ASAP and want to be as informed as possible - everyone is afraid to work on Rovers!

    I replaced the brake light switch about 1.5 years back, but I don't think this is a brake light problem this time just 'cause i don't remember the shifting difficulty last time.

    thanks for any advice, help or details :)
  • hi sara, I don't think we have the same problem, my shifter was not stiff. My ordeal started with a burnt out brake light, If you go back to post 463 you will see a guy had washed his truck and got water in his trailer wiring, which in turn burnt out his brake fuse and in turn his brake light switch. I I of course read this post about a week after this happened and had already bought new fuses and a new brake light switch, still no lights or blinkers. I finally broke down and took the jumper seats out of the landrover to get into the tailights a hard job to do if your 6 ft tall. Anyway found the boken bulb but also found that the signal switch connector was really corroded, so I just ordered the bulbs and the signal wiring harness this hopefully will work. If you also notice after 1996 landrover moved their tailights up a foot on the vehicle. I think they figured this out too. I know I am foverever bumping into snowbanks in the winter where I live so it was only make sense that the wires get all wet in there. Anyway as you can tell I am not a mechanical whiz I am a girl that owns a landrover and is tired of mechanics ripping me off. There's only one mechanic that works on landrover in my area and I think he wanted to retire off of me. There is a guy on this site named nanuq (I hope I got that right) ask him , I've read back thru all the posts because no one answered me and he seems really smart . Other than that good luck. missy
  • ggusheeggushee Posts: 8
    Thanks for you help! I called the dealer this morning and mentioned the intake hose from the air cleaner. I purchased this 01 Discovery about 40 days ago. The whining noise is so loud and constant that I have to turn up the radio. I returned the vehicle within 24 hours of purchase and the service department told me that the whining noise was from the ACE pump. But everyone I have talked to outside the dealership have told me the ACE pump noise is only when going around corners or driving in the hills. My whining noise is exactly as you have described and when I returned the vehicle to the dealership I used your exact wording. That was 3 weeks ago. So after seeing your email today, I called the dealer back and have schedule the hoses to be looked at on August 2nd. Wish me luck! I too would like to be able to say "....Couldn't enjoy it more.....". Thanks, Gordon
  • fitz4fitz4 Posts: 1
    I have a '98 Discovery with a small problem. I have only one fan speed. To get it, I have to jiggle the fan speed switch to get the fan to run, then jam a piece of paper under it to get the fan to stay on. I think the radio needs to come out to get at the switch. Does anyone know how to remove the radio?
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