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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • Well buddy' I have a 2000 Disco. and the only problems i've had so far, I replaced my mass air flow sensor all four oxygen sensors and a brake light switch. Oh almost forgot, my clock light stop working, I still haven't found out how to replace the bulb. I'll tell you this bud' if you do decide to get one try to get a more up to one more up dated like 04 or higher model. They are very good vehicles and I love driving minds exspecially on the highway.
  • thanks for the info. I'm think about buying an 02 it has 113000 miles one owner. it was a family car. how many miles does disco ll get up too.
  • I have had a problem back end sinking, when I bought my 99 Disco11 ES 7Seater, 2 years ago with 60,000 miles on the clock. It turned out to be a split/ leaking air spring which was replaced under the selling dealers independent warranty. I occaisionally experience back end sinking, which I think is down to parking on uneven ground/ ramps etc, which may cause a pressure relief valve to open and thus one side of the suspension will sink. Once I restart the engine, the air pump re-levels the suspension in a short while. The only other faults I have had is a dead starter motor and today the ABS,TC and Hill Descent lights have come on and stayed on, so I am getting my local friendly non LR franchised dealer to check this out on Testblock, John in Enfield.
  • I've noticed brake fluid leaking from just under the master cylinder reservoir on my 1998 Diso II. I've been told there are some O-rings there. Am looking for advice on replacing them myself. How does the reservoir come off? I know I'll have to rebleed the system. Have also had my rear moonroof leak- from what appears to it not closing straight. Any suggestions out there for either of these conditions? Thanks
  • I had water coming in from both front and rear rooflights in heavy rain while parked. My trusty independent self employed mechanic blew out the channels with the airline and removed and refitted the rubber seals as they had slipped out of place. they haven't leaked since. The drainage tubes may need clearing of leaves, moss, sand etc. but they are difficult to find and the airline seemed to clear them of any noticable muck at the top.
  • An update on the vibration at 70+ MPH on our 2003 Discovery SE. Initially the dealer focused on the tires / balance. After balance, then new tires, the vibration remained.

    Apparently this vibration is not uncommon in this truck. It is likely a drivetrain issue. The rubber coupling at the rear of the driveshaft can need replacement due to the rear universal joint wearing out (no grease fitting on rear u-joint, it begins to bind and wears out the rubber coupling and causes a vibration).

    We will get both replaced later this week and hopefully solve the mystery.
  • mhirmhir Posts: 1
    ABS,TC and Hill descent lights on had same fault on a 2001 model found to be a speed sensor on one of the wheels cost about £45 plus fitting hope this helps
  • ajs1ironajs1iron Posts: 2
    I just recently purchased a used Disco.
    About two weeks later, the car overheated and all the coolant flooded out.
    I was told by a mechanic that this is a "timing cover gasket" problem.
    Is this true?
    If so, what is the recommended course of action?
    (It has temporarily been fixed with some sealant but I am hesitant to drive it for fear it will overheat again.)
    Thanks to anyone who can advise.
  • Just had the same thing. Head gasket job here.
  • ajs1ironajs1iron Posts: 2
    Ok - thanks for the advice.
    Did you have to replace the head gasket?
    What was the approximate cost?

    Appreciate the help.
  • Well, I had several things done at that time and it ran around $1400. There were several leaks and they replaced a few gaskets and seals. This was done at the dealership and they did replace the head gasket. I am not sure what JUST this job would cost. Sorry!
  • Truck would not start. Left alone for 30 minutes, fired right up. Then stalled while driving, 5 blocks away. Finally started then stalled 2 blocks away. We towed the truck home and recharged the battery that drained while trying to start. Truck ran fine for 2 days and stalled again. Replaced battery and truck again stalled the next morning. Here we are.... any advice? Thanks!
  • 1st_rover1st_rover Posts: 10
    Hello to the board.

    An update on the vibration that occured at 70 mph on our 2003 Discovery II SE. The dealership replaced the u-joint and rubber dougnut on the rear driveshaft plus the front driveshaft. Now the vibration is completely gone and the truck runs great.

    Thankfully this was covered under warranty. Has anyone else had this vibration issue and parts replaced under warranty or after the warranty expires?

    Thanks for the info.
  • Try the crankshaft positioning sensor, when it faults, it tends to stall as you come to a stop or fail to start the engine altogether. Adrian
  • i have a 97 land rover discovery, even though it is a couple years being yours get it checked at the local land rover dealer, i had the same exact problem and i dealt with bumbling idiots at the local garage. send it to land rover, their computer will check everything, plus they know a lot about land rover, not that other people don't, but they deal with this problem a lot, so try that you'll get better results
  • i have a 97 disco with about139,000 miles. whenever i put it into reverse from another gear it will make a loud thud and the vehicle will rumble and shake. it will then be fine and still drives in reverse, what could it be??? as well that sometimes i have brake problems. sometimes when driving at a low rate of speed and when i go to come to a stop the vehicle will slide like as if i am sliding on ice. its wired! the brakes will catch after about 2 or 3 seconds. the brake light on the speedometer does not light up though which is even weirder. what cold it be, could it be related to my transmission problems??? HELP!!! any response an be sent to thanks!!!
  • You are the stuff! Of all the suggestions and guesses, it WAS that sensor. Thanks!
  • I'm unable to get my Disco out of park. Stepping on the brake and the shifter seems locked. I have seen some change fall in there previously and have also read of similar happening to a Range Rover... How does one go about getting in there? I've pulled the outer cover and found my shifter lights- BOTH of which are burnt out, but not sure how to get UNDER the next faceplate.

    **Additionally just before killing the ignition I noticed I lost both my brake lights and directionals. Could there be a sensor not allowing me to get out of park since I have no brakelights? Emergency flashers and headlights boot work fine with car not running. Starts fine as well. Where does the flasher live?

    Suggestions please. I'm stuck in the grocery store parking lot! Thanks!
  • Got one piece at the to of the brake pedal off. Trying to identify the part mentioned in earlier posts... What does the brake snesor look like? I removed one part that has a hose coming off it and 2 wires... I'm getting beat down over sensor mania... I love this Rover, but at 113 K miles it's getting undependable.
  • Got if fixed! Was towing the jet ski and fell victim to a short in the trailer's lights popping a fuse. I've learned an awful lot about my Rover lot over the past 24 hours! The biggest of which is I'm carrying extra fuses when pulling the trailer. Still have to get under the dash and reverse the wires on the cruise control sensor along the break pedal.
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