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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    I believe the Roc'n Gate by Yakima is similar to the one from Land Rover. It also holds 4 bikes max. ( I think Thule has something similar to Yakima. I have used Yakima products and they're great. My friends Disco has the LR rack and he loves it.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I have the Rhode Gear bike rack, it plugs into the hitch and holds 4 bikes. If you remove the pin it folds down so you can get into the back hatch... it's a sturdy piece of work. The only problem is one bolt at the top rubs against the spare tire when the plastic cover biscuit is in place... so I removed mine (which gave me the perfect excuse to buy the fabric Land Rover Anchorage rhino cover).

    Yep, I'm here in Alaska. I'm not a "native" native but I've been here since I was knee high to an oogruk. :)

    Hey, here's another idea for a name... "Sichuk". It means "mud puddle". Not sure about the spelling though... I haven't seen many native words with the "ch" combination.

    Q'amai, -Bob
  • bdonelonbdonelon Posts: 7
    I have a 00 Disco II with what were 17,500 trouble free miles. I was considering myself lucky. Well today while driving the warning light for the locked diferential came on only when I applied pressure to the brake peddle. When I got home I called the dealer to schedule to bring it in. I went out move my Disco after the call and could not get the car out of park when depresing on the brake peddle. The brake lights also were not working. Called the dealer and he stated that the switch on the brake peddle that allows you to leave park must be broken. Makes sense. I am having it towed (thank god for hte warrant). Anyone else have this problem?

    When I bought the truck I told myself I would allow two mechanical breakdowns that could leave me somewhere stranded. The reason being is that I duck hunt in the middle of nowwhere sometimes and do not want to get stranded. Well, one down and two to go. The reliability of a Toyota Sequoia is looking good.
  • My '96 Disco has a strong odor of gasoline near the RT rear wheel well.... not just after fill-ups either! I brought it to the dealer and they said they'll have to do research, because they don't know what it is!! I had the problem back in Sept. and it was a vacuum line... but now they don't believe that's the case... yet they're not sure. Any input appreciated.... other than that she's wonderful!!! at 63k!!
  • bdonelonbdonelon Posts: 7
    My bad. I had just washed my boat trailer off at a car wash. The water caused a short in the trailer wiring therby blowing out a fuse on the Disco for its brakelights. The weird thing is, when you blow the fuse on the Disco's brakelights, it kills the brake switch on the shifter and you can't get it out of park. A quick tow and fix at the dealer did the trick.

    Interestingly, the Disco II has a warning light for having a locked differential, but the dealer said there is not locking differential, which is true but I didn't think of it. It is apparently a useless warning light for that, but it is a warning light that there is something wrong with your breaklights. FYI if this happens to you.

    Oh well, Land Rover proved me wrong. I still maintain 17,500 trouble free miles.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Bdonelon: I'm glad you found the problem. How odd that a lack of rear taillights could disable the ability to get out of park! I wonder if that only happens when BOTH taillights are out... hopefully a rare condition? About the locking diff, I believe the DII has the same transfer case as the DI, which is indeed lockable. You just don't have the interior locking lever since the ABS system manages your wheelspin for you. I bet if you crawl under and look you'll see there is linkage for the transfer case, it's just not connected to anything.

    Ocean: I wonder if it's your fuel filter? I believe it's in that area and it (or its connections) may have sprung a leak.

    Regards, -Bob
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The D2 has a similar (not identical) Transfer Box to the discovery. It can be diff locked from underneath the vehicle, but is difficult to do as there is no linkage. The main difference is the hole for the speed sensor drive is missing in the D2. there are also changes to the upper housing to accomidate a temp switch and shift linkage.
  • bdonelonbdonelon Posts: 7
    Well, one thing I did do with the service manager was have him run me through how and where he changed the fuse and he gave me some extra fuses. This is just in case this happens again while I'm 10 miles of paved roads somewhere in N.E South Dakota hunting ducks.

    Thanks for the feedback on the locking diferential. I am sure they use the same display panels in several of their vehicles to save on costs. This warning light does not even come on in the check mode during the start-up of the vehicle, but there is an explanation in the owner's manual. It may be a good warning light for your brake lights being out. I should pull a tail light bulb and then break to see if it lights up.
  • danvan2danvan2 Posts: 1
    I know little about the Disco but have admired them since their release. I saw a 1996 Disco SE7 for a great deal (I think) and thought it would be a good opportunity to get into one. The catch is that it has 114,000 miles!!! It looks to be in good condition and the owner says it was a great vehicle for him (of course). I love it anyway. Unlike some of the other Disco owners, I don't want to know the LR mechanic by their first name.
    Don't be afraid to tell me how it really is. It is not a great comfort reading that some owners feel proud if they can get 17K trouble free miles.
    It is the only vehicle that I can think about. Am I crazy?
  • stalnakerwstalnakerw Posts: 1
    I am a recent Land Rover Discovery II (2001) owner. I bought my discovery in January this year. I have had a couple of nagging problems that HBL Land Rover (Tyson's Corner, VA) has had difficulty in fixing. My latest problem is my ABS & T/C lights come on each time I drive the vehicle. When I reported the problem to HBL service, it took 5 weeks to get the truck in for service. When I contacted Land Rover of North America, there seemed to be nothing they could do to help.

    Once the truck was taken in for service, the dealer kept it 5 days, and low and behold!, the problem still exists.

    I believe the Discovery is a very well built vehicle, I have just been very disappointed with HBL of Tyson's and the quality of their service department. There are other Land Rover dealers in the Washington, D.C. area, but none are as convenient as HBL, so I am somewhat stuck.

    I have never been in a more solidly built truck, but if anyone out there is looking to buy a Land Rover and lives in the Northern Virginia area, I would "strongly" encourage you to look hard at the dealers ability to service your vehicle in a "timely" manner. 5 weeks to get a vehicle in for service is a complete outrage.

    Previously, I had problems with my inside dome lights, which took the dealer 2 visits and a total of 3 days to repair.

    I envy you people that have quality Land Rover dealerships to work with.
  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    If I were you, I would drive to the one in Alexandria. I have work done at both HBL and LR Of Alexandria, and to me, Alexandria was out of the way and HBL is just across my office in Tyson's but still worth the travel. I agree with you though no the waiting times. Since I guess there are a lot of Land Rovers in the area and just 3 dealers nearby, there are probably back logs.
  • hatton3hatton3 Posts: 13
    Why is it that in the USA there is no apparent market for diesel Land Rovers (or any other SUV) ? In the UK the vast majority of Discoveries are sold with Diesel engines. The Series 2 comes with a TD5 engine (which is a 5 cylinder direct injection using ultra high pressure injectors). These engines provide as much torque as the V8 at half the engine revs, do 30mpg, are quiet, clean and very durable. Even with cheap gas in the US I would still have expected a demand for the diesel option. Is this just a fashion/prejudice thing or is there something I dont know about US legislation/pricing ?
  • donelonpcdonelonpc Posts: 8
    I don't know why this model isn't here. I would have seriously considered getting one. I am getting about 14-15 miles per gallon.

    I'll give you the general attitude of Americans about diesels. We don't like them. In the gas cruch of the early 80's, our then crappy car manufactorers decided they would convert regular engines to diesels and drop them in all the big cars. This was done quickly. End result, they were very crappy. They stunk, were very loud, made big clouds of smoke, had absolutely no power, and of course always broke down. This turned most people's opinions against diesels as a whole.

    The only exceptions are the pickup trucks. Detroit and the big three all make great diesel truck engines.

    So, in the end, very few experienced the great diesels from Mercedes and some other European car makers and only had bad ones from the American car makers. Therefore, there really isn't a strong market.

    But, it shouldn't be long. Our gas prices are going through the roof now (under US standards), and so many people have SUVs. Sooner or later they'll get sick of the prices, Like ME!

    I would seriously consider a diesel Disco II. Doesn't sound like there are any shortcomings.
  • sr96sr96 Posts: 3

    To continue the gas thread: I live in the Bay Area where a gallon of 87 went over $2.00 this week.
    Now, Discovery manual says "use 90 or higher" and the folks at the dealership (unofficially of course) - use whatever as long as it does not ping. I tried Shell 87 once and it ran fine.
    So the question is - would I be ruining anything if I use 89 or 87? Anybody has good/bad experience?

  • bdonelonbdonelon Posts: 7
    I have put nothing by 89 Octane into my 2000 Disco II when I bought it in April 2000 and have had no problems yet. I am intrigued by the 87 octane rating. There is a 20 cent difference between 87 and 92 here in Kansas City. I figured 89 was close to 90 so I use it.

    Any other people out there using 87 without any problems?
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The Discovery will run on 87 octane but the engine ECU will retard the timing to stop the inevitable ping. The engine has knock sensors that are very sensitive, and they will signal the ECU to retard the timing before you will ever hear the ping. Performance will suffer as will fuel mileage. If ran long enough the ECU will "memorise" the retarded settings and will run at those settings until the ECU is reset.
    Diesel Discovery's are not in the cards for the US market as sales are not deemed sufficient to require the retailers to incur the additional costs in training and equipt to service them. The majority of Land Rover retailers are stand alone facilities that do not have huge volumes to support the additional expense. With the launch of Freelander in Dec. and the new Range Rover next may, LRNA and the retailers are pretty much maxed out in getting new product in place.
  • cmc123cmc123 Posts: 4
    I read somewhere in this board that the 2002 Discovery II will remain the same as the 2001 and that it was the 2003 model that will have changes done to it. I believe it was posted by "tincup47". I was wondering if anyone knows what those changes will be, especially if the engine will be changed (more horsepower?).

    Thanks in advance.
  • sundancer1sundancer1 Posts: 1
    Hi I am looking seriously at a Disco. The only problem I see is the dealer is 80 miles away. I am worried about small problems becoming giant ones. Is it true the LR company will pick it up and get you a loaner?

  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    A friend who used to live in a small town in MI had a Disco and the nearest dealership is 2 hours away. He said, they come and pick up his Disco and leaves him a Disco loaner. Can't remember the name of the dealerships he goes to.
  • discokingdiscoking Posts: 1
    I need some advice from the Land Rover owners out there. My wife and I just bought a 2001 Disco II SE7 on 4/28.

    Yesterday, while my wife was driving, the car while in motion, bucked as a manual transmission would when you start it w/o the clutch down. At the same time the Traction Control, Anti-Lock Brakes and Hill Descent Control lights all came on. She was able to pull over and shut off the car. However, after shutting off the car, she said the car sounded as if it were still running. Eventually the car shut off completely. The car was flatbedded to our dealer and the dealer (not a service technician)told us that it was probably a faulty computer code which caused the Disco's brain-fart. He said that what they will do is run a diagnostic to find and correct/eliminate those codes.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue and what was the outcome?
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