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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • Common problem is the 'crankshaft positioning sensor' needs replacing. Most likely the problem... $90 part. Good luck!
  • Is there a fuel filter on this vehicle Where do I find it.

  • How did you over ride the immobilizer? I have a 2001 discovery 2 that won't start and it has the M and S lights flashing, the hill descent control failure light is on and the traction control light is on. It turns over great but has no fire. Does this sound like the immobilizer?
  • All those lights shouldn't have anything to do with it not starting. Common problem is the Crankshaft Positioning Sersor... about $90 part. If it's no good the car will not start.
  • the M and S lights have something to do with your electrical system and the traction control and hill descent failure are related to the "wheelspeed sensor"... i'm not sure about M&S but the wheelspeed sensor is a $1500 part... it controls 3 parts: traction control, hill descent, and ABS... if one goes down, then all 3 lights come on...
  • abutomaabutoma Posts: 21
    I cannot tell you on the open Net how to do that since that would give a carte blanche to any car thief. But I can tell you to override it takes some work the first time.
    Good luck!
  • abutomaabutoma Posts: 21
    if you refer to the override: Well, it depends of how you would like to take out the dashboard. Once behind the dash the electric job is quickly done. I used 3-4 hrs on the job
  • Have been told by quite a few it's the crank position sensor. I have one coming but if it doesn't fix the problem I will definitely be getting back with you. Thanks for the reply
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    From time to time I drop by this site and I am constantly amazed by the trouble people have with Discos and that anyone still owns one.

    We have a 1987 Ford pickup that we leave parked out in the weather for weeks at a time on Block Island, RI. It still starts with simply an 1/8 turn of the key, runs well, with no glitches and minimal rust. Oh, yeh. It is now 22 years old.

    I acknowledge that it lacks the panache of a Disco but when I walk off the ferry and up to the parking area after having been away for a month I know it will start and get me home.
  • discoissuesdiscoissues Posts: 23
    You are absolutely right. Although, we had years of no issues... the issues start at about 80k to 90k. Ours now has 113k and we've done everything that goes bad: blown head gasket, where ever coolant can leak it did (replaced all seals/gaskets), power window motors, water pump, crankshaft positioning sensor, etc. That being said, we still really enjoy our Disco. It's an '02 w/ 113k miles and really isn't worth much so we'll probably just keep it and maybe equip it for off-road adventures....
  • hello: did you ever find the firing order for the coil packs on your discovery? I have a 2001 discovery and need the order. I have been given some numbers but I am not sure where the numbers start in ref to the coil. Do you start with coil 1 and start at what corner of the coil?? And what is the correct corner to start?? Thank you in advance for your help!! Brooks
  • pinoyvr6pinoyvr6 Posts: 1
    have figured out the issue you are having????? i just installed a remotestarter in a customer DII
  • dkk2dkk2 Posts: 1
    runs ruff, idels badly , engine light stays on.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Dear runs rough, idles badly and check engine light is on: This is SOP with a Disco. You signed up for it when you bought the car.
  • :mad: Have replaced both hoses, fan sensor, every time I run my a/c it over heats. Turn off the a/c it stops. Also when I run the a/c it leaks water in the passenger floorboard. Not that it has anything to do with it I also just replaced alternator,fan clutch,starter wire,HELP!!!!!!! Before I beat it to pieces with the jack handle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ga_rovergirlga_rovergirl Posts: 2
    edited July 2010
  • newbie205newbie205 Posts: 4
    Hello all I'm in Alabama and I'm looking at purchasing a 2001 Land Rover Discovery that has 118000 miles on it. Its a beautiful car light green with woodgrain threw out and dual moonroofs. Ib took it 4 a pre purchase inspection and was told it needs head,valve,and valley gasket kit replacement, spark plugs serp.belt and rear pads & rotors. Do you think its worth getting these things replaced? Truck is 6000 and repairs are 1000 non dealer but at dealer 2000:
  • heyomarheyomar Posts: 6
    They're charging you too much. And I think the repair costs will be more than that.
  • I had to do all that on my 2002... it's going to cost alot. Probably more than what you would pay for the car. Btw, this is an issue with all of them with high mileage..... :sick:
  • newbie205newbie205 Posts: 4
    edited July 2010
    That's what the shop that specialzes in foreiegn auto (non dealer btw) that did the inspection said they would charge to fix it 2000 I have it on paper. I think most important was the gaskets I mentioned. I have a guy who works on lexus, land rover and bmw who is a friend of my brothers and he said about 1000: which is the exspensive the parts or labor? I went to and the parts were not that much just the rotors
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