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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • denver8denver8 Posts: 42
    I live in the Denver metro area also and have had experiences with two of the three dealerships in the area. Since you are still under warranty you are probably better off fighting with the dealers for the time being. For any non warranty work I would recommend Safari 4x4 in Wheat Ridge. They are an independent Land Rover/Saab repair shop and they also do restorations on older land rovers. I have been going to them for three years and they have been wonderful. Everything was done right the first time. My experiences with the dealers are similar in that more than once I have had to have the work done twice to get it fixed. My biggest gripe with the land Rover dealership by my house (Boulder area, if that gives you a clue without saying the name) is that I make an appointment 2-3 weeks in advance and they always keep it for 4-5 days because they are backed up. At least they always give me a free loaner so I am not without wheels for so long. And that is another point, the dealers will give you free loaners even after the warranty runs out. Hope you get things straightened out.
  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    Tincup, do you know if those new 6-spoke rims are standard on the SE or the HSE model? Can you get them as an option?

  • calvinxcalvinx Posts: 4
    First, tincup, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind looking up the build date for my 2001 DII. The last eight digits of the VIN are 1A704918.

    Second, I am wondering if anyone has had any problems with rust on their DII. To make a long story short mine was just partially repaired at an independent body shop (arranged through the LR Center where I leased). Part one of the problem that I had was noticeable rust "seeping" from the corners of the black seals under the windows on all doors. The problem wasn't major, and was really only visible when you opened the doors, but it was still a concern given the vehicle is a 2001 model year. The LR dealer says that the paint job around the top edge of the door openings was apparently not up to standard thereby leaving some of the galvanized steel exposed. This was the part that was repaired.
    Part two of the problem is approximately 20-30 little pin-hole sized dots of (what look to me like) rust on several places of the body. LR says that these spots are NOT rust since some are on aluminum parts of the body which cannot rust. They also say that they are not covered under warranty because they are caused by an external agent (such as road debris).
    As you can probably guess, I am not completely satisfied with the outcome. In general it seems odd to me that the rust under the doors could be a manufacturing defect while the other spots are not. (BTW, I just noticed another spot on a piece of metal INSIDE the fuel door -- clearly no road debris can reach inside there with enough force to remove the paint) I will be seeking a second opinion through another body shop but in the meantime I was curious if anyone else has had either of these problems.
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    I can't believe your last statement to me about the self servicing of my rig. Tincup, is he for real? (or for that matter is LR for real?) I have been doing my own service on my vehicles for over 30 years and have yet to hear of this not making my warranty valid. I note my service in my LR book, save my reciepts for oil and lube and it will be a real fight if the service writer tries to tell me that any of their mechanics take better care of a car than me. I feel that my close contact with my rig keeps any real problems from occuring.
  • dxdangdxdang Posts: 4

    I also have the same pin-hole sized dots of rust on my '99 Series II and also rust inside the fuel door. It is all over the top and hood of my truck.
    I haven't taken it in yet but will at my next maintenance service. What color is your truck? Mine is white and it is totally noticeable. Let me know if you are able to get LR to fix it.
  • calvinxcalvinx Posts: 4
    my Disco is also white. I just went through the LR dealer last Friday (5/17) to get the rust under the door seals fixed, it wasn't until I picked it up that I found out that they weren't going to repair the pin-hole size spots. At that point I requested a letter from the service manager indicating that the spots are NOT rust and that those (aluminum) panels will NOT develop rust spots. Hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday I will get to another body shop to get my second opinion.
    As I mentioned previously, the spots on my Disco are not very noticeable, you would have to look closely in order to see them.
    I'll provide an update after I get more info.
  • dealmkrjjddealmkrjjd Posts: 32
    Just got back from the Range Rover event here in Chicago where I was able to drive the new Rover. WOW what a fantastic truck. It road like a lux car, the interior is absolutely beautiful, VERY smooth in ride and handling and the build quality seems second to none.
    When I was on the test drive, I asked if the new disco would be anything like the new Rover. The tech said it would have a similar front light config. and would ride very close to the quality of the new Range Rover. He said he drove it and it is a night and day diff. from the DII to the 2003 disco.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Your Discovery was built on 10-06-00
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The six spoke alloy wheel will be standard on the HSE only.
  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    Thanks for the info.
  • kkonekkone Posts: 61

    If the 6 Spoke wheel is standard on the HSE model only, what style wheel will be on the SE? Same wheel as 2002 DII SE?

  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    I wonder if that new 6-spoke will be an option for the SE models. They look nice.
  • rkoeslerrkoesler Posts: 62
    "tincup", can you tell me my build date as well? I've been posting for 3 years now, and have had one of the absolute worst DII's (early 99) you could imagine, and one that has been absolutely perfect (00). So I was just curious on what day the '00 built. The VIN is .. YA281053.

    And by the way - THANKS for all your help to all of us - you should be paid for all your services!
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Thanks for the kind words, I do this because I love the vehicles. Your D2 was built 04/27/00.
  • claybusterclaybuster Posts: 90
    What year Disco II got rid of most of the engine/valve problems. I am looking to buy a used Disc II and afraid of the engine problems that I have seen on this site. I heard from the dealer mechanics that BMW made some changes for the better, but not sure how early I can go back and still get most of the important improvements. I am looking @ a 1999 with 28K miles so it still has some warranty. Also when were trany improvements made on the Disco II? Thanks for you help.
  • modendahlmodendahl Posts: 22
    I have a 2000 Disco II in white and also have had an issue with rust spots (see posts around #1805). Mine was on the rear door and was almost in a light grid pattern under the spare tire/wheel. Apparently this piece is steel rather than aluminum.

    I took it in to my dealer and had them look at it as a warranty issue. They acted like it may be a problem for LR to cover under warranty but they "would try anyway" (keep in mind my truck is only 18 mos old). I was ready to go ballistic but figured that I would wait to hear. They called me back and acted surprised that LR would cover a re-paint of the entire rear door so I stayed calm.

    I made an appt and they kept it for 3 days to refinish the door. It worked out alright but the experience left a bit of a funny taste - like something wasn't right and all of your posts seem to confirm it.

  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    The "sticking valves" problem arrived in '96 with the GEMS-4 engine management system. I haven't heard of many problems even with '97s so I think by '99 you wouldn't have that worry.

    As far as I know the '99 uses the same ZF transmission as the '96 and that is one bulletproof tranny. My mechanic here said he's only seen one transmission problem in all the Discos he's worked on.

    Hmmmmmmmmm, if it was traded in at 28k miles then there may be some long-term issues the prior owners weren't willing to deal with. Have the service history printed out and look for repeating problems they were trying to solve. Chances are it's something minor and can easily be fixed before the warranty expires.

    Good luck, -Bob
  • claybusterclaybuster Posts: 90
    Thanks for the reply! I remember reading some earlier posts on this message board about the importance of keeping the engine reveved on these V-8's and the one I test drove goes a little to quick to the highest gear in "D". The rpm goes down to about 1300-1400 rpm, by the tach, @ about 38-40 mph. Is that normal (computer shifting problem?) or should you shift to 3rd range and get the rpm up over 1700-1800 rpm to keep from lugging the engine. I remember so mechanics thought that might cause valve problems. Thanks for the any help
  • What do you think of the handling of the Discovery for a new driver? Does the size make it awkward? What sorts of accidents have people had as new drivers in the Discovery -- as far as city and suburban driving go?
  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    Do you know what the release date in July is for the new discovery?
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